You can run but you can’t hide

During the past weeks, brethren have brought to our attention posts by Rovic Canono aka “Sher Lock” that were apparently a prelude to some big announcement on September 1st. They were written in his usual Breaking News-Abangan style. Yawn… yawn.. Quite frankly, we don’t pay much attention to Sher Lock’s posts, especially those he replays like a broken record.

Anyway, these advertisements for a September 1st “history-making” blah-blah reminded us of the April 30th Big Bang event last year. The day came and went uneventfully – the Bang turned out to be no more than a fizzle. Toinks!

So Rovic found a refuge in Canada, or so he says. We haven’t seen any official document yet, which actually, makes us a tad curious as to the veracity of his declarations. Nonetheless, even without proof — a video proclaiming the granting of his refugee claim can hardly be considered proof — let’s assume it’s true.

Our reaction? A raised eyebrow and an “Oh really?” quickly followed by a smirk that turned into a throaty chuckle. That’s his BIG announcement??!! Ha ha! Well… perhaps for someone with a BIG EGO who thinks the world revolves around him, it might be BIG. As for us, we say: BIG DEAL… That a Member in Canada actually bought in to his drama does not absolve him of the crimes he’s committed. He can deny them all he wants (he is used to lying anyway) but God who sees everything and knows the evil that lurks in the human heart, would be far more difficult and, in this case, IMPOSSIBLE, to convince.

Remember that we are talking about someone who was EXPELLED BY BRO. ERANO MANALO, the late Executive Minister whom they say they love and respect and whose authority they recognize. Well Rovic was REJECTED, DISCARDED and CAST OUT LIKE A PATHOGEN by Bro. Erano that he may not INFECT the rest of the Church! And Bro. Erano was correct in doing so because this particular individual has turned out to be a CONTAGION OF LIES AND FALSE DOCTRINES! Those who choose to be CONTAMINATED by him put their very soul and those of their young children AT RISK.

Removed from the Church roster and therefore, removed from the Book of Life in heaven, he can balderdash all he wants and promote contrived doctrines he and his desperate peers have compromised on. None of that changes anything. He may be under Canada’s protection as a refugee but according to our Lord Jesus Christ, as taught by Bro. Erano, his final destination and FUTURE PERMANENT RESIDENCE is not Canada but somewhere A LOT HOTTER!

Guilt, remorse and shame are feelings alien to sociopaths

Rovic was expelled on February 12, 2009 by Bro. Erano Manalo. The explanation/notation was: “HINDI PAGPAPASAKOP, O PAGSUWAY, SA PASIYA NG PAMAMAHALA“ (English Translation: “DID NOT SUBMIT,  OR DISOBEYED, THE DECISION OF THE CHURCH ADMINISTRATION.”)

So as you can see, even then, Rovic had a REBELLIOUS STREAK. The truth is, for him, it doesn’t matter who the sitting Executive Minister is. Underneath all the pretense and show of praise for the departed Executive Minister, Rovic DISRESPECTED and DISREGARDED BRO. ERANO, too, when he was living! Why respect him now when he is dead??

Rovic was A KNOWN WOMANIZER, a free spirit who had no care in the world, one who despises discipline and who simply did as he pleased. Even after he was expelled, he made no attempt to mend his ways and live an upright life. On the contrary, he CONTINUED HIS PHILANDERING WAYS, OPENLY FLIRTING AND PARADING OVERLAPPING GIRLFRIENDS, some even half his age! Young or not, every conquest was a feather in his cap.

If you think he grew a conscience when he became a “defender” and stopped his sinful existence, think again! If anything, the “defender” group provided him an even bigger supply of “targets”, shamelessly  using “the cause” to lure both willing and unwilling “victims”.

Rovic OPENLY FLAUNTED HIS IMMORALITY, a fact fully known to other “defenders”, notably his same-feathered buddy Lowell, other “defender” preachers, and, of course, their bosses, Angel and Marc. It’s too bad they all turned a blind eye to his sinful ways instead of counseling and reforming him. As long as in their judgment, he is able to call attention to their movement and, of course, fool members into putting funds in their coffers (the source of their personal support), then he is considered a valued member of their rebel camp.

Speaking of flaunting, surely, all the FA’s saw this post by Rovic/Sher Lock. It’s a post with pictures of some of his better-looking girlfriends in an attempt to discredit an allegation of sexual assault by someone he must consider to be below “his standard”.

Gee, how proud he must feel of his conquests! For delicadeza’s sake, we are going to leave out the picture of his accuser; she’s suffered enough. But we would like to call your attention to this portion of  the complaint which Rovic himself posted:

We wonder what he’ll say if he sees that the child resulting from the alleged assault is A SPITTING IMAGE OF HIMSELF! Will he be up to a DNA challenge then?

And let’s not forget about his “defender” girlfriend at the time of his arrest. The one who looked like Rovic had snatched her from the crib but now charged with a very adult crime of CONCUBINAGE.

(Credit to Bro. Dennis Snow)

Like fugitives they run, but can they really hide?

Contrary to his claim of “religious persecution”, Rovic escaped to Canada at the behest of another refugee claimant who before him, also FLED PROSECUTION, NOT PERSECUTION. You already know who this is.

As we’ve said before, Rovic’s being accepted in Canada (assuming it’s true) is INCONSEQUENTIAL in the bigger scheme of things. God’s supreme law still applies: “FOR THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH…” (Romans 6:23 KJV)

Every sin he committed, he will pay for. He can run like the fugitive that he is but cannot escape God.  (Psalms 139:7-12 NIV) And GOD, UNLIKE MAN, CANNOT BE CONNED.

Canada may be one of his stops along the way to his FINAL DESTINATION, and it may even appear like a blessing now but in time, God’s plan will be revealed and what he may think of as “blessing” is actually a CURSE IN DISGUISE. This is why to us, this so-called “victory” is a NON-EVENT. He may take a temporary refuge in Canada or elsewhere, even to the moon for that matter, but on the day of God’s wrath, there won’t be a place for him to hide where God cannot find him. (Jonah 1:3-10 NIV)

Remember: NO ONE AND NO ONE, from the time of the Patriarchs up to the present time, has gone against the leader of God’s nation and ended well. God’s long arm of justice will find them in the end. (2 Peter 2:10-12 NKJV)

Heed Bro. Erano’s preaching

Dear “defenders”, listen to Bro. Erano. You say you respect him, then show it by carefully listening and obeying his preaching of God’s words. The doctrine on salvation is clear and unchanging. From the time of the first century Church of Christ up to the present. Do not be deceived by LIES and FABRICATIONS “defender” preachers pass off as DOCTRINES. They are DESIGNED TO SAVE THE EXPELLED to make the movement more appealing to members and prospects. You will not gain anything by fooling yourself. Think well and CHOOSE LIFE. Return to the fold and stay there. Only then can you hope for a better ending for yourself and your family.

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