The Folly of Self-Admiration

So that’s the strategy, eh? When  cornered, jump to a different topic. Well… ok, if that’s what you want – way of the losers!

Today, we shall talk about WORDS. Adjectives, to be specific. Some people like to pepper their sentences with them, some say, in a pathetic attempt to sound witty.

True or not, this article is dedicated to someone who has an affinity for such style, someone who likes to project himself onto others (the clinical term for it is “psychological projection”), who uses words which, alas, actually describe himself better than the object of his invectives.

Shall we begin?


The first word is: ARROGANT.

Ouch! You frequently use this word to describe others when it fits you to a tee! Why, we are fairly certain that somewhere in the etymology of that word, and the word LIAR, we can find your name!

Speaking of ARROGANCE… we have been forgetting to share a little story that has come to us through the judicial grapevine. Remember your Amparo case? The one that was in progress at the Court of Appeals during the time of your grand flight from justice? Well, it appears you would have lost the case anyway even if you had stayed. And you would have had only yourself to blame! (By your own words, the Justices treated you fairly so you can’t recant now and pull the same old tiresome excuse that they were “influenced”.)

So why will you have lost? According to a court insider, it was because of the WEAKNESS OF YOUR OWN TESTIMONY the last day you graced the court with your magnificent presence! After all the media hype you created — that you were arrested on your way to court because INC wanted to stop you from testifying – all you delivered, when you had your chance for a fireworks display, was a FIZZLE! Out of your own mouth, you testified on cross that there was no direct threat on your life or your family’s! Well so much for your infamous “UNDER DURESS” excuse, eh? You made everyone believe that a gun was pointed at your head when you sold your own bosses and close allies down the river, clearly a lie, when everyone could see how RELAXED and OVERFED you were in the video.

Did you know that even the media was crestfallen over your “performance” in court? They were salivating to report a bombshell at the evening news but were so disappointed that all they got for their effort was a sputter!  You didn’t see that though, did you? Nope. Because you were far too dazzled by your own brilliance. Tsk.. Tsk..

And apparently, you didn’t fool the Justices with your courtroom drama, either. In fact, the water cooler talk is that the Justices couldn’t stand your ARROGANCE inside and outside the courtroom! Whoa! There’s that word again! But yes, that was the word they used – ARROGANCE!

In your smugness, you challenged the Administration to file LIBEL cases against the “defenders”. Don’t be so impatient, your turn will come…when you least expect it, so stay on your toes! Forget your useless taunts at the  Executive Minister. Have you not learned anything yet, our not-so-little grasshopper? Novice tactlessness does not work, never did, never will.

And not that we can read tea leaves but though the Church Administration has every right to seek legal relief from your unbelievably stupid attacks in social media (why not complain in INTERNATIONAL COURT, eh?), it would be far smarter to focus on criminal offenses since they carry much more severe penalties, don’t you think? We’re sure you know what we’re talking about, no need to be coy. The truth will all come out in the end anyway. Isn’t that the mantra of the “defenders”? That the truth will prevail? Well, we are confident it shall. When God’s hand moves again, another person, or people, will end up in JAIL but it won’t be the Executive Minister! And no one will bother to visit him, or them, not after the criminal acts they have done are exposed! 

Moving on to the next word: HOLY!

Did you not even cringe when you used this word? And who do you consider “holy”? Surely you don’t mean yourself.  Did we not discuss this already? Let’s refresh your memory then, perhaps you’ve forgotten. But watch out, isn’t it a tad early for Alzheimer’s to be knocking at your door? Or is memory lapse a consequence of having told too many lies to too  many people for too long? Here’s the article we wrote about your “holiness”. Feel free to read again. Based on the number of views, this was a favorite, ranking next to the Fruto exposé.

Let’s take the next word: CORRUPT.

Hmmm… such a serious word. We won’t regale our readers today with stories involving politicians and political favors in exchange for money and other benefits. For now, let us just mention that at the center of these stories is a minister’s son. The minister used to be a member of the Church Council. In fact, he was formerly the Administrative Secretary of the Church. He was faithful to two administrations – Bro. Erano’s and Bro. Eduardo’s – and enjoyed the trust and friendship of both leaders.

During his tenure, his son was a BEM student and then became a regular worker. A lover of money, inherently deceitful and CORRUPT, the son took advantage of his father’s position in the Church and Bro. Erano Manalo’s trust to manipulate his own father and the Church system using knowledge gained from working the inner sanctum of his father’s offices…

That’s all we can share for now. Suspense!  Wait for the hair-raising details in a future article. Just don’t forget this word: CORRUPT.

Next word: COWARD.

Excuse our language but who exactly is it who didn’t have the balls to face his accusers in court? Who fled the country to escape the criminal charges of adultery and libel, filed by individuals who only wanted to see justice done? For all your talk about principle and fighting for the truth, your escape seemed like the easy way out. For a COWARD. And the GUILTY.  

How about the word: PERSECUTOR?

Do you actually read your articles before you click on the “Publish” button? Not only are they full of CONTRADICTIONS, they are  overflowing with HATE. Uncontrollable RAGE might be a more appropriate term, actually. All directed at the Executive Minister. Why? Is it because he doesn’t respond to you? Do you feel ignored? Does it hurt your pride that he doesn’t pay attention to your tirades? With all those hateful words spewing out of your mouth, you’re the one who comes out looking like an aggressor, a gangster, and a PERSECUTOR! And Bro. Eduardo, the persecuted! Watch out. All that rage can’t be good for the heart, especially one enveloped with FAT!  

Lastly, let’s tackle these three words – LOVE OF PARENTS.

Every time you uplift yourself to the role of a “model son”   is a chance you use to take a swipe at the Executive Minister. Why is that? Afraid you won’t rise without putting someone else down? But what kind of a son are you, really?

If your father were living today, we would have loved to hear his thoughts. How devastating it must be for a father to see his own son seeking to destroy the very thing he held most dear (the Church) — one he esteemed even greater than his own family! In this sentiment, he is admirably One with EVM and the rest of the ministers! Yay for the father!!

Now that he is dead, not only do you continue to DISRESPECT his memory — with people wondering if your parents have somehow been negligent, or what loose upbringing you had growing up that you turned out this way! The biggest slap though was when you took away his wife’s chance at salvation! You took advantage of her infirm condition to bend her to your will! And as if that weren’t enough, SHAMELESSLY, you use her at every opportunity to gain sympathy from others and score points for yourself. What’s next, we wonder? Do you also plan to use her to raise funds? Make her raise her palm for alms? H2O not enough??  

What you have really done is send your own mother to hell. So while your father is just waiting to receive God’s final reward to live with Him in His Holy kingdom, thanks to his son, his wife will be facing eternal condemnation! Whenever we recall how you egg the Administration on to expel her during your GPM’s, we grimace at the heartlessness of your actions. You were almost begging for a death sentence for that wheelchair-bound woman!  That is the MOST HATEFUL, CRUELEST, and MOST ABOMINABLE thing any son can do to his mother! And you call it LOVE??! We don’t know how our readers feel, but the word MURDERER is what comes to mind!

While we’re on the subject, remember that DOUBLE STANDARD you’ve bandied around? Once again, YOU’RE DEAD WRONG! Brethren, this is a classic example of what happens after the Holy Spirit has abandoned a person – he spews garbage, makes baseless allegations, and MISJUDGES – because there is no light in him anymore!

For your information, there is no double standard! Fredisminda Robosa Menorca has been EXPELLED for quite sometime now. Her name was not read in a circular to spare her from embarrassment in respect of her old age. To the end, the Executive Minister has shown her much consideration – take that as his last act of compassion towards the wife of the late Bro. Lowell Casis Menorca, former Church Council member, respected elder, and friend.


To former “defenders” who have turned away from the path of  destruction and who are now on their way back to the only Church that belongs to God, and to the silent ones who have turned around quietly, let us be grateful for the chance we have been given to return to Him. Let us be joyful for God’s loving and HUMBLING mercy. How we’ve come to this re-enlightenment is not important. What is important is that we can now sleep peacefully at night confident that no matter what happens to us and our families, we can count on God’s promise of eternal life. From hereon, let us walk FIRMLY, CONSISTENTLY and FAITHFULLY on God’s side and on the side of His Administration.

God bless us all! Till next time!

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