Unity? What unity??

And just WHO do you think you’re kidding?! 😂 The fact is, there NEVER was any unity among “defender” groups. Never. From the start, it’s always been factious.

Do allow us to share with you some “insider info” on what went on before.

A rehash of time past

Despite Lowell’s early domination of social media when he started writing as “AE” in April 2015, Yuson, who back then, called himself “Kelly Ong”, refused to be overpowered. Soon enough, Yuson was able to establish a strong and loyal following.

Yuson has always hated Lowell’s arrogance.  Lowell, for his part, did nothing to endear himself to Yuson. On the contrary, Lowell, who was a junior, unordained worker, never really accorded the older, more senior and ordained Yuson any respect. (Later, each one would stab the other in the back as they both try to make the other look bad in Angel’s eyes. Angel was the recognized leader of the “defenders”, back then anyway.)

Yuson has always been Angel’s man. Lowell was Marc’s but also reported to Angel, that is, before the latter stopped communicating with him after he publicly sold him and Marc out. Needless to say, the mutual dislike between the brothers’ direct reports was intense even then.

The other expelled ministers who used to be either Angel’s or Marc’s former staff, had no love lost for Yuson, either. But it doesn’t mean they were fond of the limelight-seeking Lowell. 😉

In July 2015, Junsam rose to prominence and started to dominate the Philippine mainstream media. (This was when Lowell was still domiciled inside the Central compound fattening himself up.)

Junsam, the most senior in rank of all the expelled ministers, was Angel’s choice to lead the “defender” camps. His first assignment from Angel was to assume the AE persona by writing as AE on the INC Silent No More blog. This was done to mislead and confuse the Church Administration by making it appear as though AE was still at large when, in fact, the real AE was already at Central. But how could they expect to fool anyone when it was difficult to miss the huge improvement in grammar and writing style during that time??

Under Junsam, whose experience in management is undeniably wider and deeper than any of the expelled preachers, the “defender” group became more structured. However, a major power struggle broke out between him and Lowell after the latter came back. Lowell wanted the spotlight back but Junsam wasn’t about to give up his spot. After all, he had made significant strides to bring order and cohesiveness to the “defender” group while Lowell was gone.

During this time, there was so much chaos between the warring camps. A lot of angry and hurtful words were exchanged by both sides. Money issues were brought up openly and publicly, giving rise to hints of corruption with some questions still unanswered up to now.

While Lowell was able to re-acquire some of his people, there were those who chose to stay with Junsam, among them a core member of Lowell’s team in the person of Grace Hernandez aka the once notorious “Benito Affleck” and the lesser known Bernie Garcia who was formerly AE’s IT person. Lowell  “expelled” these two from the “true defender group”. (Yes, after a while, Benito switched sides again. But now, a fugitive herself, she has become old, irrelevant, and all but forgotten.) And there were also those who, upon learning of AE’s real identity, realized their big mistake and decided to return to the Church instead.

While this was going on, other pockets of “defenders” sprang up such as the so-called “Davao group” led by Farley de Castro and the “autonomous” group in South Midwest led by Nhel dela Uso. There also arose what was referred to as “grounds crew”, a soft alliance of individuals from various camps who could hardly tolerate each other.

Needless to say, disunity among the lower rungs mirrored the distrust and tension at the upper echelons, with the passage of time only making it worse. There have been innumerable calls for unity but they have all come to nothing.

The last attempt to bring the “defender” leaders together was when Angel dispatched Junsam again to rein in all the expelled ministers and workers in late 2015/early 2016. Everyone knew this was a tall order considering the personalities involved.

Not to change the topic but why couldn’t have Angel handled this himself? Didn’t something as serious as this deserve intervention by the head honcho? Why send Junsam when he knew that most “defender” ministers were not exactly warm to him? These are questions the “defenders” themselves were asking at the time.

As expected, this last attempt failed again with Junsam raising his hands in exasperation. Why? For one, Louie Cayabyab’s team of expelled preachers refused to be dictated upon, preferring instead their own loose, decentralized style of handling their own respective sub-groups.

This is hardly surprising. Think about it. If these individuals were the SUBMISSIVE type, will they have become part of the rebellion?! They were expelled because they were SELF-WILLED,  MUTINOUS and SEDITIOUS. They think themselves SUPERIOR to the Executive Minister! And Angel thought Junsam could just inject himself in and charm this bunch into submission just because he (Angel) wanted them to unite?! Tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. an awesome leader, this one…

The present-day war

What a never-ending source of hilarity these defenders are.  One day, Cayabyab’s team came out to boldly declare that “defenders” are very much united. That unity has succeeded in them! Next thing you know, Junsam slammed this big pie in their face. Bam! Bull’s eye! United, eh? 😂


Actually, when we heard that Jon Dizon was trying to resurrect the “remnant few” fallacy with a new twist, i.e., justifying it using a design pattern called “iteration” or applied here, it means looping around the same prophecy more than once, supposedly, to give it multiple fulfillment, we knew it was just a matter of time before we hear from Junsam’s camp. Haven’t they addressed this invented concept already? Remember Dimitri Tudor’s exhaustive posts from before? (Note: They say ‘Dimitri’ is actually Rudy Lao, a “defender” minister from Junsam’s team.)

Sure enough, here comes the old man Junsam himself methodically tearing their hallucination apart! What exactly did Junsam say of his co-“defender” ministers? That “they’ve become experts at twisting doctrines”! We even heard the words “deceiver”, “deceiving”, “deceive” and other variants, mentioned multiple times! 😂

See? We didn’t even have to do anything. We  just sit back and watch them duke it out. No bloodshed though, at least not yet. Wait till Yuson gets involved.. This reminds us of what happened during the time of Jehoshaphat when his enemies started attacking and killing each other! 2 Chron 20:20-30.

Hypocrisy has reached new heights

The only response that we have seen so far  from Cayabyab’s group of expelled ministers/workers was not a doctrinal defense but a lame and hypocritical post from Lowell which, after one sifts through his pathetic obfuscations, is actually a lecture on humility, dedicated to Junsam! Yes, HUMILITY of all topics. Can you believe it?? Hahahaha!

Not content, Lowell immediately follows it up with a comment that now mentions Junsam’s name – you know, just in case Junsam was too obtuse to get it that the post was actually meant for him! Attention Junsam – Lowell says you need to curb your Ego (yup, with a capital ‘E’) to give way to Christian humility! In his comment, Lowell  assures Junsam that whatever he might have said or done, he (Lowell) still loves him?? Hahahaha! Junsam, are you buying this? Hahahaha again!

Let us tell you another inside story before we end this. Then you’ll know exactly why we know – not think, but KNOW – that Lowell’s seemingly self-deprecating ways are nothing but baloney.

During Junsam’s last two attempts to get all the “defender” ministers under one umbrella, Lowell couldn’t stand Junsam. Guess what he would say in private after Junsam speaks… His favorite expression – WTF! Or spelled out, “What the f**k!” But publicly, he was all “po” and “opo” — a model of HUMILITY. We suppose he thinks this gives him the right to do a sermon on the subject. Oh well… that’s Lowell for you. 😊

Till next time folks! Keep that smile on your face. There’s more coming!

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