Fake leaders… failed mission (Part 2)

Masterminds of rebellion in INC – Angel and Marc Manalo (continued)

Stolen Church Artifacts – a case of vindictiveness, spitefulness, or part of a devious ploy?

One of the most despicable acts Angel and Marc ever did was to take advantage of their “Manalo” last name and their positions in GEMNet to steal Bro. Erano G. Manalo’s video and audio recordings. In this act, they were aided by an expelled fugitive who calls himself “Sher Lock”. Among the recordings they took were Bro. Erano’s officiation of worship services, video conferences, meetings, and ministerial classes as well as greetings, messages, instructions and the like. One of the recordings even included Bro. Felix Manalo!

These artifacts are, inarguably, CHURCH PROPERTY — created using Church equipment, by Church personnel, and taken while Bro. Erano and the Last Messenger were discharging their official function as Executive Minister of the Church. They don’t constitute personal property that can be passed on as part of a family heirloom. The brothers KNOWINGLY STOLE Church property and hid them for years!

When one takes what doesn’t belong to him, there’s a term for it — it’s called theft! And those who commit the act are called thieves!

Years ago, the brothers were requested to turn over these missing artifacts to the Administration. After agreeing to do so, on follow up, they lied and said they had already given them to their “Kuya” (Bro. Eduardo).

Although we would like to be generous and attribute this behavior to simple childhood vindictiveness or spitefulness, the fact is they were no longer kids. Could this be another case of “batang nagbibiro”? We don’t think so. The truth is the brothers had no plans to surrender those artifacts to the Church Administration any more than they had plans to submit themselves to the Executive Minister! They lied when they said they were going to hand them over AND lied again when they said they have already done so!

Sometime later, the brothers found use for those seemingly harmless recordings to advance their sinister plan. Some of the missing recordings surfaced in social media – notably in Lowell Menorca’s aka Antonio Ebangelista‘s blog! We don’t think there’s any need to explain who gave them to Lowell. Or who was behind the rebellion… from the start.

To prove this point, please take note of AE’s article dated April 23, 2015.  (Recall that his blog had barely started when this article was published.)

Note further how AE admitted to publishing “smuggled” or STOLEN video.

Don’t think for a minute that it was out of heroic bravery [or stupidity] that AE knowingly published stolen property. No. He did it because he had orders from those above him!! See how the pieces fit perfectly?

After the former 36TS residents were arrested, guess what were among the many secrets that got left behind? The stolen collection of Bro. Erano’s recordings! The very same ones they said they had already returned.

“Show me a liar and I’ll show you a thief.” – George Herbert

Thank God, these artifacts, which are an integral part of the Church’s history, are now safely back to where they rightfully belong.

Meanwhile, one of the thieves, who’s also a liar, who connived to steal Church property with someone who was expelled by Bro. Erano himself, who tried unsuccessfully to use his father’s memory to stir up brethren’s sentiment against the Church Administration, who didn’t like to starve but didn’t like to work either, is currently behind bars. Whether that is where he rightfully belongs long-term, is for the courts alone to decide.

In the next part, you will see that their thievery goes beyond Church artifacts. WAY BEYOND… so please stay tuned.

To be continued…

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