Marc’s Heresy – “Remnant Few” Take Two

History of the “remnant few” fallacy

When the concept of “remnant few” was initially brought up in the summer of 2016, it was met with a lot of internal skepticism. It certainly was a novel idea, now confirmed to have originated from Marc. However, abusing the scriptures this way did not receive older brother Angel’s blessings, support, or endorsement.

Note that during this time, it was Angel who called the shots on issues that pertain to the rebellious movement. Marc continued to do what he’s done for years, i.e., remain in hiding. That there might have been private disagreements between the renegade brothers has certainly crossed the minds of “defenders”, especially when Marc, in what appears to have been an unexpected display of defiance, put out this concept, apparently without Angel’s approval.

The “remnant few” concept was floated to other expelled ministers using this chain: Marc 》expelled minister Jeriel Nemis 》Lottie aka “Bangs” 》”Nina Aguiluz/Agila” or real name, LIEzl. It was LIEzl who called a special meeting of “defender” ministers/worker in her circle to pass the info down to them.

Looking back, Marc must have been testing the waters at that time to see how his idea would be received. And he got his answer — no bites, too crazy. In fact, Lowell, Louie, Dizon, dela Uso and other expelled ministers in their camp scoffed at the whole idea, shaking their heads as if questioning the sanity of the source of this heresy.

Soon enough though, this twisted doctrine leaked to the downline “defenders”. There were those who immediately and openly clung to it, embraced it and ferociously rose to its defense, blinded by desperation to justify how their current predicament could lead them to salvation. Mostly, these were people who belong in Lowell’s camp who have a will of their own, i.e., they align themselves with their camp leader only if his opinion happens to jibe with their own. In this case, their leader had no clear opinion on the matter, running instead to other expelled leaders in Cayabyab’s group for a consensus on what their stand should be.

Other camps (notably Junsam’s and Yuson’s) vigorously opposed this false teaching and chose instead to stand by the original doctrines taught by the Sugo (with some modifications that also assured their salvation, of course). Consequently, this “remnant” thing, along with calls to “Silent Defenders” to leave the Church, further widened the divide among already warring factions.

See our previous articles highlighting “defender” disunity:

After a while, not knowing exactly what to do with this “remnant” idea and with no buy-in from the brother-in-charge, nothing came of it. Until now.

Marc pushes anew for his “Remnant few” invention

With Angel behind bars and out of the way, here comes Marc once again pushing for his self-serving and heretical “remnant few” second fulfillment creation. He still remains hidden though, but communicating as necessary with a few select expelled ministers to give them his instructions. In particular, he’s tapped Dizon to serve as his mouthpiece.

There’s speculation that Marc is going to time his public appearance to achieve maximum dramatic effect. What better time than when his mother Tenny passes away? That seems to make sense given the siblings’ history of using their father, the late Executive Minister Bro. Eraño  Manalo and his widow, to get sympathy. We just don’t know why he thinks the outcome will be any different this time!?

On his great and much anticipated appearance, what exactly will Marc say? That he is the TP of the second fulfillment of the “remnant few”? Well, he better hope no one comes along after him to claim a third fulfillment. Oh boy…

Attempt at Apostasy Revealed

Bro. Eraño did warn of future attempts at apostasy in these last days that will be led by those within the Church (“Uumang ang pagtalikod…”). Where did we see this fulfilled? Sadly, in his very own family! Driven by envy and egged on by a mother who thinks of the Church as their own kingdom, “Cheers” siblings Angel and Marc abandoned the ministry and led other expelled ministers to overthrow the current Church Administration. (Yes, OVERTHROW. Let’s not mince words, please.) They also introduced new doctrines that are directly contradictory to what was preached by the Sugo and Bro. Eraño! “Uumang ang pagtalikod” indeed!

Here are some examples of their instructions to the brethren especially “silent defenders”, as propagated by Dizon and others:

  • Leave the Church
  • Do not give offerings, or if you have to, give $1 or Php 1
  • Disobey and disrespect the Executive Minister
  • Expelled “defenders” are the true members of the Church of Christ
  • Expelled preachers think they still have a right to teach
  • Believe and embrace Marc’s “remnant few” doctrine

Each one is an affront to God’s own commandments, as taught by the Sugo and Bro. Eraño:

Here’s an article in Tagalog based on a lesson outlined by Bro. Eraño on why unity with the Church Administration is a requisite for salvation. This lesson was preached by Bro. Eraño on January 22, 1995 –

In this article by Bro. Joel V. San Pedro, he enumerates 5 characteristics that are unique to the one true Church, the Iglesia ni Cristo –

Evidently and expectedly, these characteristics are NOT found in the sub-group which refers to its members (composition yet to be defined) as the “remnant few”! Even more so, these characteristics are NOT found in the superset of factious and dissentious parties which collectively call themselves “defenders”!

The turning away from true faith and corruption of pristine doctrine can be described in one word – APOSTASY. This is exactly what Bro. Eraño warned about, apostate doctrines which are being promoted by his younger sons!

Remnant Few Take Two – the new Snake oil

Like the charlatans of olden times, Marc and other salesmen in his camp have a new product to offer. It’s called “Remnant Few – Second Fulfillment”. Like snake oil, it doesn’t exist, i.e., WALANG TAKE TWO! Meant to deceive and mislead, this elixir promises eternal life to those who have no hope for salvation because they are no longer in the Church.

“Defenders”, if you believed in the Sugo and Bro. Eraño Manalo at all, recognize this deception for what it is. Reject it fiercely and RETURN TO TRUE DOCTRINE, as what some of you have already done.

Recall the very basic doctrines taught by the Sugo and upheld by Bro. Eraño Manalo. Neither of them preached or prophesied about ANOTHER apostasy or ANOTHER fulfillment of the “remnant few” in Isaiah 1:8-9. On the contrary, Bro. Felix Y. Manalo preached of only ONE apostasy which was fulfilled in the Catholic Church and ONE “remnant few” fulfillment which is the Iglesia ni Cristo.

Bro. Eraño did the same and furthermore, strongly admonished the brethren to REMAIN WITHIN THE CHURCH.

Both the Sugo and Bro. Eraño taught of only ONE TRUE CHURCH where members should remain until the end – the one founded by Christ during the first century and registered in the Philippines in 1914 in fulfillment of God’s prophecy. It is globally known as the IGLESIA NI CRISTO (CHURCH OF CHRIST), an organization where newly baptized members are added and unrighteous ones, removed.

It’s quite simple, really, no need to make it complicated. What was previously hidden in secrecy has already been revealed by the Sugo and Bro. Eraño and taught UNCHANGED by the current Executive Minister, Bro. Eduardo Manalo. There’s only one place where you can be — either IN or OUT. If you’re expelled or delisted, you’re OUT. No if’s, and’s or but’s about that. This is what Bro. Eraño preached, LOUDLY and CLEARLY. Listen carefully to his voice and not to the voices of those who deliberately twist his words to advance their cause.

Real motive unmasked

What we are seeing now are the final stages in the unmasking of the real motive behind a movement that initially claimed to care for the Church and love the current Executive Minister. It has now completely transformed into what it has always been — a mutinous group that seeks to topple the administration of the ONLY LEGITIMATE SUCCESSOR of Bro. Eraño  — the current Executive Minister, Bro. Eduardo Manalo.

With this, the truth has finally been revealed. The ambitious Marc wants to be the TP! Yes, the youngest son of Bro. Eraño who was neither trained for an executive position nor even once invited to join Bro. Eraño in the pulpit! Yes, that one. The one who was not even nominated, much less elected, as successor by anyone in the Church Council! That one wants to become THE TP!

Unable to legally refute Bro. Eduardo’s rightful ascension to the Office of Executive Minister, he turns to social media with a ridiculous interpretation of legal documents he is NOT qualified to explain, in much the same manner that he is NOT qualified to explain the Bible! To justify his desire to hold that office, he resorts to tales from the crypt, insulting his own father and the late former Executive Minister in the process. To all that, we say, DREAM ON, BABY…

Lastly, on the often quoted and deliberately misinterpreted instruction from Bro. Eraño to “remain alive”. Yes, ALL BRETHREN, MUST REMAIN ALIVE IN THE FAITH because then and only then can we follow his strict exhortation to REMAIN WITHIN THE CHURCH UNTIL THE END! His instructions are crystal clear. There is no need to distort them. WE HAVE BEEN TAUGHT EVERYTHING WE NEED TO KNOW TO BE SAVED. If we obey those instructions, then our salvation is assured!

Sorry FA’s, GAME OVER!

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“Crimen Falsi” or Crime of Deceit


A particular category of crime has caught our interest of late; we thought we’d talk about that in this article. It is called “crimen falsi”. Literally, it means crime of falsehood or crime of deceit. Specifically, today we shall study laws that apply to perjury and fabrication of evidence. Our focus is the existing criminal code in Canada which has one of the toughest laws on crimes involving deceit. Why we think this is an interesting topic, we shall soon find out.

Let’s begin with definitions.

What is perjury?



Punishment for Perjury


FOURTEEN YEARS!  We say that’s serious enough!

What about when one fabricates evidence? Let’s see what the law says about that.


So when ONE FABRICATES EVIDENCE AND ACTUALLY USES THE SAME IN A JUDICIAL PROCEEDING to sway the decision of the court in his favor, that person is said to be GUILTY of an INDICTABLE offense as well. Note the gravity of the offense is just as severe as for perjury, with BOTH CRIMES PUNISHABLE FOR UP TO FOURTEEN YEARS!

Canada’s Zero Tolerance for Liars and Deceivers

Indeed, Canadian courts consider perjury and fabricating of evidence to be very serious offenses. Providing false testimony, lying under oath, and presenting untruthful (or worse, self-fabricated) evidence are a major upfront to a system designed to administer justice fairly. The severity of the punishment for both crimes – IMPRISONMENT OF UP TO FOURTEEN YEARS – is a reflection of the CANADIANS’ ZERO TOLERANCE FOR LIARS AND DECEIVERS, especially those who intentionally set out to deceive judges and make a mockery of their justice system! Whether the terms are to be served sequentially for each offense for someone convicted of both perjury and fabricating evidence is a matter for the Canadian court and law to decide.

Now this next part is what we want to call your attention to.

Statute of Limitations

Let’s start with a definition of the term. What is statute of limitations?


In layman’s terms, statute of limitations defines for how long a lawsuit may be brought against a person after an offense is committed. This usually varies by offense.

Specifically, what is the Statute of Limitations on Perjury and Fabricating of Evidence in Canada?


In Canada, THERE IS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS FOR INDICTABLE OFFENSES.  If a crime is serious enough to be considered an “indictable offense”, which perjury and fabricating of evidence are (as we saw above), then there is no time limit on how long authorities have after a crime is committed to commence a criminal proceeding.

Time never expires for serious offenses in Canada

This is the important takeaway from the above:

In Canada, for indictable offenses such as perjury and fabricating evidence, there is no specific time limitation on when a person may be charged for the crime. If evidence can be shown that proves that a person has purposely lied under oath, in court or in a sworn testimony, knowingly made a false declaration, or fabricated evidence, or knowingly used fabricated evidence, thereby causing MATERIAL INJURY TO THE ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE, the accused can be indicted for the crime, regardless how many years have passed since the crime was committed.

The original case affected by the perjured testimony or fabricated evidence will be revisited and whatever benefit was directly granted, or subsequently derived, from the judgment that was previously rendered may be REVOKED. Not only that but, as we have learned, Canadians do not take kindly to those who willfully and intentionally mislead the court and pervert the course of justice. Perjurers face possible jail time of up to 14 years, or if it involves an immigration case, the accused, if proven guilty, may be deported back to his home country, even after he has already acquired Canadian citizenship. What this means is that the threat of deportation will forever loom over someone who has committed perjury or fabricated evidence in his application for legal status in Canada.

Why are we talking about perjury and fabricating evidence? Did anyone commit these offenses in Canada?

All we can say at this time is… the guilty party/ies and their close associates know exactly what crime they’ve committed  — when, where, and exactly how.  AND SO DO WE…

In God’s time and in His own way, those crimes will be revealed. Let us trust in God to set things aright. For it is written:

“Stop acting so proud and haughty! Don’t speak with such arrogance! For the Lord is a God who knows what you have done; he will judge your actions.  (1 Samuel 2:3 NLT)

Everyone who is arrogant in heart is an abomination to the Lord; be assured, he will not go unpunishedPride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:5, 18 ESV)


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Unity? What unity??

And just WHO do you think you’re kidding?! 😂 The fact is, there NEVER was any unity among “defender” groups. Never. From the start, it’s always been factious.

Do allow us to share with you some “insider info” on what went on before.

A rehash of time past

Despite Lowell’s early domination of social media when he started writing as “AE” in April 2015, Yuson, who back then, called himself “Kelly Ong”, refused to be overpowered. Soon enough, Yuson was able to establish a strong and loyal following.

Yuson has always hated Lowell’s arrogance.  Lowell, for his part, did nothing to endear himself to Yuson. On the contrary, Lowell, who was a junior, unordained worker, never really accorded the older, more senior and ordained Yuson any respect. (Later, each one would stab the other in the back as they both try to make the other look bad in Angel’s eyes. Angel was the recognized leader of the “defenders”, back then anyway.)

Yuson has always been Angel’s man. Lowell was Marc’s but also reported to Angel, that is, before the latter stopped communicating with him after he publicly sold him and Marc out. Needless to say, the mutual dislike between the brothers’ direct reports was intense even then.

The other expelled ministers who used to be either Angel’s or Marc’s former staff, had no love lost for Yuson, either. But it doesn’t mean they were fond of the limelight-seeking Lowell. 😉

In July 2015, Junsam rose to prominence and started to dominate the Philippine mainstream media. (This was when Lowell was still domiciled inside the Central compound fattening himself up.)

Junsam, the most senior in rank of all the expelled ministers, was Angel’s choice to lead the “defender” camps. His first assignment from Angel was to assume the AE persona by writing as AE on the INC Silent No More blog. This was done to mislead and confuse the Church Administration by making it appear as though AE was still at large when, in fact, the real AE was already at Central. But how could they expect to fool anyone when it was difficult to miss the huge improvement in grammar and writing style during that time??

Under Junsam, whose experience in management is undeniably wider and deeper than any of the expelled preachers, the “defender” group became more structured. However, a major power struggle broke out between him and Lowell after the latter came back. Lowell wanted the spotlight back but Junsam wasn’t about to give up his spot. After all, he had made significant strides to bring order and cohesiveness to the “defender” group while Lowell was gone.

During this time, there was so much chaos between the warring camps. A lot of angry and hurtful words were exchanged by both sides. Money issues were brought up openly and publicly, giving rise to hints of corruption with some questions still unanswered up to now.

While Lowell was able to re-acquire some of his people, there were those who chose to stay with Junsam, among them a core member of Lowell’s team in the person of Grace Hernandez aka the once notorious “Benito Affleck” and the lesser known Bernie Garcia who was formerly AE’s IT person. Lowell  “expelled” these two from the “true defender group”. (Yes, after a while, Benito switched sides again. But now, a fugitive herself, she has become old, irrelevant, and all but forgotten.) And there were also those who, upon learning of AE’s real identity, realized their big mistake and decided to return to the Church instead.

While this was going on, other pockets of “defenders” sprang up such as the so-called “Davao group” led by Farley de Castro and the “autonomous” group in South Midwest led by Nhel dela Uso. There also arose what was referred to as “grounds crew”, a soft alliance of individuals from various camps who could hardly tolerate each other.

Needless to say, disunity among the lower rungs mirrored the distrust and tension at the upper echelons, with the passage of time only making it worse. There have been innumerable calls for unity but they have all come to nothing.

The last attempt to bring the “defender” leaders together was when Angel dispatched Junsam again to rein in all the expelled ministers and workers in late 2015/early 2016. Everyone knew this was a tall order considering the personalities involved.

Not to change the topic but why couldn’t have Angel handled this himself? Didn’t something as serious as this deserve intervention by the head honcho? Why send Junsam when he knew that most “defender” ministers were not exactly warm to him? These are questions the “defenders” themselves were asking at the time.

As expected, this last attempt failed again with Junsam raising his hands in exasperation. Why? For one, Louie Cayabyab’s team of expelled preachers refused to be dictated upon, preferring instead their own loose, decentralized style of handling their own respective sub-groups.

This is hardly surprising. Think about it. If these individuals were the SUBMISSIVE type, will they have become part of the rebellion?! They were expelled because they were SELF-WILLED,  MUTINOUS and SEDITIOUS. They think themselves SUPERIOR to the Executive Minister! And Angel thought Junsam could just inject himself in and charm this bunch into submission just because he (Angel) wanted them to unite?! Tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. an awesome leader, this one…

The present-day war

What a never-ending source of hilarity these defenders are.  One day, Cayabyab’s team came out to boldly declare that “defenders” are very much united. That unity has succeeded in them! Next thing you know, Junsam slammed this big pie in their face. Bam! Bull’s eye! United, eh? 😂


Actually, when we heard that Jon Dizon was trying to resurrect the “remnant few” fallacy with a new twist, i.e., justifying it using a design pattern called “iteration” or applied here, it means looping around the same prophecy more than once, supposedly, to give it multiple fulfillment, we knew it was just a matter of time before we hear from Junsam’s camp. Haven’t they addressed this invented concept already? Remember Dimitri Tudor’s exhaustive posts from before? (Note: They say ‘Dimitri’ is actually Rudy Lao, a “defender” minister from Junsam’s team.)

Sure enough, here comes the old man Junsam himself methodically tearing their hallucination apart! What exactly did Junsam say of his co-“defender” ministers? That “they’ve become experts at twisting doctrines”! We even heard the words “deceiver”, “deceiving”, “deceive” and other variants, mentioned multiple times! 😂

See? We didn’t even have to do anything. We  just sit back and watch them duke it out. No bloodshed though, at least not yet. Wait till Yuson gets involved.. This reminds us of what happened during the time of Jehoshaphat when his enemies started attacking and killing each other! 2 Chron 20:20-30.

Hypocrisy has reached new heights

The only response that we have seen so far  from Cayabyab’s group of expelled ministers/workers was not a doctrinal defense but a lame and hypocritical post from Lowell which, after one sifts through his pathetic obfuscations, is actually a lecture on humility, dedicated to Junsam! Yes, HUMILITY of all topics. Can you believe it?? Hahahaha!

Not content, Lowell immediately follows it up with a comment that now mentions Junsam’s name – you know, just in case Junsam was too obtuse to get it that the post was actually meant for him! Attention Junsam – Lowell says you need to curb your Ego (yup, with a capital ‘E’) to give way to Christian humility! In his comment, Lowell  assures Junsam that whatever he might have said or done, he (Lowell) still loves him?? Hahahaha! Junsam, are you buying this? Hahahaha again!

Let us tell you another inside story before we end this. Then you’ll know exactly why we know – not think, but KNOW – that Lowell’s seemingly self-deprecating ways are nothing but baloney.

During Junsam’s last two attempts to get all the “defender” ministers under one umbrella, Lowell couldn’t stand Junsam. Guess what he would say in private after Junsam speaks… His favorite expression – WTF! Or spelled out, “What the f**k!” But publicly, he was all “po” and “opo” — a model of HUMILITY. We suppose he thinks this gives him the right to do a sermon on the subject. Oh well… that’s Lowell for you. 😊

Till next time folks! Keep that smile on your face. There’s more coming!

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“You shall be put to shame”

Sometimes, it’s smart to pause for a while and watch the other side self-destruct. That it’s bound to happen is a certainty. It’s only the timing that is unknown.

“Behold, all they who are enraged and inflamed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; they who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish.” Isaiah 41:11 AMPC

In your face big time: the Felix Villocino case

Belying all previous accusations by FA fake newsmakers, a shocking video was released to the public recently where a voice, clearly and unmistakably belonging to Eliodoro “Joy” Yuson, an expelled minister and right-hand of Angel Manalo, was heard instructing an unidentified man to hire someone to secretly follow around Felix Villocino, another “defender”. (We say “shocking” not because we don’t think Yuson to be “capable”; on the contrary, we do. It’s the unexpectedness of the exposed recording that makes it shocking! God and His miracles never cease to amaze..)


Musing on possible deeper motives

Yuson has apparently heard that Felix has “turned” or about to “turn”. We did hear from others as well that Felix was having a change of heart before he was killed. We have now confirmed that Yuson had suspected the same. And Yuson felt that he had to act.

Now imagine if the person assigned to tail after Felix came back and confirmed Yuson’s suspicion. What would have been his next instruction? To put a “hit” on Felix to stop his potential defection? Those who know Yuson well, think this is likely. But why go to such extreme? Was it because Felix knew too much?  Could Felix’s potential confession ruin Yuson and the people above him that he had to be silenced? Did Yuson’s superior know about his actions? Or was it his superior who ordered Yuson to put a tail on Felix to begin with? And did the “hit” order come from the same source?  A lot of questions to be sure especially now that the tables are turned.

Money as the root of all evil and rumors of corruption among “defenders”

Yuson did mention that Felix loved money. If he did, then he wasn’t the only one. Almost from the get go, there were rumors circulating among “ground defenders” that Yuson and his close associates were pocketing contributions from unsuspecting “defenders”, contributions that were intended for former 36TS residents.

Eye witnesses to such corruption openly discussed this among themselves. Naturally, it quickly spread to their respective circles and from there, to other “defenders” and so on, that it must have circled back to Yuson. Among the more outspoken of the bunch who was critical of Yuson’s corruption was Lorelei de los Santos aka Lorelei dela Uso (maiden name) aka “Chesa Mangingibig” (in social media). A known nemesis of Yuson, Lorelei must have been followed home, too. While she and her children were inside, they were terrorized as their house was rained on with bullets. No one was hurt during this attack but Lorelei laid low after this to protect her family. Mission accomplished.

Ref. (video has been removed)

The cover-up

Among inner “defender” circles, especially among the ground crew, all fingers (including Lorelei’s) pointed to Yuson as the person who was likely responsible for this vicious act. As expected though, this suspicion was not disclosed to  the media. Doing so would have set back the momentum they were trying to build in portraying themselves as victims of “the oppressive Church”. Imagine the harm it would have caused on their own reputation if it had become known that theirs was not only a disjointed movement comprised of multiple factions. There was also much hostility among them, one which had apparently escalated to violence!

Furthermore, letting it slip that corruption among “defenders” was a problem would have been the height of irony! Didn’t Angel and Yuson say during their interviews with the media that corruption was their main beef against the INC Church Council??!! How ironic indeed that not long after that, corruption became a problem among the “defenders” themselves! Not to be forgotten are the yet-to-be-answered questions raised by concerned “defenders” (including Junsam himself) related to the disposition of RTC and H2O funds!  More recently, questions were also raised by other expelled preachers on the disproportionate allocation of H2O funds that favors Lowell Menorca!

Going back to the incident at Lorelei’s house…  Lowell seized this opportunity to advance his case against INC. He arranged an interview between Lorelei and his media contacts who at that time, were starved for anything they could use to heighten the scandal involving the “powerful” and “influential” INC. Without investigating further, the media gobbled up everything they were fed. News accounts of the crime highlighted Lorelei’s participation in supporting the expelled family members of Bro. Erano Manalo, and then used this to allude to a likely connection of the crime to INC.

Deliberately misplacing blame

The FA’s have a pattern. They are always on the lookout for anything to blame on INC. Nonsensical and idiotic posts blaming INC for catastrophes continue to provide us with a source of amusement.

But when we saw posts blaming INC for Lito Fruto’s murder, we just had to give it to them.


This article remains unrefuted to this day. Know why? Because it’s factual!

When INC got blamed once again for murders and/or disappearances of “defenders” and a hired food courier, we figure we’d leave the matter up to the authorities to investigate. We’ve already made our point anyway. FA’s can say whatever they wanted to say to get attention. To us, that reeks of desperation. We were, and remain, 200% confident that INC had nothing to do with these crimes. In time, we knew the truth will come out. And now, it looks like that time has come for the Felix Villocino case.

A time for quiet reflection

To the family of Felix Villocino –

Please know that we continue to feel sorry for your loss. It is too bad that in your grief, you let other “defenders” with vested interest use you, and his disappearance/death, to put the blame where it doesn’t belong. YOU WERE CLEARLY MANIPULATED.

We realize that the video must have come as a shock to you but you heard it with your own ears. FELIX WAS TARGETED BY ONE OF HIS OWN! If we were in your place, we would be very interested in finding out why Felix had thought to defect in the first place. His life was cut short because of it. You owe it to his memory to at least find out why. Before you do that though, pray for God to lead you in the right direction, the same direction Felix was apparently headed in. It is too late for him. But not for you!


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Ang puso ng tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo

Submitted by a contributing writer. English translation to follow soon.

May ilang nagtataka kung bakit patuloy pa rin ako sa maalab na pagtupad ng tungkulin sa kabila ng mga sinasabi ng mga nanggugulo sa Iglesia. Dahil ba ito sa nagbubulag-bulagan ako na gaya ng paratang nila? O sadyang wala akong sariling paninindigan at  nagpapadala lamang sa agos ng tubig? O baka ako’y takot na magsuri sa diumano ay “katotohanan” sapagkat baka ako ay mapahiya? Sa mga patuloy pong nanunuligsa sa aming mga Iglesia ni Cristo at humihikayat na tumigil na kami sa pagsamba at huwag ng mag-abuloy, ito ang tugon ko.

HINDI AKO TANGA O DUWAG. AT LALONG HINDI AKO BULAG. Yan ang mga terminong itinatawag ng mga mandaraya sa mga hindi nila mapapaniwala o makumbinsi sa kanilang kahangalan. Ang totoo, MAPANURI AKO. Bukod sa ito ang naturalesa ko, requirement din ito sa profession ko.

Nasa college na ako nang magpasiyang umanib sa INC pagkatapos ng masusing pag-aaral sa mga leksyong narinig ko sa pagsamba at doktrina. Mula noon hanggang ngayon, 30 taon na ang nakalilipas, hindi nagbabago ang paniniwala ko. AKO AY NASA LOOB NG TUNAY NA IGLESIA NA MAKAPAGDADALA SA AKIN AT SA AKING SAMBAHAYAN SA KALIGTASAN. Yang kaligtasan na yan ng aming kaluluwa ang kailan man ay hindi ko isusugal.

Emosyong nakapipinsala

Kapag ang usapan ay kaligtasan, hindi maaaring emosyon ang pairalin ko kundi isipang nakasalig sa pananampalataya. EMOSYON ANG TINA-TARGET NG MGA MANDARAYA, WALANG INIWAN SA TUSONG SI LUCIFER, ANG PINUNO NG MGA FALLEN ANGELS, NA TUMUKSO KAY EBA. Ang kaibhan ko kay Eba at maging ng maraming Iglesia ni Cristong hindi natinag ang pagkakilala, HINDI NAMIN BINIGYAN NG PUWANG ANG DIABLO. SA ARAL KAMI NANANGAN, HINDI SA EMOSYON.

Pusong masunurin at mapagpasakop vs. pusong mapaghimagsik

ANG PUSO NG ISANG TUNAY NA IGLESIA NI CRISTO AY MASUNURIN AT MAPAGPASAKOP. Wala pang lingkod ng Diyos na sumunod ang napahamak. Bagkos ito ang nagkamit ng mga biyaya. Pero ANG MGA NAGHIMAGSIK AT NAGTAKSIL, YON ANG MGA NILAMON NG LUPA, NAGKAKETONG, NAGBIGTI O NAMATAY SA IBA PANG KAKILA-KILABOT NA PARAAN. Mula pa ng panahon ng mga Patriarka hanggang sa panahong Cristiano, marami ng kaganapang nagpapatunay dito.

Sa Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan itiniwala ng Diyos ang Iglesia

ANG PANANAMPALATAYA NG ISANG TUNAY NA IGLESIA NI CRISTO AY ANG KA EDUARDO ANG INUPO NG DIYOS UPANG MANGUNA SA BAYAN NIYA NGAYON. Sa kanya ibinigay ang pagpapasya ukol sa mga bagay para sa Iglesia. Sa mga kamay niya ipinagkatiwala ang kapangyarihang iyon. Sa kanyang mga pagpapasya, ang Espiritu Santo ang gumagabay sa kanya. Ang Diyos ang nagbibigay ng tagumpay. Sa Diyos lamang din siya nananagot.

Ang lubos na pagpapasakop sa pasya ng Pamamahala

Maraming ibinibintang sa Ka Eduardo ang mga tumutuligsa. Isa na rito ang long-playing at never-ending na issue ukol sa utang. TOTOO MAN NA MAY UTANG O WALA, IRRELEVANT ITO SA MANANAMPALATAYANG IGLESIA NI CRISTO. HINDI NITO KAYANG YANIGIN ANG PANANAMPALATAYA AT PANININDIGAN NG TUNAY NA LINGKOD NG DIYOS. Palalo at hangal na espiritu lamang ang lalaban dahil dito at ipagpapalit pati na ang kanyang kaligtasan!

Ang By-Laws at Articles of Incorporation ng Iglesia ay nakabase sa tungkuling inatang ng Diyos sa Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan. Sa tanggapin man ng mga suwail ito o hindi, sa kasalukuyang panahon, ito ang Ka Eduardo V. Manalo. Legally, morally and spiritually, the Executive Minister of the Church is the only one authorized to acquire, use, and dispose of Church assets according to his guided judgment. Hindi ito bago. Noon pa sa panahon ng Sugo, ganyan na ang palatuntunan. KAYA TOTOO MAN O HINDI ANG UTANG, WALANG NALABAG NA BATAS NG TAO AT LALONG WALANG NALABAG NA UTOS NG DIYOS ANG TAGAPAMAHALANG PANGKALAHATAN. Kaya kahit gawin pang issue ito ng mga tumutuligsa till they turn blue, BALE WALA PA RIN. Ang Diyos ang may hawak sa Iglesia. Kailanman, hindi Niya ito pababayaan. At hindi rin Niya bibitawan ang Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan. Hindi rin kailangang magpaliwanag pa ang Ka Eduardo at ipagtanggol ang bawat pagpapasiya niya sa Iglesia. Buo ang tiwala namin sa kanya dahil ang Diyos ang nagluklok sa kanya upang maging lider ng bayan Niya. SA PATULOY NA PAGSULONG AT TAGUMPAY NG IGLESIA, SELF-EVIDENT ANG PAGKASI NG AMA!

Ipinagkakaloob sa kadiliman, kahihiyan at kapahamakan ang kaaway

Mapanganib ang pusong may alinlangan dahil iyan ang magbubulid sa tao sa tiyak na kapahamakan. Kahindik-hindik ang kahihinatnan ng kapwa nanlinlang at nagpalinlang. Pero ang talagang kaawa-awa ay ang mga musmos nilang anak na idinamay nila sa kanilang kahibangan! BALANG ARAW, ANG MGA BATANG IYAN NA IMINULAT NILA SA PAGLABAN AT KALAPASTANGANAN ANG SIYANG  SUSUWAG SA KANILA! Kung anong imoralidad ang ibinubuhay ng iba sa kanila ngayon, higit pa dyan ang makikita nilang gagawin ng mga musmos na yan paglaki nila! Magiging bubog sa kanilang mga mata at tinik sa kanilang tagiliran! Masakit pakinggan, di po ba, subalit ito ang ibinabala ng Bibliya sa mga suwail.

Ngayon, natutupad na sa mga tiwalag ang pinagpauna na noon pa. Anuman ang gawin nilang pagtatakip, nahahayag at nahahayag din sila at patuloy na nasasadlak sa malaking kahihiyan. Ang kanilang pagkukunwaring mahal nila ang Ka Eduardo gayong noon pa nila lihim na pinagpaplanuhang ibagsak ang kanyang administrasyon,

ang lihim na pamumuno nila sa rebelyon sa paghahangad na sirain ang pagkakaisa ng Iglesia na siyang dahilan ng kanilang ikinatiwalag, ang pagiging lango sa alak ng mga nagbabait-baitan na biglang bumulaga sa madla,

ang pagtatatag nila ng negosyong ipinangalan sa mga kamag-anak nila sa ina, ang inang kinakitaan ng ebidensya na siya pala ang promotor ng lahat ng kaguluhang ito,

ang sandamakmak na mga armas na inipon nila sa 36TS na isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit hindi sila makaalis doon noon

at siya ring dahilan ng pagkakakulong ng kanilang pinuno ngayon, ang pilit na pag-aangkin sa lupang pag-aari  ng Iglesia na ang kinauwian din ay pagkatalo sa korte, mga iba’t ibang iskandalo ng kanilang mga pinagkatiwalaang mamuno sa pandaraya sa kawan…  ang mga ito ay nahayag na. At marami pang ibang kasunod ito…

Kahit ang munting tagumpay na ipinagmamalaki ng mga palalo, balang araw hindi lang maglalaho kundi mapapalitan ng labis na kapaitan. Kung hindi lang sana sila nagpakahambog at nagpakatayog, naging nuno ng kasinungalingan at kalapastangan, hindi siguro magiging matindi ang kanilang pagbaksak… Ayon sa Bibliya, kakila-kilabot na wakas ang naghihintay sa mga kinapal na walang bait na ito pag galaw ng mga kamay ng Diyos… Ito ang tunay na dapat nating ABANGAN!

At ang kathang-isip na “prophesia” na pinagtahi-tahi ng mga bulaang mangangaral sa pangunguna ng bago nilang lider na tinabunan na ang dating mayabang na fugitive… wala ring kasasadlakan kundi kahihiyan! Na hindi nila nakikita kung gaano katawa-tawa at illogical ang kanilang bagong “dokrina” basta makapandaya at makapang-akit lamang sila ng iba pang gustong magpatiwakal ay kahayagan na sila ay pinagdilim nang ganap ng Ama. Ni hindi nga nila makumbinsi ang ibang pangkatin nila, ang tunay pang Iglesia ni Cristo kaya ang inaakala nilang mapapaniwala nila!

Ang kalooban ng Ama ang naghahari

Ang lahat ng ito, niloob ng Ama na mangyari. Kung noon ay hindi malinaw ang dahilan, ngayon po ay nabatid na. Dahil sa ginawa ng mga tiwalag na pagbalahura sa Iglesia at paglapastangan sa lider ng bayan ng Diyos ngayon, LALO PANG NAG-UMALAB ANG PANANAMPALATAYA AT PAGKAKAISA NG MGA KAPATID. Hindi na pinapansin ang mga taksil ngayon, laos na, ni hindi na nga pinag-uusapan, parang bula na naglaho kahit gaano nila kadesperadong mang-agaw ng atensyon. Abala ang mga kapatid sa mga aktibidad sa Iglesia.

Makikita nating tinutupad ng Diyos ang pangako Niya sa Kanyang bayan, na Siya ang magsasanggalang at magtatanggol dito. SA KABILA NG LAHAT NG PANINIRA NG MGA KAAWAY, PINAGTATAGUMPAY NG AMA ANG IGLESIA SA PANGUNGUNA NG ATING TAGAPAMAHALANG PANGKALAHATAN.

Patuloy ang pagsulong ng iba’t ibang gawain sa buong mundo. Sino ang mag-aakala na mararating natin ang mga bansang nasa Africa at India? Dahil sa walang patid na paglaganap ng mga kaanib, naging sunud-sunod ang paghahandog ng mga bagong gusali ng Iglesia at pagtatayo ng marami pang bahay sambahan. Kaalinsabay din nito ang pag-oordena sa mga bagong ministro at patuloy na paglago sa bilang ng mga nagnanais mag-aral sa pagka-ministro. Dahil sa ating maagap na paglingap sa maraming tao na biktima ng kung anu-anong kalamidad at trahedya, maging ang pagtuturo at pagbibigay ng paraan upang ang mga ito ay magkaroon ng ikabubuhay, ay lalong nakikilala ang Iglesia. Nakakatulong na tayo ay nagiging paraan pa ito upang maihatid natin ang mga salita ng Diyos sa iba!

Malinaw na malinaw ang patuloy na patnubay ng Ama sa Kanyang bayan. Purihin ang Diyos! Salamat sa ‘Yo, Ama!

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You can run but you can’t hide

During the past weeks, brethren have brought to our attention posts by Rovic Canono aka “Sher Lock” that were apparently a prelude to some big announcement on September 1st. They were written in his usual Breaking News-Abangan style. Yawn… yawn.. Quite frankly, we don’t pay much attention to Sher Lock’s posts, especially those he replays like a broken record.

Anyway, these advertisements for a September 1st “history-making” blah-blah reminded us of the April 30th Big Bang event last year. The day came and went uneventfully – the Bang turned out to be no more than a fizzle. Toinks!

So Rovic found a refuge in Canada, or so he says. We haven’t seen any official document yet, which actually, makes us a tad curious as to the veracity of his declarations. Nonetheless, even without proof — a video proclaiming the granting of his refugee claim can hardly be considered proof — let’s assume it’s true.

Our reaction? A raised eyebrow and an “Oh really?” quickly followed by a smirk that turned into a throaty chuckle. That’s his BIG announcement??!! Ha ha! Well… perhaps for someone with a BIG EGO who thinks the world revolves around him, it might be BIG. As for us, we say: BIG DEAL… That a Member in Canada actually bought in to his drama does not absolve him of the crimes he’s committed. He can deny them all he wants (he is used to lying anyway) but God who sees everything and knows the evil that lurks in the human heart, would be far more difficult and, in this case, IMPOSSIBLE, to convince.

Remember that we are talking about someone who was EXPELLED BY BRO. ERANO MANALO, the late Executive Minister whom they say they love and respect and whose authority they recognize. Well Rovic was REJECTED, DISCARDED and CAST OUT LIKE A PATHOGEN by Bro. Erano that he may not INFECT the rest of the Church! And Bro. Erano was correct in doing so because this particular individual has turned out to be a CONTAGION OF LIES AND FALSE DOCTRINES! Those who choose to be CONTAMINATED by him put their very soul and those of their young children AT RISK.

Removed from the Church roster and therefore, removed from the Book of Life in heaven, he can balderdash all he wants and promote contrived doctrines he and his desperate peers have compromised on. None of that changes anything. He may be under Canada’s protection as a refugee but according to our Lord Jesus Christ, as taught by Bro. Erano, his final destination and FUTURE PERMANENT RESIDENCE is not Canada but somewhere A LOT HOTTER!

Guilt, remorse and shame are feelings alien to sociopaths

Rovic was expelled on February 12, 2009 by Bro. Erano Manalo. The explanation/notation was: “HINDI PAGPAPASAKOP, O PAGSUWAY, SA PASIYA NG PAMAMAHALA“ (English Translation: “DID NOT SUBMIT,  OR DISOBEYED, THE DECISION OF THE CHURCH ADMINISTRATION.”)

So as you can see, even then, Rovic had a REBELLIOUS STREAK. The truth is, for him, it doesn’t matter who the sitting Executive Minister is. Underneath all the pretense and show of praise for the departed Executive Minister, Rovic DISRESPECTED and DISREGARDED BRO. ERANO, too, when he was living! Why respect him now when he is dead??

Rovic was A KNOWN WOMANIZER, a free spirit who had no care in the world, one who despises discipline and who simply did as he pleased. Even after he was expelled, he made no attempt to mend his ways and live an upright life. On the contrary, he CONTINUED HIS PHILANDERING WAYS, OPENLY FLIRTING AND PARADING OVERLAPPING GIRLFRIENDS, some even half his age! Young or not, every conquest was a feather in his cap.

If you think he grew a conscience when he became a “defender” and stopped his sinful existence, think again! If anything, the “defender” group provided him an even bigger supply of “targets”, shamelessly  using “the cause” to lure both willing and unwilling “victims”.

Rovic OPENLY FLAUNTED HIS IMMORALITY, a fact fully known to other “defenders”, notably his same-feathered buddy Lowell, other “defender” preachers, and, of course, their bosses, Angel and Marc. It’s too bad they all turned a blind eye to his sinful ways instead of counseling and reforming him. As long as in their judgment, he is able to call attention to their movement and, of course, fool members into putting funds in their coffers (the source of their personal support), then he is considered a valued member of their rebel camp.

Speaking of flaunting, surely, all the FA’s saw this post by Rovic/Sher Lock. It’s a post with pictures of some of his better-looking girlfriends in an attempt to discredit an allegation of sexual assault by someone he must consider to be below “his standard”.

Gee, how proud he must feel of his conquests! For delicadeza’s sake, we are going to leave out the picture of his accuser; she’s suffered enough. But we would like to call your attention to this portion of  the complaint which Rovic himself posted:

We wonder what he’ll say if he sees that the child resulting from the alleged assault is A SPITTING IMAGE OF HIMSELF! Will he be up to a DNA challenge then?

And let’s not forget about his “defender” girlfriend at the time of his arrest. The one who looked like Rovic had snatched her from the crib but now charged with a very adult crime of CONCUBINAGE.

(Credit to Bro. Dennis Snow)

Like fugitives they run, but can they really hide?

Contrary to his claim of “religious persecution”, Rovic escaped to Canada at the behest of another refugee claimant who before him, also FLED PROSECUTION, NOT PERSECUTION. You already know who this is.

As we’ve said before, Rovic’s being accepted in Canada (assuming it’s true) is INCONSEQUENTIAL in the bigger scheme of things. God’s supreme law still applies: “FOR THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH…” (Romans 6:23 KJV)

Every sin he committed, he will pay for. He can run like the fugitive that he is but cannot escape God.  (Psalms 139:7-12 NIV) And GOD, UNLIKE MAN, CANNOT BE CONNED.

Canada may be one of his stops along the way to his FINAL DESTINATION, and it may even appear like a blessing now but in time, God’s plan will be revealed and what he may think of as “blessing” is actually a CURSE IN DISGUISE. This is why to us, this so-called “victory” is a NON-EVENT. He may take a temporary refuge in Canada or elsewhere, even to the moon for that matter, but on the day of God’s wrath, there won’t be a place for him to hide where God cannot find him. (Jonah 1:3-10 NIV)

Remember: NO ONE AND NO ONE, from the time of the Patriarchs up to the present time, has gone against the leader of God’s nation and ended well. God’s long arm of justice will find them in the end. (2 Peter 2:10-12 NKJV)

Heed Bro. Erano’s preaching

Dear “defenders”, listen to Bro. Erano. You say you respect him, then show it by carefully listening and obeying his preaching of God’s words. The doctrine on salvation is clear and unchanging. From the time of the first century Church of Christ up to the present. Do not be deceived by LIES and FABRICATIONS “defender” preachers pass off as DOCTRINES. They are DESIGNED TO SAVE THE EXPELLED to make the movement more appealing to members and prospects. You will not gain anything by fooling yourself. Think well and CHOOSE LIFE. Return to the fold and stay there. Only then can you hope for a better ending for yourself and your family.

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Fake leaders… failed mission (Part 2)

Masterminds of rebellion in INC – Angel and Marc Manalo (continued)

Stolen Church Artifacts – a case of vindictiveness, spitefulness, or part of a devious ploy?

One of the most despicable acts Angel and Marc ever did was to take advantage of their “Manalo” last name and their positions in GEMNet to steal Bro. Erano G. Manalo’s video and audio recordings. In this act, they were aided by an expelled fugitive who calls himself “Sher Lock”. Among the recordings they took were Bro. Erano’s officiation of worship services, video conferences, meetings, and ministerial classes as well as greetings, messages, instructions and the like. One of the recordings even included Bro. Felix Manalo!

These artifacts are, inarguably, CHURCH PROPERTY — created using Church equipment, by Church personnel, and taken while Bro. Erano and the Last Messenger were discharging their official function as Executive Minister of the Church. They don’t constitute personal property that can be passed on as part of a family heirloom. The brothers KNOWINGLY STOLE Church property and hid them for years!

When one takes what doesn’t belong to him, there’s a term for it — it’s called theft! And those who commit the act are called thieves!

Years ago, the brothers were requested to turn over these missing artifacts to the Administration. After agreeing to do so, on follow up, they lied and said they had already given them to their “Kuya” (Bro. Eduardo).

Although we would like to be generous and attribute this behavior to simple childhood vindictiveness or spitefulness, the fact is they were no longer kids. Could this be another case of “batang nagbibiro”? We don’t think so. The truth is the brothers had no plans to surrender those artifacts to the Church Administration any more than they had plans to submit themselves to the Executive Minister! They lied when they said they were going to hand them over AND lied again when they said they have already done so!

Sometime later, the brothers found use for those seemingly harmless recordings to advance their sinister plan. Some of the missing recordings surfaced in social media – notably in Lowell Menorca’s aka Antonio Ebangelista‘s blog! We don’t think there’s any need to explain who gave them to Lowell. Or who was behind the rebellion… from the start.

To prove this point, please take note of AE’s article dated April 23, 2015.  (Recall that his blog had barely started when this article was published.)

Note further how AE admitted to publishing “smuggled” or STOLEN video.

Don’t think for a minute that it was out of heroic bravery [or stupidity] that AE knowingly published stolen property. No. He did it because he had orders from those above him!! See how the pieces fit perfectly?

After the former 36TS residents were arrested, guess what were among the many secrets that got left behind? The stolen collection of Bro. Erano’s recordings! The very same ones they said they had already returned.

“Show me a liar and I’ll show you a thief.” – George Herbert

Thank God, these artifacts, which are an integral part of the Church’s history, are now safely back to where they rightfully belong.

Meanwhile, one of the thieves, who’s also a liar, who connived to steal Church property with someone who was expelled by Bro. Erano himself, who tried unsuccessfully to use his father’s memory to stir up brethren’s sentiment against the Church Administration, who didn’t like to starve but didn’t like to work either, is currently behind bars. Whether that is where he rightfully belongs long-term, is for the courts alone to decide.

In the next part, you will see that their thievery goes beyond Church artifacts. WAY BEYOND… so please stay tuned.

To be continued…

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Fake leaders… failed mission (Part 1)

The masterminds of the rebellion in INC – Angel and Marc Manalo

The Birth of Resentment

Early on, Angel and Marc Manalo (along with their mother, Mrs. Tenny and sister, Lottie) had quietly resisted the forthcoming ascension of their older brother to the highest office in the Church. They worried that their existing privileges as immediate family members of the then Executive Minister would be severely curtailed, if not totally cut. They had seen how their own father, Bro. Erano, did something similar with his own siblings when he assumed the office of Executive Minister. And not because he was unkind but because it was the proper thing to do.

The brothers were concerned that Bro. Eduardo would take his father’s lead once he’s seated, thereby putting at risk their prized “entitlements” and the lifestyle they had gotten accustomed to. Moreover, they feared that they would lose whatever top positions they might have had their eye on — what they had assumed to be their rightful place in the Church hierarchy by virtue of their being “apo ng sugo” (grandchildren of the Last Messenger). To them, it didn’t matter whether they were qualified for those positions or not; that was beside the point.

Bro. Eduardo was, if anything, more than compassionate with his mother and siblings. He did not suspend their privileges for years after he rose to the office he was elected to hold. All he asked in return was for them to give him the respect his office deserves — no more, no less than what God has commanded His people to give the leaders of His nation. (1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 ESV). After all, he was no longer just Mrs. Tenny’s oldest son anymore, or his younger siblings’ “Kuya”. More than that, he was now THE Executive Minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo, the leader whom God has chosen to steward His nation in these last days. He didn’t have to demand respect, it should have simply been accorded to him.

Instead of appreciation though, the ungrateful brothers, repaid the new Executive Minister’s kindness with smugness, stubbornness and blatant disrespect. And their mother, rather than reprimanding her younger sons and serving as model of Christian humility and submission toward the incumbent Administration, not only encouraged her younger sons’ belligerence. Recovered notes of hers (in her own handwriting), showed that she herself was actively involved in plotting to undermine the Administration of her oldest son!

<credit to brethren who posted these images on FB>

Stopped from meddling in Church affairs, in general, and spurned from securing positions she thought commensurate with her favorite sons’ stature, in particular, she harbored deep resentment toward the young Executive Minister.

In addition to their mother, the brothers were also championed by their “feeling entitled” and rebellious oldest sister, Lottie, who, incidentally, NOT EVEN ONCE held a duty or volunteered her services to the Church!

Resentment escalates to contempt

Behaving like the “princes” of time past, Angel and Marc would show up late for ministerial class but would refuse to write a statement explaining their tardiness. This is a clear demonstration of contempt for rules that were implemented as far back as  Bro. Felix Manalo’s time and onwards to Bro. Eduardo’s time. That they pushed back on the discipline imposed for their misconduct is an example cited by their peers of the brothers’ “blue-blood” aristocratic arrogance, thinking the rules don’t apply to them but only to “lowlifes”!

As if that wasn’t enough, in an overt display of irreverence for the ministry, the brothers stopped attending ministerial class altogether, thereby abandoning their primary duty as ministers, which is to preach to the flock. [Note: To those who may not know, it is during these weekly classes when lessons are taught to ministers, along with guidelines on how to effectively preach the lessons. Other instructions from the Administration are also disseminated during these classes. Attendance is a requirement to get a preaching assignment (“suguan”). If one does not attend, one does not receive a “suguan” and therefore, may not preach.]

Interestingly enough, the brothers continued to draw their weekly stipend (“tulong”) during this time! But even the manner in which they received their “tulong” was something they resented because they were made to wait on line for their turn, along with other ministers. By golly, wasn’t that the height of insult… treating them as if they were “commoners”!! Making them wait on line! How. Dare. Them!

Eventually, overwhelming pride kicked in and they stopped going to the “tulong” line.

Notice how this has become their pattern from then on… Instead of humbling and submitting themselves to the Administration, as is expected of ANY member, more so one who is called into the holy ministry, Angel and Marc continued to behave as the VIP and “princes” they once were — special, exempt from rules, superior, prideful, and stubborn.

Again we ask, are these the qualities of a true leader? And ministers at that! Are these the ones you’d rather follow and believe?

To be continued…

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Fake leaders… failed mission (Introduction)

Introduction to a Multi-Part Series

Hallmark of a true leader

In Philippine news recently, President Rodrigo Duterte (“PRRD”), the most popular president in the world according to TIME magazine and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, went to Marawi City. There, he expressed his support to soldiers who are engaged in an ongoing battle against the Maute group. The terrorists, with ties to ISIS, seized control of Marawi City,  reportedly intending to establish a caliphate in Mindanao.

The more than two months of fighting has claimed the lives of  over 100 soldiers so far. The fighting continues to this day. Needless to say, PRRD took risks in going to Marawi. Note that this was after several attempts to do so in June 2017 which were shut down by the military because they were deemed too unsafe.

Why did PRRD have to risk his life to be with his men? Could he not have commanded his forces from behind the walls of Malacanang? Yes, he could have. So why then? BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT TRUE LEADERS DO – THEY LEAD THEIR SOLDIERS IN THE BATTLEFIELD. THEY DON’T COWER AND HIDE AND WATCH THE BATTLE FROM AFAR.

PRRD didn’t take part in combat operations in Marawi but his physical presence there and his commitment of all-out support for his troops meant the world to those who give their lives in service of their country, day-in and day-out.

Prior to this, PRRD also took the time to visit the wounded as well as comfort the families of those who perished. Each time, he would offer moral support and financial and other assistance, as a token of appreciation from their Commander-in-Chief.

Such actions are the hallmark of a true leader.

A shameful contrast to the founders of the “Defender” rebellion

Now compare and contrast these with what we have witnessed from the founders of the “defender” movement, from inception to the present. Let’s ask this question, one which some defenders have asked before and are starting to ask again — Was there ever a time in the past 2+ years when either Angel or Marc displayed any semblance of leadership? None whatsoever!  Instead of leading the revolt they themselves started, they became “dependers”, dependent on those who bought in to their scheme — for ALL their needs!

Although “the brothers”, as they are referred to by their supporters are considered the leaders of this dysfunctional movement, not once did they show any sense of responsibility or leadership or the slightest care toward their “troops”.

The brothers had overestimated their importance. They had expected to have a strong army of loyalists behind them, a force so great it could divide the Church leaving their older brother with no choice but to accede to their demands quickly. But alas, all Angel and Mrs. Tenny got after releasing their shocking video was a shock of their own, for only a handful showed up to hold a vigil in front of 36TS!  And this, despite their claims that their lives were in danger!

Even then, we already caught a glimpse of how little these people cared for their followers. To those who gathered in front of 36TS after their video was released, answer these questions please: Did they come out of the gate to greet you, smile at you, thank you,  encourage you? Did they offer water at least? Or perhaps use of their toilets, especially to the women? Blankets? Umbrellas to protect you from the rain, harsh sun? Some change of clothing maybe for those who stayed overnight? Nope, right? There wasn’t even a tiny indication of compassion or sympathy for the people who traveled far distances and took risks for them. As one of them now say: We should have known as early as then what kind of people they are!

Their initial expectations shattered, what followed was a protracted rebellion the brothers didn’t plan for and don’t have the ability to lead. In fact, in the days, months and years to come, we saw pretty much the same behavior from them. It was “Give me, give me, give me…” Instead of them leading the rebellion they have started, they’ve become experts at portraying themselves as the aggrieved… the oppressed. Why? Because that’s what draws in the funds.

Incidentally, funds to support 36TS didn’t just come from H2O, as some people think, although the group that handles that makes the loudest noise in social media due to its lack of transparency and some other scandal. What H2O covered was their P30,000 weekly for groceries  and P100,000 monthly for legal fees.   In addition to H2O, there were other funds which came from other sources and were used for undisclosed purchases, as directed by 2-9 (Angel). Among the largest direct contributors to former 36TS residents are those aligned with Junsam’s group, some of whom have understandably grown weary and have asked: “Until when are we going to support them??” Others have completely turned around after seeing the light and have now been reinstated.

Instead of finding work to feed themselves which is what any decent person would do, these “dependers” refused to come out of 36TS, and relied on regular handouts from their supporters instead. Of course, we know the reasons now why they didn’t want to leave. But in addition to what we’ve already covered in a previous article [], more evidence was found at 36TS after the residents were arrested, more proof that the brothers are the instigators of the rebellion, including audio recordings of phone conversations with people they’ve talked to over the years who were involved in the rebellion. They sure like to record everything, don’t they? Well… if you are among those they’ve talked to, now you know you’ve been recorded. Thanks to your bosses, your secrets are out.

To be continued… please watch out for Part 1.

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What can possibly be more important than one’s salvation?

Salvation. It’s what everyone who claims to be a “Christian” desires above all else.

This fact is not unknown to expelled former preachers which is why they came up with a bogus version of God’s doctrine on salvation to falsely assure “defender” members and prospects that salvation can be attained even outside the Church of Christ. See

To sell this deception, they preach that God’s love continues even after “defenders” have been expelled. And not just “defenders” who were removed for defying the current Church Administration but even those who were expelled under the administration of the former Executive Minister, for living an un-Christian way of life! They justify this twisted doctrine by relying on God’s love which they claim will reward them with salvation, a love so great that it removes the condition God Himself has set — membership in the Iglesia ni Cristo being a requisite for salvation.

So let’s study this notion of “God’s unconditional love”, a phrase we often see and hear and which provides some measure of comfort when one is sad, heartbroken, let down, grieving, or depressed for a myriad of possible reasons. Is God’s love “unconditional”? We’ll let the Holy Scriptures provide the answer.

God’s love – unconditional or not?

  1. During the time of creation, God’s love, freely given to Adam and Eve, was paired with a commandment they must not break. He placed them in the Garden of Eden where they had everything they could possibly want and need to live in bliss for eternity. For as long as they did not partake of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they were welcome to stay in paradise. That was the condition God had set for the first people. We all know how this story ended. Expelled from Eden, their disobedience became the genesis of human sin. (Genesis 3:1-24 NKJV)
  2. Surviving the Great Flood during Noah’s time required boarding the massive ark God had commissioned Noah to build. The continued existence of species hinged on that condition. God’s instructions to Noah were clear. Noah obeyed exactly as God had commanded. He and his household, along with the plants and animals he was asked to bring on board, were spared when the deluge came. Everyone else perished. (Genesis 7:1-12 NKJV)
  3. When Lot and his family were rescued from the imminent destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, to them was given a command to not look back. Obedience to that command was the condition for their safe passage. But, as we know, Lot’s wife turned to look at the place they were leaving behind. Her punishment was swift, immediate, and permanent. (Genesis 19:26 GNT)
  4. God tested the patience and faithfulness of the Israelites during the long journey across the desert after they were freed from slavery by God’s servant, Moses. Only those who faithfully followed God’s commands, communicated through leaders God has appointed (first Moses, then Joshua), were able to reach Canaan, the prized reward God promised His first nation. Obedience until the end was the condition God had set for His people in order for them to set foot in the Promised Land. There were those who did not make it, in particular, the thousands who were swallowed by the earth, consumed by fire, or killed by the plague after rising up against Moses and Aaron, and after questioning Moses’ character and his competence to lead, and falsely accusing him of killing God’s own people! (Numbers 16:31-35, 41-50 NIV)
  5. King David, considered the greatest of all the kings of Israel and “a man after God’s heart” was punished by God when he willfully disobeyed God’s commandment. (2 Samuel 12:9-25; 16:21-22 AMP) God’s affection was restored only after he sufficiently repented his sins and accepted God’s punishment ungrudgingly. (2 Samuel 7:14; 12:24-25 AMP). For God to forgive, man must first repent. Repentance is the condition for forgiveness. True repentance requires obedience and humility. (2 Chronicles 7:14; Acts 2:38 AMP) This has always been God’s rule. No one is exempt, not even those whom God has set apart and with whom He was well pleased, at first.

Salvation in the Christian Era has its own conditions

“Dura lex, Sed lex”. In English, this means: “The law may be harsh but it’s still the law.”

God’s law has sentenced man to die for his sins. “For the wages of sin is death…” (Romans 6:23 NLT) While it may seem harsh, it cannot be reversed. However, as a manifestation of God’s desire to save man without breaking His own law, God Himself provided a way when He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, sinless and without blemish, to die for man’s sins. This unselfish act is proof of God’s great love for man. The opportunity to be saved was open to everyone regardless of race, creed, age, gender, civil status, and social standing: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish and have everlasting life.” (John 3:16 NKJV)

Since simply believing in Him is not enough, our Lord Jesus Christ said “I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he will be saved…” (John 10:9 NASB). Again, a condition“if anyone enters through Me” — has to be met for anyone to be saved.

Not a literal “door”, our Lord Jesus Christ went on to declare that He has built a church with Himself as head, and the church as the body, thus, forming a “one new man”. Through this “one new man”, we are able to reconcile with God. (Matthew 16:18, Colossians 1:18 and Ephesians 2:15 NKJV).

For there to be no confusion about the church — its ownership (who it belongs to) and its purpose (redemption), Christ gave this church a name. He called it after Himself – the church of Christ – the one He purchased with His own blood for the redemption of sins. (Acts 20:28 Lamsa)

After the death of the apostles, fierce wolves came, devoured the flock, and turned the first century Church away from the true gospel (“apostacy”). Centuries later, God’s prophecies (Isaiah 41:4, 9-10; Rev 7:2-3 NRSV) were fulfilled when a messenger, in the person of Bro. Felix Y. Manalo, arose in the Far East and started to preach the pure doctrines of our Lord Jesus Christ. In these last days, the Iglesia ni Cristo or Church of Christ is man’s remaining hope for salvation.

In Rev 2:10 NKJV, it is written: Be faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life”.  Faithfulness until the end is the condition we need to fulfill to attain everlasting life. Hence, while becoming a member is an essential first step, remaining inside the Church until the end is the only way to truly guarantee one’s salvation.

How then can one reconcile these teachings from the Holy Scriptures with the doctrine promoted by the “defender” preachers??  The answer is: They are like parallel lines that don’t meet. One is true, the other, undoubtedly, false. The true one will lead to salvation, the false, to condemnation. This is understandable. For how can “defender” leaders who have been rejected by God, who manipulate their members with their twisted reasoning, fake doctrines, drama, money-making and other evil schemes, who do not have any connection with God, lead anyone to anything other than eternal destruction??

What about the original instigators of the rebellion against the administration of Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo who up to now, despite recent events that are unfairly blamed on the Church, still refuse to speak out in public and fight for those who have been supporting them financially for 2, going on 3, years now? How can they lead anyone to salvation when all they’ve ever known how to do is depend on others for their daily sustenance??

God’s invitation to salvation

Even after man has sinned again after being made clean and consequently ejected from Christ’s body (expelled), God continues to extend to him an invitation to return. There is no love greater than that. But the choice is ours.

If the salvation of our souls and those of our young children who are not yet able to decide for themselves are what’s at stake, then our focus ought to be on one thing and one thing alone – how to get back in God’s good graces. Everything else is just noise that should be ignored. For what can possibly be more important than salvation?

To those who continue to participate or sympathize, openly or silently, with these so-called “defenders”, ask yourselves this question: Do you want to be saved or not? Because that is what it really boils down to.

If you are reading this, and your heart is bothered by the truthfulness and bluntness of these words, then there is hope for you still. Detach from the “defender” movement. Disassociate yourselves from those who have already been given to darkness. God’s invitation to return applies to you but not to them.  Turn back now. Cast your pride away. Save your soul. Save your family. Let the Lord back into your life.  There is no salvation outside the Iglesia ni Cristo! Review our basic doctrines. Listen to the words of Bro. Erano Manalo.,

Heed God’s continuing invitation. In Isaiah 1:18-20 NKJV, God said:

18 “Come now, and let us reason together,”
Says the Lord,
“Though your sins are like scarlet,
They shall be as white as snow;
Though they are red like crimson,
They shall be as wool.
19 If you are willing and obedient,
You shall eat the good of the land;
20 But if you refuse and rebel,
You shall be devoured by the sword”;
For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.

To those who are on their way back, continue to persevere. Prove your sincerity and loyalty to God by staying on this course until He takes you back again. Do not be disheartened or distracted, stay focused on the reward. Always ask the Lord for strength.

We thank the Lord every day for calling you back into the light again, as He did with us. Thank you for serving as our inspiration to continue with this blog. You, the ones before you, and the other “defenders” who will follow in your footsteps and likewise return to the Church, are who make our efforts worthwhile. We lovingly dedicate this article to you.

God bless us all! See you again next time.


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