You can’t have your cake and eat it, too

To this day, Defender leaders have relied on beguiling words to keep their supporters at bay and to attract new recruits. From the start, that’s been their M.O.

While they may use biblical passages, these false preachers deliberately misuse them in order to support their defective arguments. They often mention Bro. Eraño Manalo in very respectful terms but they disrespect every admonition and instruction he’s ever given. They recognize the Iglesia ni Cristo as the true Church and Bro. Felix Manalo, as the fulfilment of the prophecy of God’s messenger in these last days, yet they insist on self-made doctrines that contradict teachings they have received and even taught when they were still in the ministry.

No matter how sincere some of them may appear, especially the older, more seasoned former ministers, and no matter how much we’ve respected them in the past, the fact is, the Lord has dimmed their light and has taken away from them the authority to preach the true gospel. As for evangelical workers who were expelled before being ordained, God has made plain and clear through the events of the past two years why they never reached that stature — they didn’t deserve it. Their wicked deeds were exposed beforehand.

As we’ve already learned previously, what is happening to them is hardly surprising for these expelled ministers and workers, according to Bro. Erano’s preaching, have already been given to darkness – (credits to Shield of Faith).

But why can’t they move on?

As disunited as these expelled defenders of false doctrines are though, they all can’t move on from the fact that they are no longer a part of the Church our Lord Jesus Christ will save. All of them insist that those who were expelled “unjustly” are also entitled to salvation – a fake doctrine they’ve invented to encourage their expelled members to stay outside the Church. When did either Bro. Felix Manalo or Bro. Eraño Manalo preach this??? False doctrine meant to give false hope is really what it is. That these expelled members, instead of being repentant became more openly defiant and combative only showed all the more how JUST their expulsion was, contrary to their claim. As for the Church, it is simply a normal course of cleansing the Church has to undergo every so often to rid itself of what the Bible calls “wicked people among you” (1 Cor 5:13 NIV).

What’s ridiculous is that even former preachers and leaders who were expelled or suspended for reasons of immorality, criminal behavior, or generally living an unchristian way of life, preach or promote this false doctrine on salvation. It’s tantamount to declaring to expelled lay Defenders: “You may be saved for being expelled due to being exposed as a ‘Defender’, but I WON’T BE regardless what I say or do because I was expelled or suspended for an offense unrelated to this defender stuff, something I know I am guilty of.” Isn’t that right, Rydean Daniel, Ferdinand Aspiras, Romer Diomangay and others too many to mention? How absurd eh?

One camp, more daring than others, made an outrageous, if not laughable, claim that they are the “True Members of the Iglesia ni Cristo” and “True disciples of Christ”! Hahahaha! Do forgive us but this was a great source of amusement for us when we saw those posts. As expected, lacking in biblical foundation, such claim did not flourish. Bro. Eraño’s pronouncements quickly brought it to its knees.

That same group also introduced and supported the so-called “remnant prophecy” which was quickly quashed by more seasoned expelled ministers who are better versed with the Bible. Likewise, the deliberately incorrect interpretation of the verses in Isaiah 1:8-9 was invalidated by INC ministers. ( Even Angel and Marc, the quiet leaders of the Defenders did not fancy this fallacy and told other Defenders to stay away from its promoters. Like the other gimmicks (hallucinations?) they’ve started, nothing came of this, either. In fact, it is no longer mentioned anymore.

The takeaway from all of these is that these false preachers are desperate to sell any idea that would justify their farcical claim to salvation. They want what everybody else wants which is salvation but they also want to pick and choose which commandments to follow. This is, of course, an oxymoron (James 2:10 GNT). With their made-up doctrines and prophecies, they might as well establish their own religion! So why don’t they? Because they are caught in a dilemma of their own making. They want the redemption promised exclusively to those inside the Church but they don’t want to comply with God’s conditions. They broke their covenant with the Lord but they still expect Him to keep His promises. This is what the Lord says to them:

Jer 11:8 NET  – “But they did not listen to me or pay any attention to me! Each one of them followed the stubborn inclinations of his own wicked heart. So I brought on them all the punishments threatened in the covenant because they did not carry out its terms as I commanded them to do. ”

Jer 30:23-24 NLT – 23 Look! The LORD’s anger bursts out like a storm, a driving wind that swirls down on the heads of the wicked. 24 The fierce anger of the LORD will not diminish until it has finished all He has planned. In the days to come you will understand all this.

Forgiveness no more

To those people who proudly say they will never turn back, we say “Good riddance!” The Church does not need you. Let us repeat that: THE CHURCH DOES NOT NEED YOU! It is not your souls the Administration is interested in rescuing  because you are beyond salvation. That you think, speak and act the way you do only proves all the more what Bro. Eraño has said before – that you’ve been given to darkness. The light that used to shine within you, God has already dimmed. The Administration did not wish that for you; it wanted to bring you back if it could. But God has said “No!”. Now, the spirit of the Beast reigns in your proud and wicked hearts. There is nothing more than can be done for you.

Many times, God gave you a chance to reform but each time, you threw the opportunity away and instead found yet another reason to subject to ridicule the Church and the leader God has chosen to lead His nation. Your hypocrisy and disrespect know no bounds. You may be fearless now but on the day of the Lord’s reckoning, your laughter will turn to wails. But God will turn a deaf ear to your anguish. Try as you might to uplift your boastful selves, God will cut you down. His patience gone, He will send you affliction when you least expect it and His curse will be fulfilled in you, your family and your followers. Because while men will be men, God will be God. (Col 3:6 NET)

Redemption for the repentant

Thankfully, not all Defenders are like you. The majority, especially the silent ones — those whom you’ve been asking to leave the Church but have held on to their election instead… those whom you’ve been calling to openly rebel but have kept their silence instead… There’s hope for them still as well as those who have been expelled but who still have a flicker of Christian faith in them. They are the reason this blog exists. They are the souls we labor for. For as long as they are there, we shall be here to hold their hand and lead them back to light. Otherwise, what would be the point?

Thank you, God!

Revelations such as these make us feel even more grateful to God that we are no longer part of that insanity. We no longer have to fool ourselves by believing the lies these people have spread and continue to spread.

There are times when we ask ourselves why God had allowed us to fall so low as to be blinded by these deceitful people. And we realize that we had to see what we have seen and go through what we have gone through because that experience has made us stronger in the faith than we have ever been.

Thank you, God, for answering our prayers, for accepting us back despite what we have done. Thank you for giving us an Executive Minister who is as compassionate as he is forgiving. Thank you, Lord, for second chances!

We continue to pray for the others who were likewise overwhelmed by the  falsehood preached by the deceivers. Please make them see the truth also so that together, we shall await the coming of the Savior… with confidence and genuine hope!

Irrelevant, ignored and accursed

Notice how these expelled rebels have become irrelevant and largely ignored while the Church continues to prosper in the eyes of man and of the Lord. The Church may not be in a glorious state yet (if it were, Judgment Day would have already been upon us) but every day that passes brings Her closer to that end goal. This is indeed the fulfillment of God’s promises. God’s hand will protect His Church and strike down those who dare stand in His way, as we have seen and as we shall continue to see!!



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