Marc’s Heresy – “Remnant Few” Take Two

History of the “remnant few” fallacy

When the concept of “remnant few” was initially brought up in the summer of 2016, it was met with a lot of internal skepticism. It certainly was a novel idea, now confirmed to have originated from Marc. However, abusing the scriptures this way did not receive older brother Angel’s blessings, support, or endorsement.

Note that during this time, it was Angel who called the shots on issues that pertain to the rebellious movement. Marc continued to do what he’s done for years, i.e., remain in hiding. That there might have been private disagreements between the renegade brothers has certainly crossed the minds of “defenders”, especially when Marc, in what appears to have been an unexpected display of defiance, put out this concept, apparently without Angel’s approval.

The “remnant few” concept was floated to other expelled ministers using this chain: Marc 》expelled minister Jeriel Nemis 》Lottie aka “Bangs” 》”Nina Aguiluz/Agila” or real name, LIEzl. It was LIEzl who called a special meeting of “defender” ministers/worker in her circle to pass the info down to them.

Looking back, Marc must have been testing the waters at that time to see how his idea would be received. And he got his answer — no bites, too crazy. In fact, Lowell, Louie, Dizon, dela Uso and other expelled ministers in their camp scoffed at the whole idea, shaking their heads as if questioning the sanity of the source of this heresy.

Soon enough though, this twisted doctrine leaked to the downline “defenders”. There were those who immediately and openly clung to it, embraced it and ferociously rose to its defense, blinded by desperation to justify how their current predicament could lead them to salvation. Mostly, these were people who belong in Lowell’s camp who have a will of their own, i.e., they align themselves with their camp leader only if his opinion happens to jibe with their own. In this case, their leader had no clear opinion on the matter, running instead to other expelled leaders in Cayabyab’s group for a consensus on what their stand should be.

Other camps (notably Junsam’s and Yuson’s) vigorously opposed this false teaching and chose instead to stand by the original doctrines taught by the Sugo (with some modifications that also assured their salvation, of course). Consequently, this “remnant” thing, along with calls to “Silent Defenders” to leave the Church, further widened the divide among already warring factions.

See our previous articles highlighting “defender” disunity:

After a while, not knowing exactly what to do with this “remnant” idea and with no buy-in from the brother-in-charge, nothing came of it. Until now.

Marc pushes anew for his “Remnant few” invention

With Angel behind bars and out of the way, here comes Marc once again pushing for his self-serving and heretical “remnant few” second fulfillment creation. He still remains hidden though, but communicating as necessary with a few select expelled ministers to give them his instructions. In particular, he’s tapped Dizon to serve as his mouthpiece.

There’s speculation that Marc is going to time his public appearance to achieve maximum dramatic effect. What better time than when his mother Tenny passes away? That seems to make sense given the siblings’ history of using their father, the late Executive Minister Bro. Eraño  Manalo and his widow, to get sympathy. We just don’t know why he thinks the outcome will be any different this time!?

On his great and much anticipated appearance, what exactly will Marc say? That he is the TP of the second fulfillment of the “remnant few”? Well, he better hope no one comes along after him to claim a third fulfillment. Oh boy…

Attempt at Apostasy Revealed

Bro. Eraño did warn of future attempts at apostasy in these last days that will be led by those within the Church (“Uumang ang pagtalikod…”). Where did we see this fulfilled? Sadly, in his very own family! Driven by envy and egged on by a mother who thinks of the Church as their own kingdom, “Cheers” siblings Angel and Marc abandoned the ministry and led other expelled ministers to overthrow the current Church Administration. (Yes, OVERTHROW. Let’s not mince words, please.) They also introduced new doctrines that are directly contradictory to what was preached by the Sugo and Bro. Eraño! “Uumang ang pagtalikod” indeed!

Here are some examples of their instructions to the brethren especially “silent defenders”, as propagated by Dizon and others:

  • Leave the Church
  • Do not give offerings, or if you have to, give $1 or Php 1
  • Disobey and disrespect the Executive Minister
  • Expelled “defenders” are the true members of the Church of Christ
  • Expelled preachers think they still have a right to teach
  • Believe and embrace Marc’s “remnant few” doctrine

Each one is an affront to God’s own commandments, as taught by the Sugo and Bro. Eraño:

Here’s an article in Tagalog based on a lesson outlined by Bro. Eraño on why unity with the Church Administration is a requisite for salvation. This lesson was preached by Bro. Eraño on January 22, 1995 –

In this article by Bro. Joel V. San Pedro, he enumerates 5 characteristics that are unique to the one true Church, the Iglesia ni Cristo –

Evidently and expectedly, these characteristics are NOT found in the sub-group which refers to its members (composition yet to be defined) as the “remnant few”! Even more so, these characteristics are NOT found in the superset of factious and dissentious parties which collectively call themselves “defenders”!

The turning away from true faith and corruption of pristine doctrine can be described in one word – APOSTASY. This is exactly what Bro. Eraño warned about, apostate doctrines which are being promoted by his younger sons!

Remnant Few Take Two – the new Snake oil

Like the charlatans of olden times, Marc and other salesmen in his camp have a new product to offer. It’s called “Remnant Few – Second Fulfillment”. Like snake oil, it doesn’t exist, i.e., WALANG TAKE TWO! Meant to deceive and mislead, this elixir promises eternal life to those who have no hope for salvation because they are no longer in the Church.

“Defenders”, if you believed in the Sugo and Bro. Eraño Manalo at all, recognize this deception for what it is. Reject it fiercely and RETURN TO TRUE DOCTRINE, as what some of you have already done.

Recall the very basic doctrines taught by the Sugo and upheld by Bro. Eraño Manalo. Neither of them preached or prophesied about ANOTHER apostasy or ANOTHER fulfillment of the “remnant few” in Isaiah 1:8-9. On the contrary, Bro. Felix Y. Manalo preached of only ONE apostasy which was fulfilled in the Catholic Church and ONE “remnant few” fulfillment which is the Iglesia ni Cristo.

Bro. Eraño did the same and furthermore, strongly admonished the brethren to REMAIN WITHIN THE CHURCH.

Both the Sugo and Bro. Eraño taught of only ONE TRUE CHURCH where members should remain until the end – the one founded by Christ during the first century and registered in the Philippines in 1914 in fulfillment of God’s prophecy. It is globally known as the IGLESIA NI CRISTO (CHURCH OF CHRIST), an organization where newly baptized members are added and unrighteous ones, removed.

It’s quite simple, really, no need to make it complicated. What was previously hidden in secrecy has already been revealed by the Sugo and Bro. Eraño and taught UNCHANGED by the current Executive Minister, Bro. Eduardo Manalo. There’s only one place where you can be — either IN or OUT. If you’re expelled or delisted, you’re OUT. No if’s, and’s or but’s about that. This is what Bro. Eraño preached, LOUDLY and CLEARLY. Listen carefully to his voice and not to the voices of those who deliberately twist his words to advance their cause.

Real motive unmasked

What we are seeing now are the final stages in the unmasking of the real motive behind a movement that initially claimed to care for the Church and love the current Executive Minister. It has now completely transformed into what it has always been — a mutinous group that seeks to topple the administration of the ONLY LEGITIMATE SUCCESSOR of Bro. Eraño  — the current Executive Minister, Bro. Eduardo Manalo.

With this, the truth has finally been revealed. The ambitious Marc wants to be the TP! Yes, the youngest son of Bro. Eraño who was neither trained for an executive position nor even once invited to join Bro. Eraño in the pulpit! Yes, that one. The one who was not even nominated, much less elected, as successor by anyone in the Church Council! That one wants to become THE TP!

Unable to legally refute Bro. Eduardo’s rightful ascension to the Office of Executive Minister, he turns to social media with a ridiculous interpretation of legal documents he is NOT qualified to explain, in much the same manner that he is NOT qualified to explain the Bible! To justify his desire to hold that office, he resorts to tales from the crypt, insulting his own father and the late former Executive Minister in the process. To all that, we say, DREAM ON, BABY…

Lastly, on the often quoted and deliberately misinterpreted instruction from Bro. Eraño to “remain alive”. Yes, ALL BRETHREN, MUST REMAIN ALIVE IN THE FAITH because then and only then can we follow his strict exhortation to REMAIN WITHIN THE CHURCH UNTIL THE END! His instructions are crystal clear. There is no need to distort them. WE HAVE BEEN TAUGHT EVERYTHING WE NEED TO KNOW TO BE SAVED. If we obey those instructions, then our salvation is assured!

Sorry FA’s, GAME OVER!

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