“You shall be put to shame”

Sometimes, it’s smart to pause for a while and watch the other side self-destruct. That it’s bound to happen is a certainty. It’s only the timing that is unknown.

“Behold, all they who are enraged and inflamed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; they who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish.” Isaiah 41:11 AMPC

In your face big time: the Felix Villocino case

Belying all previous accusations by FA fake newsmakers, a shocking video was released to the public recently where a voice, clearly and unmistakably belonging to Eliodoro “Joy” Yuson, an expelled minister and right-hand of Angel Manalo, was heard instructing an unidentified man to hire someone to secretly follow around Felix Villocino, another “defender”. (We say “shocking” not because we don’t think Yuson to be “capable”; on the contrary, we do. It’s the unexpectedness of the exposed recording that makes it shocking! God and His miracles never cease to amaze..)

Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=381894868933688&id=381678768955298

Musing on possible deeper motives

Yuson has apparently heard that Felix has “turned” or about to “turn”. We did hear from others as well that Felix was having a change of heart before he was killed. We have now confirmed that Yuson had suspected the same. And Yuson felt that he had to act.

Now imagine if the person assigned to tail after Felix came back and confirmed Yuson’s suspicion. What would have been his next instruction? To put a “hit” on Felix to stop his potential defection? Those who know Yuson well, think this is likely. But why go to such extreme? Was it because Felix knew too much?  Could Felix’s potential confession ruin Yuson and the people above him that he had to be silenced? Did Yuson’s superior know about his actions? Or was it his superior who ordered Yuson to put a tail on Felix to begin with? And did the “hit” order come from the same source?  A lot of questions to be sure especially now that the tables are turned.

Money as the root of all evil and rumors of corruption among “defenders”

Yuson did mention that Felix loved money. If he did, then he wasn’t the only one. Almost from the get go, there were rumors circulating among “ground defenders” that Yuson and his close associates were pocketing contributions from unsuspecting “defenders”, contributions that were intended for former 36TS residents.

Eye witnesses to such corruption openly discussed this among themselves. Naturally, it quickly spread to their respective circles and from there, to other “defenders” and so on, that it must have circled back to Yuson. Among the more outspoken of the bunch who was critical of Yuson’s corruption was Lorelei de los Santos aka Lorelei dela Uso (maiden name) aka “Chesa Mangingibig” (in social media). A known nemesis of Yuson, Lorelei must have been followed home, too. While she and her children were inside, they were terrorized as their house was rained on with bullets. No one was hurt during this attack but Lorelei laid low after this to protect her family. Mission accomplished.



http://news5.com.ph/videos/562306E826B64D7 (video has been removed)

The cover-up

Among inner “defender” circles, especially among the ground crew, all fingers (including Lorelei’s) pointed to Yuson as the person who was likely responsible for this vicious act. As expected though, this suspicion was not disclosed to  the media. Doing so would have set back the momentum they were trying to build in portraying themselves as victims of “the oppressive Church”. Imagine the harm it would have caused on their own reputation if it had become known that theirs was not only a disjointed movement comprised of multiple factions. There was also much hostility among them, one which had apparently escalated to violence!

Furthermore, letting it slip that corruption among “defenders” was a problem would have been the height of irony! Didn’t Angel and Yuson say during their interviews with the media that corruption was their main beef against the INC Church Council??!! How ironic indeed that not long after that, corruption became a problem among the “defenders” themselves! Not to be forgotten are the yet-to-be-answered questions raised by concerned “defenders” (including Junsam himself) related to the disposition of RTC and H2O funds!  More recently, questions were also raised by other expelled preachers on the disproportionate allocation of H2O funds that favors Lowell Menorca!

Going back to the incident at Lorelei’s house…  Lowell seized this opportunity to advance his case against INC. He arranged an interview between Lorelei and his media contacts who at that time, were starved for anything they could use to heighten the scandal involving the “powerful” and “influential” INC. Without investigating further, the media gobbled up everything they were fed. News accounts of the crime highlighted Lorelei’s participation in supporting the expelled family members of Bro. Erano Manalo, and then used this to allude to a likely connection of the crime to INC.

Deliberately misplacing blame

The FA’s have a pattern. They are always on the lookout for anything to blame on INC. Nonsensical and idiotic posts blaming INC for catastrophes continue to provide us with a source of amusement.

But when we saw posts blaming INC for Lito Fruto’s murder, we just had to give it to them.

Ref.  http://incdefendernomore.org/2017/05/31/suspicion-does-not-a-crime-make/

This article remains unrefuted to this day. Know why? Because it’s factual!

When INC got blamed once again for murders and/or disappearances of “defenders” and a hired food courier, we figure we’d leave the matter up to the authorities to investigate. We’ve already made our point anyway. FA’s can say whatever they wanted to say to get attention. To us, that reeks of desperation. We were, and remain, 200% confident that INC had nothing to do with these crimes. In time, we knew the truth will come out. And now, it looks like that time has come for the Felix Villocino case.

A time for quiet reflection

To the family of Felix Villocino –

Please know that we continue to feel sorry for your loss. It is too bad that in your grief, you let other “defenders” with vested interest use you, and his disappearance/death, to put the blame where it doesn’t belong. YOU WERE CLEARLY MANIPULATED.

We realize that the video must have come as a shock to you but you heard it with your own ears. FELIX WAS TARGETED BY ONE OF HIS OWN! If we were in your place, we would be very interested in finding out why Felix had thought to defect in the first place. His life was cut short because of it. You owe it to his memory to at least find out why. Before you do that though, pray for God to lead you in the right direction, the same direction Felix was apparently headed in. It is too late for him. But not for you!


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