Fake leaders… failed mission (Introduction)

Introduction to a Multi-Part Series

Hallmark of a true leader

In Philippine news recently, President Rodrigo Duterte (“PRRD”), the most popular president in the world according to TIME magazine and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, went to Marawi City. There, he expressed his support to soldiers who are engaged in an ongoing battle against the Maute group. The terrorists, with ties to ISIS, seized control of Marawi City,  reportedly intending to establish a caliphate in Mindanao.

The more than two months of fighting has claimed the lives of  over 100 soldiers so far. The fighting continues to this day. Needless to say, PRRD took risks in going to Marawi. Note that this was after several attempts to do so in June 2017 which were shut down by the military because they were deemed too unsafe.

Why did PRRD have to risk his life to be with his men? Could he not have commanded his forces from behind the walls of Malacanang? Yes, he could have. So why then? BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT TRUE LEADERS DO – THEY LEAD THEIR SOLDIERS IN THE BATTLEFIELD. THEY DON’T COWER AND HIDE AND WATCH THE BATTLE FROM AFAR.

PRRD didn’t take part in combat operations in Marawi but his physical presence there and his commitment of all-out support for his troops meant the world to those who give their lives in service of their country, day-in and day-out.

Prior to this, PRRD also took the time to visit the wounded as well as comfort the families of those who perished. Each time, he would offer moral support and financial and other assistance, as a token of appreciation from their Commander-in-Chief.

Such actions are the hallmark of a true leader.

A shameful contrast to the founders of the “Defender” rebellion

Now compare and contrast these with what we have witnessed from the founders of the “defender” movement, from inception to the present. Let’s ask this question, one which some defenders have asked before and are starting to ask again — Was there ever a time in the past 2+ years when either Angel or Marc displayed any semblance of leadership? None whatsoever!  Instead of leading the revolt they themselves started, they became “dependers”, dependent on those who bought in to their scheme — for ALL their needs!

Although “the brothers”, as they are referred to by their supporters are considered the leaders of this dysfunctional movement, not once did they show any sense of responsibility or leadership or the slightest care toward their “troops”.

The brothers had overestimated their importance. They had expected to have a strong army of loyalists behind them, a force so great it could divide the Church leaving their older brother with no choice but to accede to their demands quickly. But alas, all Angel and Mrs. Tenny got after releasing their shocking video was a shock of their own, for only a handful showed up to hold a vigil in front of 36TS!  And this, despite their claims that their lives were in danger!

Even then, we already caught a glimpse of how little these people cared for their followers. To those who gathered in front of 36TS after their video was released, answer these questions please: Did they come out of the gate to greet you, smile at you, thank you,  encourage you? Did they offer water at least? Or perhaps use of their toilets, especially to the women? Blankets? Umbrellas to protect you from the rain, harsh sun? Some change of clothing maybe for those who stayed overnight? Nope, right? There wasn’t even a tiny indication of compassion or sympathy for the people who traveled far distances and took risks for them. As one of them now say: We should have known as early as then what kind of people they are!

Their initial expectations shattered, what followed was a protracted rebellion the brothers didn’t plan for and don’t have the ability to lead. In fact, in the days, months and years to come, we saw pretty much the same behavior from them. It was “Give me, give me, give me…” Instead of them leading the rebellion they have started, they’ve become experts at portraying themselves as the aggrieved… the oppressed. Why? Because that’s what draws in the funds.

Incidentally, funds to support 36TS didn’t just come from H2O, as some people think, although the group that handles that makes the loudest noise in social media due to its lack of transparency and some other scandal. What H2O covered was their P30,000 weekly for groceries  and P100,000 monthly for legal fees.   In addition to H2O, there were other funds which came from other sources and were used for undisclosed purchases, as directed by 2-9 (Angel). Among the largest direct contributors to former 36TS residents are those aligned with Junsam’s group, some of whom have understandably grown weary and have asked: “Until when are we going to support them??” Others have completely turned around after seeing the light and have now been reinstated.

Instead of finding work to feed themselves which is what any decent person would do, these “dependers” refused to come out of 36TS, and relied on regular handouts from their supporters instead. Of course, we know the reasons now why they didn’t want to leave. But in addition to what we’ve already covered in a previous article [http://incdefendernomore.org/2017/03/10/36ts-when-gods-hand-moves/], more evidence was found at 36TS after the residents were arrested, more proof that the brothers are the instigators of the rebellion, including audio recordings of phone conversations with people they’ve talked to over the years who were involved in the rebellion. They sure like to record everything, don’t they? Well… if you are among those they’ve talked to, now you know you’ve been recorded. Thanks to your bosses, your secrets are out.

To be continued… please watch out for Part 1.

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