Trust not in thine own heart

We don’t think it is by happenstance that in the human anatomy, the brain is positioned above the heart. Rather, we strongly believe that in creating man, God had intended it so that the brain, which is a metaphor for rational thought, would rule over the heart, a metaphor for emotion.

Emotion can lead God’s servants astray

Indeed, the Holy Scripture has warned us of the pitfalls of trusting our emotions too much. “The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?” it says in Jeremiah 17:9  NKJV.

This danger marker was given for a reason. Emotion, if not founded on spiritual wisdom, can and will lead to some very bad and costly mistakes.

Emotion overwhelmed reason

In our former life as Defenders, we became living proof of how bad it can be when we allow emotion to get the better of us. We let loose our heart with carefree abandon, fueled by what we were led to believe was the right thing to do at that time. And what happened? We ended up exchanging our election for a so-called “cause”!

We were supposed to be warriors, protectors and Defenders of true faith, followers of those who introduced themselves to us as leaders who would help the Administration fix what is broken in the Church. Well some leaders they turned out to be! Leaders of rebellion, teachers of falsehood, hypocrites, adulterers, fornicators, drug addicts, deceivers, users, liars, thieves, and criminals!

As chosen servants, God gave us a gift of discernment so that we may know to distinguish truth from lie. (Romans 12:2 ESB) But at some point, emotion overwhelmed our cognitive reasoning so that instead of rejecting falsehood (1 John 4:6 NIV), we embraced the lies we were fed by former preachers whose authority to teach, God took away when He severed His relationship with them. To their passionate but biblically unsupported rhetoric, we responded with equal ardor.

Until one day, God made us see these expelled preachers for what they are – fakes! Just read their writing, listen to their video recording. There is no holiness there. Abandoned and unmasked by God, what was left was pomposity, arrogance, conceit, self-promotion, exaggeration, hallucination, flawed reasoning and rage.

While some appear more polished compared to their crude comrades-in-arms, the message is the same. They all appeal to the reader’s emotion – pity and sympathy for “victims” of so-called “injustice” and anger and derision toward the Church Administration.

Call to rebellion

Not only are we not fooled by their “Call to action” message, we also see why Rolando Dizon was tapped to deliver the message, as opposed to  Lowell Menorca II, the author of the article the video was embedded in. Naturally, one would go with the person perceived to have integrity, better credibility, more refined speech and video appeal to move the Silent Defenders to rise up against the Administration, which is the “real” action being called for beneath the layers of pretense.

(Note though that unlike the owner of the blog which hosted his recording, Jon does not believe brethren should leave the Church. Why he made a point of saying this, we are not sure, but clearly, disunity among expelled ministers shows through even at a time when one would think they have to, at least on the surface, appear to be united.)

It is quite easy to test how effective this latest combination of AE tirade and Jon’s video is though – call another vigil. Have Defenders march in front of Camp Bagong Diwa where Angel is incarcerated. See if more than the usual 20-30 pitiful souls show up. Maybe the fictitious minister Jon mentions, who claims Angel has the support of many brothers and sisters will show up, too, unless this is another one of those made-up stories conjured by the ever-imaginative Lowell and bought by the easily swayed Jon?

To add to the number of supporters, maybe those outspoken Defenders and expelled former preachers from the US, Canada, Vietnam and Malaysia should go to the Philippines, prove their mettle, and commiserate with the handful in their daily vigil. Unless this “call for action” is all for show??!! Hah!

The fallen Angel

Jon, we won’t ask who fed you the info about Angel not being involved in the Defender movement. Presumably, you “trust” that person, as fleeting a concept as that may be among Defenders. A word of advise though — verify your facts before repeating them in public to avoid looking like a stooge.

The thing with you, Jon, is you joined the movement late. Even after you defected, you were ambivalent in joining the Defenders group. Only after you were cajoled by Louie Cayabyab did you decide to make April 30, 2016, that lackluster “Big Bang” event your official “coming out” date. So essentially, you missed the first year of the movement when all the interesting things happened. That is why you don’t have first-hand knowledge of what transpired prior. So do allow us to fill you in.

Until June 2016, Angel (aka “29” and “John McClane”) had direct communications with Lowell aka AE. Why Angel stopped responding to Lowell and even gave instructions later on (through his favored and trusted intermediary, Joy Yuson) for other Defenders to stay away from both Lowell and Liezl after the darling duo began demanding Silent Defenders to leave the Church and advancing the “remnant prophecy” concept (both moves Angel disagreed with), is for Angel alone to explain.

But make no mistake – Angel was involved from the beginning. Where do you suppose those stolen videos came from that were published in AE’s blog early on?  Even during the time when Lowell was living in the Central compound after it was revealed that he was AE, who do you think called the shots on behalf of Defenders? Who do you suppose welcomed Junsam with open arms after he escaped from Central? Who was it who recruited Junsam to write for the blog in Lowell’s absence? Much later, who was it who appointed Junsam to lead what became a failed initiative to unify all Defender camps? And just recently, who asked Ernie Pineda to brainstorm with expelled preachers regarding their plight after the first shooting incident at 36TS? You know who… you were already there when some of these took place. It was Angel.

Some of his instructions may have been unintentionally vague, or his choice of intermediary not popular with most of you. Still, instructions did flow from Angel to expelled former preachers, including yourself. Even though he never communicated with you or with the others directly, you all received his instructions just the same. In fact, you were among those who were frustrated by his leadership style, or what some of you criticized as his disappointing “lack of leadership”.  You and the others, especially Lowell, did not like the fact that neither brother wanted to “come out” in the open to lead the Defenders.

So what did you do? You explicitly went against instructions when Angel sent word not to hold live worship service (LWS) and instead prescribed a simple format for prayer meetings. You went and did as you pleased, exercised what you thought was better judgment and continued with your live worship service using your own program, in complete defiance of Angel’s instructions. Even back then when we were still Defenders, we saw a glimpse of the recalcitrant streak in your character, one which you manifested not only toward the Executive Minister but even toward the person who “led” the expelled Defender preachers in his own quiet way. So to now hear you speak with reverence and admiration about Angel, the man whom you disrespected, and continued to disrespect right up to the shooting incident at 36TS, just rings a discordant tune and puts you in the same band as Lowell in his crowning act of hypocrisy.

O yes, Lowell… the High and Mighty, a-legend-in-his-own-eyes, pompous as ever, Lowell. If I were him, I wouldn’t soar too high. The higher he flies, the greater his fall shall be. Look how God dealt with his superior. Angel might have been generally quiet, meek and soft-spoken, especially in stark contrast to Lowell, but he inflicted harm on the Church, too. Now look how he’s fallen…

A point of no return for some

While one can charge poor judgment to “one of life’s lessons”, it is not always the case that one can rise back from a mistake. Some sins are so grave there is no turning back.

Listen to this chilling pronouncement by Bro. Erano on this very subject. (credits to Shield of Faith)

See English transcript by Bro. Marlex Cantor in


The Bible is rife with examples of sins that were unforgiven.

When God poured out His wrath by opening the earth which swallowed whole Korah, Dathan and Abiram, their families and their followers, no opportunity was given for them to turn around. The sin that brought forth this level of rage was their rebellion against Moses, the leader God has chosen to lead His servants. (Numbers 16:1-3, 31-35 ESB)

King David’s own son, Absalom, died a gruesome death in battle when he sought to kill his own father, King David, whose army was outnumbered (2 Samuel 18:9, 14-15 ESB). This was after he traitorously turned the King’s people against him so he can steal his father’s throne. Before that, Ahithophel, a wise man and King David’s counselor who “lifted his heel against David” (Psalm 41:9 ESB) to side with Absalom in plotting against King David ended up hanging himself (2 Samuel 17:23 CEV).

Even during the time of our Lord Jesus Christ, when Judas Iscariot silently betrayed Him, there was no forgiveness extended to Judas even though he owned up to his sin and was remorseful enough to try and return the 30 pieces of silver. Judas hanged himself. (Matthew 27:3-5)

If you are familiar with the history of the Church in these last days, then you’d know the fate that befell those who rebelled against the Church Administration. In the time of the Last Messenger, Bro. Felix Y. Manalo and his successor, Bro. Erano G. Manalo, ministers and officers (some pioneers), along with their entire households and their followers were expelled for rising up against God’s appointed leaders. None of these former ministers or their strong supporters made it back, except for one but he did not remain long because God took him down again. Some of these expelled ministers are dead now; they died cursed and unforgiven.

In the current administration of Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo, we see history repeating itself. These modern-day rebels, their families and followers will meet the same fate as the ones who came before them. In fact, we see it happening now.

When God’s hand moved though and caused a sequence of unexpected events to transpire, these Defenders failed to see it for what it was – Divine justice. They cry oppression, injustice, persecution and the like. They think what is happening can only happen in the Philippines.

“Shall not the judge of all the earth deal justly?” (Genesis 18:25).

Perhaps when their turn comes to receive the Lord’s judgment, then they’ll know that where they live is inconsequential. They can be in the Philippines, Canada, the US, Vietnam, Malaysia, or the moon. God’s wrath will still find them. One by one, they will fall until finally, it will be just another closed chapter in the history of the Church. And the Church will go on — because it is God’s, protected by His almighty hand.

Forgiveness for those deceived

To Defenders like us who bought into these expelled preachers’ rhetoric sans divine wisdom, change your course now. Abandon your past transgressions. Regret and repair the breach in your relationship with the Lord. Express remorse in your prayers and pleadings to God.

Use your head. Why must you sacrifice your salvation for any cause, least of all one that will bring curse upon you and your household? Move forward with the Lord. Surrender yourself to Him. Respect the authority of the leader He has placed before us. Prove your fidelity to God. Reject those deceivers who are playing with your emotions for they will surely drag you down with them.

Dear Defenders, we leave these parting words with you from Isaiah 55:6-7, NKJV:

“6 Seek the Lord while He may be found,
Call upon Him while He is near.
Let the wicked forsake his way,
And the unrighteous man his thoughts;
Let him return to the Lord,
And He will have mercy on him;
And to our God,
For He will abundantly pardon.”




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