36TS: When God’s Hand Moves

Updated on March 11, 2017

What a whirlwind it’s been! No one anticipated what happened. It started as a simple job of demolishing a structure close to Angel’s residence (Note: “Angel’s residence” not “Angel’s house”) but ended up being much, much more when trigger-happy ex-Marines who were hired as Angel’s security, started shooting, injuring 2 INC Security Group personnel http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/876667/qc-police-shots-fired-at-guards-in-iglesia-property. Later, they also shot at PNP officers who were serving and executing a search warrant, injuring 2 SWAT personnel, one critically. http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/lite/story/601948

The unveiling of 36TS’ many secrets

In one fell swoop, all 32 residents of 36TS were rounded up and brought to a PNP facility for investigation. A search operation by police officers unveiled one big secret Angel and company did not want revealed – they are storing high-powered weapons at his residence including “a shotgun, an M16 rifle, a rifle grenade and over a hundred rounds of ammunition”.  http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/877320/qc-cops-ready-raps-over-manalo-siblings-armory.

From Angel’s residence-turned-armory, the PNP seized over 70 firearms and 17,000 live ammunitions and explosives. http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/879124/guns-ammo-explosives-seized-from-inc-building-used-by-expelled-members

LOOK: PNP presents firearms, ammo seized from Angel Manalo house

Quashing Myths Regarding Recent Events

Planted Evidence – Really??

Scurrying about like ants in a disturbed anthill, Defenders had to quickly come up with a credible-sounding story to explain the weapons found by authorities. Once again, the craftiness of the deceivers has come to the fore. “Deceivers” are those who know the evidence to be factual but nevertheless, have chosen to come up with an “alternate truth” that is easier for generous and unwitting supporters to swallow. Why? Because the poster boy for oppression has to maintain a blameless image. It is vital to the continued inflow of funds from the wallets of unsuspecting Defenders into the pockets of unscrupulous fund collectors and conduits! At the end of the day, in spite of all the drama, for some, it is not about principle but money. (Note: If you want to know who ratted you out, look no farther because, in the strange dog-eat-dog world of the Defenders, the rat is either the person you once thought of as a “friend, or it is the person you count among your current circle of friends!! Hmmm…)

The “Alternate Truth”

The word being spread around by deceivers in social media, and unfortunately believed by unwitting lay Defenders, is that the weapons were planted. They ask… how could they have been brought in when supplies go through rigorous inspection by INC guards at the gate?

The gun enthusiast and firearm collector

To these “thinkers”, we ask in turn… Did you actually know Angel before he appeared in YouTube?? The deceivers did, especially the founding fathers of the rebellious INC “Defender” movement. They know (as we do who have known him long before all these started) that Angel is a gun enthusiast. An aficionado of firearms, he is known to have an extensive personal collection of firearms in his residence.

Thanks to Sis. Jane Mendoza for supplying these photos of Angel holding high-powered rifles:

The high-powered weapons? Some of them were there even before — acquired way before Angel’s YouTube video hit the air waves. Some parts and ammunition might have been brought in after the coming out video and before the security tightening was implemented but certainly, some of the big items were there even before, sort of an “open secret” whispered about by those who live in the area or work at the Central Office. However, it is likely that some of the high-powered firearms were snuck in to 36TS by masked men carrying large boxes, as far back as September 2015. Picked up by security cameras, these men turned out to be AWOL Marines/mercenaries.  This was what led to the installation of security checkpoints and INC filing a petition for injunction to ban entry of unknown and unauthorized individuals from 36TS. http://www.eaglenews.ph/national/inc-asks-qc-court-to-ban-entry-of-unauthorized-persons-into-inc-compound/  (This update is courtesy of Bro. Joel V. San Pedro who provided this additional information.)

Mystery solved

The presence of these weapons, possessed (and acquired?) illegally, must be the reason why back in July 2015, Angel did not allow CHR and NBI personnel access to his residence when they attempted, multiple times, to enter the property, to investigate allegations of abduction of ministers in response to the call for help from the window. http://www.tahonews.com/iglesia-ni-cristo-ministers-and-families-held-hostage-inside-inc-building/ (This was later explained, lamely, by Angel himself as a prank by some kids living there! Hahaha, sorry, but who can ever forget that?!)

Several other attempts by CHR and NBI to enter Angel’s residence to investigate harassment and hostage claims were refused. Now we know why…

http://thestandard.com.ph/mobile/article/208423 – Manalo siblings refuse to cooperate with CHR



It’s always been a mystery even to Defenders why 36TS residents were adamant at staying put.  Observers now conclude that the weapons and ammunitions inside the residence must be the reason. The occupants knew that if they tried to bring the weapons out of the house, there was no way to avoid detection. Once detected, then it becomes a police matter. PNP will take over, and the ending will be the same – a charge of illegal possession of firearms against the occupants of the property.

Another bombshell – “ex-Marines” residing at 36TS

We’ve always said that the truth has a way of coming out. In His own time and in His own way, God’s justice will prevail in the end. In this case, when God’s hand moved, everyone was left in a daze. Sort of… what just happened?? It is interesting that who God used to expose the truth behind 36TS are men who were non-members, men who were never members of the Church.

Ordinary Defenders are probably not aware that Angel, through his former lawyer, Trixie Angeles, has hired ex-Marines to secure 36TS residents. Recall an incident in January 2016, when the same hotheaded, quick-to-draw ex-Marine/ex-Navy deserter, Jonathan Ledesma, was seen escorting Lottie on her way back from a disappointing press interview (http://m.inquirer.net/newsinfo/75585) and pulling a gun at INC SG personnel at the gate. Had the situation not been subdued, it could have resulted in a deadly encounter. http://www.eaglenews.ph/national/inc-investigating-t-sora-disturbance-man-with-gun-from-hemedez-camp-identified-as-navy-deserter/

The news account states further:

“Taking advantage of the ocular inspection last December 15, a source said that one of the lawyers of the Hemedez camp, Atty. Trixie Angeles, went inside the Tandang Sora compound at the time accompanied by Ledesma and another man.

But when she left the property, the other two men she brought in were not with her anymore, the source said.

It is believed that the two men are, since then, among the unauthorized occupants of said INC property.

The other man referred to in that article must be Joseph Sabbacula. It appears it was Jonathan Ledesma who shot and injured 2 SWAT officers during a search operation. Ledesma is charged with frustrated murder and direct assault.  http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/601948/news/nation/angel-manalo-26-others-face-raps-for-illegal-possession-of-firearms

Now we know that ex-Marines are not just hired on an ad hoc basis. They actually reside at 36TS, these men who appear to be in “battle mode” all the time and whose instinct and training is to kill.

To make matters worse, just today, it was revealed that both Ledesma and Sabbacula have confessed to being part of the Magdalo group which tried to overthrow the government of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.


These ex-Marines were contracted from a security agency co-owned by former army Capt. Nick Faeldon, also of the Magdalo group that participated in the notorious Oakwood mutiny in 2003.  There were also reports of suspicious men walking around wearing bonnets and masks as well as hostilities started by Angel’s security against INC SG personnel. http://www.eaglenews.ph/national/inc-discovers-disturbing-activities-inside-t-sora-premises-occupied-by-manalo-siblings/


And let us not forget the listening devices and other parts used for drones and other espionage equipment that were caught being smuggled inside 36TS in early 2016! http://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/inside-track/136866-manalo-siblings-spy-inc.

Given all these background, can you imagine being neighbors with these residents? If that were you, how would you feel, especially if you have little kids or grand kids living with you? When viewed in this light, can you blame the extra security measures that were put in place to protect nearby residents???

Truth or fiction: Was Angel’s residence demolished?

If you’re a Defender and you hear “news” in FB that Angel’s “house” was being demolished, complete with video of a backhoe tearing down some structure, would your inclination be to immediately accept the report as fact? Or are you the more analytical type who would pause to think about what it was that he just viewed (or are viewing) and then use deductive reasoning to determine if it is consistent with what’s being reported — not in the news mind you, but only in social media? Would you question the credibility of the report because the FB poster is not only known to exaggerate but, most times, blatantly and unabashedly lie? Take these posts, for instance:





Some Defenders have commented that it was Beth’s former residence which was demolished. Others claim it was some other structure owned by INC which was next to Angel’s residence that was torn down. Angel himself has released an official statement, posted in the INC Human Rights Violations page, saying two bedrooms in “his house” were demolished http://www.rappler.com/nation/163010-angel-manalo-help-demolition-inc-compound

Regardless of these conflicting claims, post-analysis revealed that Angel’s residence was left intact. Nearby residents, some of whom are Defenders, have also confirmed that his residence is “still standing” and that no damage was done to it. A quick “before” and “after” Google Earth research should confirm this but the burden of proof is on the accuser, correct? So let them produce evidence worthy of your time and intelligence. We’ll leave it up to you, readers, then to trace back which FB accounts posted lies and/or exaggerations. Make a note of it so that next time you know not to trust them. Or better yet, stop reading their posts at all!

Truth or fiction: Angel’s claim of property ownership based on gift or inheritance by the late Executive Minister, Bro. Erano G. Manalo

Angel alleges that he owns the house where he lives because his father had given it to him.

There is a very basic problem with this claim. Property acquired through inheritance presupposes that the dead individual owned the property which he is passing on to his inheritor. Likewise, a gift-giver has to have title to the property being donated. That is not, was not, and was never the case for 36 Tandang Sora. None of the properties acquired by the Church was ever titled to the Last Messenger, Bro. Felix Y. Manalo, the late Executive Minister Bro. Erano G. Manalo, or the current Executive Minister, Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo, or their respective family members. This has been the practice ever since to prevent any appearance of impropriety by those entrusted to lead the Church who are empowered to disburse Church funds. How then can the late Executive Minister transfer by virtue of either inheritance or gift, property he never owned???

Being allowed to stay and live in an INC-owned housing is a privilege granted to Church ministers, workers and their families. In practice, that privilege is taken away when a minister or worker is suspended (WK or “walang karapatan”) as part the discipline. It is also removed when a minister or worker is expelled, as was the case with Angel. (Expulsion severs all ties between the Church and the former member.) Nonetheless, Angel had maintained his stance and had chosen to stay and fight INC in court, claiming they had nowhere else to go, a statement he had already mentioned back in July 2015 after their expulsion. See http://incdefendernomore.org/2017/02/28/news-or-exaggeration/ and   http://www.rappler.com/nation/163060-cops-drive-manalo-siblings-out-iglesia-compound

Now taking everyone by surprise, God has intervened. And this is the outcome.

Defenders: Re-calibrate your mindset

If you did not know these things before now, you probably believed the tales the storytellers have been spreading. And why not? They are experts at this game. Some lie and deceive out of habit, some have ulterior motives, some just do it because they can get away with it whereas others have actually been charged with crimes of deceit.

But dear Defenders, now you know better. Don’t let them use your prior ignorance to manipulate you. Stay away from those who capitalize on recent developments to get you to loosen your purse strings. There is nothing wrong with contributing to a good cause but don’t fall again for their lies. Value your hard-earned money. Thank God for His material blessings and your kind heart but ask Him also to grant you the wisdom to use His blessings well.

Let God’s will be done

Know that we do not rejoice over these recent developments in the lives of the expelled former occupants of 36TS. We take no pleasure in seeing them charged with very serious offenses, some non-bailable, and the very real threat of jail time. Do not think for a minute that this makes Bro. Eduardo happy either. Angel and Lottie are, after all, still respectively, his brother and sister in the flesh. However, we also believe that this is God’s will. It is His way of teaching all of us a lesson. How this unfolds in the coming days, months or years, is up to Him, alone.

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