Treason against God

Defender ministers and workers may be at odds with each other over a lot of things but they do have common ground:

  1. They all believe that the Iglesia ni Cristo is the true Church and the only means to salvation.
  2. They all recognize the commissioning of Bro. Felix Y. Manalo as God’s Last Messenger.
  3. They all look up to Bro. Erano G. Manalo with reverent respect as a good leader appointed by God after the passing of the Last Messenger.
  4. They all rebelled against the current Church Administration.
  5. They all created division by taking sides in an internal family dispute that pitted the Executive Minister against the expelled family members of Bro. Erano.
  6. They all preach a distorted version of the gospel taught by the Last Messenger, one that assures those outside the Church of salvation.

The first three are fairly straightforward. It’s the last three that require further discussion. We shall explain why these are all very serious offenses against God and why God’s wrath shall be upon the doers of these misdeeds.

Rebellion against leaders appointed by God

Before they were expelled, these former ministers and workers all pledged their loyalty to, and undying love for, the current Executive Minister. As an example, this was extracted from the October 2014 issue of Pasugo/God’s Message, from an article entitled “Let them do so with joy” written by Isaias T. Samson Jr. (“Jun Samson”) who was Editor-in-Chief at that time:


Let’s repeat this part: “We make this greeting with our solemn vow that we will always be submissive to and united with him [Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo] in his unceasing effort to present the whole Church to our Lord Jesus Christ…

A broken vow

They all knew and preached the doctrine on divine authority given to the leaders of God’s nation which, in these last days, pertains to Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo as leader of the Iglesia ni Cristo. They taught about the fate that befalls those who rebel against the leaders chosen by God and warned members on the dangers of disobedience (Isaiah 1:19-20 NKJV).

Not heeding their own counsel though, they not only turned their backs on the current Church Administration. They insulted him in public and in social media, attributed to him a lot of evil deeds (some actually of their own making but blamed them on the Administration anyway), even sued him in court, challenged the legitimacy of his appointment, and incited feelings of hatred toward him expressed in rallies, vigils and social media.

The severity of the breach of faith and betrayal of trust by these former ministers and workers against the Church Administration to whom they once pledged their love and loyalty, rises to the level of treason treason against God who appointed him.

Expelled ministers/workers — you, who have betrayed the covenant you made with the Lord — in your quiet moments, ask yourselves this: WHAT MADE YOU TURN?? You all know how Bro. Eduardo was elected as successor by the greater Church Council. Some of you were even fortunate to witness how, for many years, he was groomed by the late Bro. Erano himself to prepare him for the office he now occupies. In fact, Bro. Erano himself handpicked the members of the Council so that his son will have proper guidance when the time came for him to take the reins. You saw all that… yet you chose to forget??

Rumors of “Last Wishes” and a father displeased with his son

Instead, you bought into rumors of “last wishes” and apparent displeasure by Bro. Erano with his son, which, if one were to study carefully, must have originated from the same people who stand to gain from the chaos they have created. Rumors rooted in foolish ambition and selfish desire by his own family members to usurp Bro. Eduardo’s authority as Executive Minister and regain whatever benefits they previously enjoyed and continue to feel entitled to — Is that what this rebellion is about? Is that what you are fighting for? Making all these sacrifices for?

You chose to sympathize with the expelled members of Bro. Erano’s family, questioning their expulsion and fueling division in the process. We ask you again, we, who used to listen and follow you –WHY?? Were you by Bro. Erano’s death bed? Did you personally hear these much fussed about, more likely, nonexistent, “last wishes”? Did you live in his household? Did he confide in you about his family affairs? Did he personally make known to you that he wanted another son to assume the office he will vacate? Did he have legal documents drafted to make his intent plain and clear to the Council and Church members that this was what he wanted? No, no, no, no, no and no, right? Because all you heard were rumors and the emotion in those rumors.

Legitimacy of Ascension to Office of Executive Minister

And then, when an expelled lawyer comes up with a credible-sounding argument to cast doubt on Bro. Eduardo’s ascension, some of you immediately jumped at the opportunity to challenge the legitimacy of his lawful assumption of the office of Executive Minister. The crass and unrefined ones among you even refer to him as a “fake”!

If legal opinion expressed by bitter expelled members who are lawyers (or wannabe lawyers) is your basis, then ask yourselves this. Why don’t these smart lawyers take this up in court? Why create all the hoopla in social media instead? Because they want to further arouse the anger of the Defenders and Church members towards Bro. Eduardo? Is this what you support? Encourage sedition against the Church Administration? Our dear former ministers/workers, that is more than betrayal, that’s treason – against God! Because, directly or indirectly, it is God’s appointee you want to overthrow!

Even granting (and we’re being overly generous to do so) that the expelled lawyers have put forward a valid legal argument, all it is, is a legal opinion – emphasis on OPINION – which some of you have mistakenly and lamentably accepted as fact. If they are so certain of their OPINION, then what’s preventing them from challenging this in court? Fear of embarrassment because they know they’d fall flat on their face?

And please… don’t use as an excuse the overrated “INC controls the justice system in the Philippines” because if that were the case, why bother filing all those charges against Bro. Eduardo and the Church in the first place? And why did some court decisions favor the Church’s opponents?

Or is it a question of limited funding? Is that why they are not able to pursue this in court? Well, that’s a whole other ball of muddled mess we would rather not get into at this time.

Regardless, the avenue is open to them and it casts doubt on their motives and credibility as lawyers, as to why they don’t use it.

Allegations of Corruption

If what has you on fire is the alleged, unproven corruption of the Council members, then this is what you should have done, both as ministers of the gospel and as lay members — Let the Executive Minister deal with that. That is his duty, not yours, or ours. If you are unhappy with how he handles it or with his overall management of Church funds, then let God deal with him. Remember that he is not accountable to us but only to God, as stated in Heb. 13:17 (NLT):

17 Obey your spiritual leaders, and do what they say. Their work is to watch over your souls, and they are accountable to God. Give them reason to do this with joy and not with sorrow. That would certainly not be for your benefit.

The Constancy of Church Doctrine

Take note though that every leader has his own style of leadership — Bro. Felix had his own, so did Bro. Erano and now, Bro. Eduardo has his, too. Differences in style do not translate to a change in doctrine. Styles and practices may adapt to changing times but the doctrine has remained pure and constant from the days of the Last Messenger to the present. That is not an opinion; that is fact.

(If you feel your assigned minister or worker has altered the doctrine in his preaching, the solution is not to write to Sher Lock to humiliate the preacher, or discuss your concerns in social media with others who are expelled because neither approach will solve the problem. Follow established internal Church process for this situation. Obviously, it goes down to motive. Do you want to get the problem addressed, or simply embarrass the Church??)

The important thing is to trust in what the Executive Minister does because God chose him, not you, or us, to administer the Church. Do not judge him rashly. For it is written: ”You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” (Matthew 7:5)

If you are so inclined, then offer suggestions and recommendations, always driven by love for the Church and always with respect for the Administration who has a wider and clearer perspective than we do. If your suggestion is not accepted, don’t feel bad. Don’t harbor ill feelings towards the Executive Minister. And most of all, do not rebel. Nothing good will come of that. Always trust in God. Trust that it is He who is directing the Administration.

That is the doctrine and instruction received from the Last Messenger and taught by the two successive Executive Ministers. And that is what these expelled ministers and workers would have preached, too, if they had remained in the Church — the genuine and unadulterated words of God.

Preaching a Different Gospel – Salvation for expelled members

Instead, they preach what is music to the ears of expelled Defenders, including themselves. There are some variations, both in context and in manner of delivery, reflective of the personality of the speaker or writer, where some come across as calm and educated while others are downright crude, insolent, or hyperbolic, but the bottom line is this: they all preach there is salvation outside of the Iglesia ni Cristo. To be clear, “outside” means “not in the Church registry”. Does Bro. Erano agree with this?

Bro. Erano’s preaching on the importance of being, and remaining, in the Church Registry

Since everyone claims they love and adore Bro. Erano and accepts as pure the gospel they received from him, why don’t we listen to the following recording of Bro. Erano’s preaching on the importance of being in the Church Registry:

The Importance of Being Registered in the Church:

A True Church of Christ Member is Registered:

Remain within the Church:

(Note: These videos are from Shield of Faith.)

For emphasis, we’ve captured these images from the videos above. They speak for themselves. Please review each one carefully.

From The Importance of Being Registered in the Church:

From A True Church of Christ Member is Registered:

Preached by Expelled Ministers

Now compare this to what is preached by expelled ministers.

In, Jun Samson declares:

“If you will be delisted or expelled by them [Church Administration] for defending and standing by the truth, so be it. Believe that God allowed it to happen, however, it wasn’t Him who expelled or delisted you because it is against His law to expel those who expose the wicked and the wickedness, but only those who are evil I Cor. 5:13 Thus, believe that He will never forsake you.”

In his FB post in , Rudy Lao aka “Dimitri Tudor” agrees with Junsam when he states:

“If we get expelled from the Church because we stood up for what is righteous, then that will be the time to be delisted from the registry of the Church. But that is an unjust expulsion. [Emphasis is ours.]”

The essence of both teachings is the same – if one is delisted under what they perceive to be “unjust” circumstances, he is not considered delisted even if his name has been stricken from the Church Registry. As such, the expelled member will be saved.

On this alone, one can see the big difference between the original doctrine and the embellished one.

God’s Teachings – Pure vs. Altered

Bro. Erano’s pronouncement is as clear as it is ABSOLUTE. In these last days, only those in the Church Registry will be saved. There is no gray area. The Bible did not allow for it. That is why, in his preaching, Bro. Erano did not include in those who will be saved those who claim to be “unjustly expelled” or where “due process was not followed”. Note that even during his time, similar claims were hurled by those who felt his Administration was overly harsh in deciding on their case, so one can’t say the omission in his preaching is because this is only relevant in the current Administration.

Despite claims by some expelled ministers that they continue to preach the same doctrine as that taught by Bro. Erano, it is Bro. Erano himself, whose voice has risen from the grave, who proved them wrong. These preachers (referred to as “false” in the Bible), have altered the doctrine on salvation in a major way – by counting themselves and others like them who think they should not have been expelled, to those who will be saved. See God’s command they violated in Deut 12:32 NLT:

“So be careful to obey all the commands I give you. You must not add anything to them or subtract anything from them.”

Bro. Erano also blasts claims made by another camp that the Defenders are the “True Members of the Iglesia ni Cristo”. This is just too ludicrous in its absurdity for us to even waste time on, we won’t get into it at all. If interested, see Lowell Menorca’s FB post in and compare it to Bro. Erano’s preaching (recording and images above).

Knowingly and deliberately altering the Scripture this way is a grave subversion of truth and a treason against the author of our fundamental doctrine on salvation, who is God Himself.

Focus not on others

As for those currently listed in the Registry who, by your standards, are not worthy, God will be the final judge whether they will remain in the Registry or not. If they are found there on Judgment Day, then God must have cleansed their sins away and deemed them worthy. That is not for us to question. We all have our own one-on-one conversations with God. Let’s leave those conversations between them and the Lord. Instead, let us focus our attention on doing everything we can do to be worthy of God’s promises ourselves.

God’s continuing invitation: Return to Him

We urge those who cry out “unjust expulsion” to think back and reflect on their actions before they were expelled. Especially those who, afterward, openly rose against the Administration, ironically exposing the reason behind their supposedly “unjust” expulsion. Remember that God knows our hearts. From Him, we cannot hide anything. The response God was waiting for from us after we were expelled, was true repentance, not rebellion. For some like us, the realization came later rather than sooner. But it is not too late. For those of us who were deceived, God’s arms are still extended. Join us as we return to Him. Listen again and again to Bro. Erano’s voice. Hear the truth in his words. We did.

To expelled Defender ministers/workers, you are committing multiple counts of treason against God. Please… let this be a wakeup call. Stop now and turn back. Your sins against God are grave. Pray very, very hard for mercy. And a miracle.

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God still loves me!

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The following is an account of a former pioneer Defender who played a critical role in the ”INC Defenders” movement.

She joined when the movement was just starting. Leaders at that time had a different style of attracting members to join the group. Like most of us who became a part of it early on, she was enticed by words as alluring as they are beautiful based on the mistaken belief that this movement was meant to assist, not rebel, against the Executive Minister.

To those who have expressed doubt about the legitimacy of this blog and have speculated that it is maintained by the same people behind Access the Truth, or by those they refer to as “Pretenders”, as you will see, the following testimony proves that this blog is run by former Defenders. Being once on the inside, they tend to know a lot of “insider information” or things known only to true Defenders. Watch out for more revelations. We’ve only just begun…

As we’ve mentioned before, we created this blog at the behest of the Holy Spirit, not man. There is no salvation outside the Church. That is the teaching we received regardless what the expelled ministers and workers who now lead the revolt against the Church Administration say. God wants us to abandon the wrong doctrine being preached by false teachers before the earth opens again and swallows all of us. We pray for other Defenders to come to their senses as well so that together, we may all return to God’s waiting embrace!



So they’re not through hurling hurtful words at each other, these different Defender camps led by Lowell “Boyet” Menorca aka “Antonio Ebangelista” or AE, Bernie Garcia aka “Bob Caleb” and the TS group. In “THE TRUTH BEHIND THEIR LIES Parts 1 & 2 (Mga Sagot Kay Benito)” published by Bob’s camp, he detailed and replied point-by-point to Benito’s tirade. (Note: Benito is currently aligned with Boyet but also meddles in other groups.)

For those reading this, know that as a pioneer Defender, I had the opportunity to become a part of Boyet and Bob’s camps. I was in the group of Defenders who assisted AE at the height of the exposés regarding alleged corruption in the Church.

When AE dropped off the Defender circle, a certain Bob rose to the fore to organize the Defenders, supposedly based on instructions of our “overseers”. (As far as I know, Bob is responsible for the creation of the INC Defenders website. He was recommended by Julie Sales, another Defender and wife of a former minister in Socal.) I became part of Bob’s group and among those given a critical role.

Actually, even from the start, division was evident among Defenders. Even then, before the true identities of those leading the groups have become known, there were stark differences between our leaders. Bob Caleb wasn’t in the picture at that time. It was just AE and Kelly Kong (KO).

AE was gentle and discreet and, at least in the beginning, respectful of the Executive Minister. In fact, during those times, despite his revelations on alleged corruption, he didn’t forget to remind the Defenders and blog followers to respect and not profane Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo. Later on, when AE showed the world his true color, we realized it was all a sham.

On the other hand, KO, from the get go, was seen as rash, bold, rebellious and as someone who fabricated stories. As a pioneer Defender, I had a chance to exchange private messages with them on Facebook. I contacted AE first. Like his manner of writing, the AE I chatted with was gentle. He was consistent in his stance that we mustn’t disrespect the Executive Minister. I had a different experience with KO. He was bold, aggressive and rash in his manner. From the beginning, he was displeased with AE’s style. On occasions, he’s called AE a coward because AE remained hidden. This was strange because he himself had not come out at the time.

As days went by, there were more development. Boyet was captured by the authorities and was jailed in Dasmarinas, Cavite. This was when it became known that he was Antonio Ebangelista.

In AE’s absence, KO was able to energize what came to be called “Ground Defenders”. They personally deliver assistance to those inside 36 Tandang Sora. After some time, KO’s identity was revealed as Eliodoro “Joy” Yuson. This was the time when division among Defenders took a turn for the worse. Two factions emerged. One group was loyal to KO. The other one was referred to as the “elite group” led by Bob Caleb, or “Ka Bob” to “trusted” Defenders.

Eventually, it was found out that Bernie Garcia was who was behind “Bob Caleb”. During some of my conversations with Bob, I noticed hat he would often mention “Ka Marc’s’ name. A number of times, while he and I were talking, he would tell me that “Ka Marc” was texting him. Whereas in KO’s group, it is “Ka Angel” who got named dropped frequently.

Upon Boyet’s return, the deepening division among the Defenders further worsened. He tried to breathe life back into the social media frenzy he had started. But this wasn’t easy. Because those who used to believe in him, particularly Benito Affleck, didn’t have the same regard for him. Benito and other AE followers now worshipped a different god – “Ka Bob” who labored to organize trusted Defenders as per instructions coming from those who were watching over us. Obviously, he was referring to the Marc and Angel Manalo brothers.

Bob led the establishment of Group Prayer Meetings which were attended by Defenders from different parts of the world. He said this was part of putting things in order which, again, were done at the behest of those who were leading us.

What other Defenders and I were wondering about though was why these so-called leaders of ours never once attended our prayer meetings or why we never even heard their voices. But every time there’s an instruction relayed by Boyet, KO and Bob Caleb, they tell us it came from “the brothers”. Nonetheless, I’ve set aside this observation and instead focused on our “cause”.

In a short time, Ka Bob was able to fire up the movement. He was able to get other ministers who were expelled for rising against the Administration, to participate. Among them were Jun Samson, Louie Cayabyab, Farley de Castro, Ernie Pineda and others who have begun to officiate devotional prayers. There was always special mention about corruption of the Church Council and the Executive Minister. Bob derived power from this and saw opportunity to manipulate the movement. Aside from prayer meetings, there were weekly meetings where trusted Defenders reported to Ka Bob. Defender ministers were also in attendance. And, of course, Nina Aguiluz was always present because she was responsible for RTC funds. Nina was later discovered to be Liezl Deocampo.

As expected, first and foremost among topics discussed during meetings was the welfare of those at 36 Tandang Sora. Delivery of food, onions, garlic, medicine, shampoo, water, tissue (later, even generator and diesel because by then, power has been cutoff), even legal matters from the cases they filrdy which were later on trashed by the court.

Unbeknownst to Bob, Defenders from respective camps have started to share their observations with one another. Most of those I spoke with were feeling a combination of irritation, disgust, weary and impatience because despite risking their lives to help Angel and Lottie’s families, they has been no word from them.

In the meantime, for his demonstrated skill and his contribution to Boyet’s rescue, Bob had fully expected Boyet to submit to him in the same manner as those of other ministers like Jun Samson. Yes, Bob told me over several conversations, that he and Benito worked hard forBoyet’s rescue. And I believed him. That’s why he was extremely disappointed that he was not able to make Boyet join the meetings he (Bob) led via zoom. I felt Bob panic when he heard that Lowell had started to talk one by one to those who were once loyal to him. That Bob was nervous was obvious because for consecutive days, he would call me several times over the phone. It was then that he had started to talk about Boyet’s failings. He also asked who among the Defenders I was close to hoping that I would share with them what Bob had said so that they wouldn’t be lured back to Boyet. During those times, negative posts had started to come out in social media and I learned that some of those had Bob’s blessings.

On the other hand, Boyet was doing the same thing. He would instruct his loyal following to give it to Bob as well. There was no way he would allow the leadership of the Defenders to pass to Bob. Especially since Boyet is AE! So Boyet asked his former supporters to return to him and form another group. In this, he was not disappointed. He was able to bring some of his old people back including Liezl, the most valuable of the Defenders because of her involvement with Defender funds.

Bob did not like this at all. In his great desire to keep his “throne”, he covertly instructed his trusted Defenders to spread word to ruin Boyet. Despite his efforts, Bob failed to remain in the top spot. Eventually, his real identity was revealed and he needed to pass the leadership of group prayer meetings to one of the expelled ministers like Jun Samson.

Over the next several months, instability, infighting and schism deepened among the Defenders There have been many times when expelled ministers have tried to patch things up between the warring camps to bring about unity but because they have no God in them, all of these efforts failed.

Even though Bob was no longer around at that time, he continued with the smear campaign against Boyet and his group. In fact, one by one, he began to expose the identities of Defenders who betrayed him who were using dummy accounts. Some of the Defenders stood by Bob during this time, including Benito. Next thing I knew, Benito was arrested due to her pending cases in court, including one of estafa. Opportunistic as they come, in this situation, Boyet and Liezl saw this as an means to get Benito back into their group. They helped with Benito’s release from jail and eventual escape. I got this information from those in Boyet’s camp. Later, I read in Bob’s blog that it was people from his camp who actually helped Benito. I don’t know which of them is telling the truth. All I know is that not long after her escape, she started being friendly with Boyet and Liezl again. In no time, she’s rejoined their group. And the world turned upside down. Now, Benito’s attacking Bob’s camp in social media. This was actually an interesting development. When Boyet and Benito had their tiff, Benito labeled Boyet an “ingrate”. (AE/Boyet then expelled Benito and Bob from the Defenders group, earning a retaliation from Junsam who also expelled Lowell and Liezl from the “true” and “legitimate” Defenders group! Hahaha) Anyway, after Benito turned and left Bob’s group, Bob’s camp called her an “ingrate” as well. Bottom line, these two “ingrates” have joined forces. Mark my words, it is only a matter of time before these two start going at each other’s throat again.

By the way, one of the big disagreements, which up now has not been resolved, was about money. Then and now, be it RTC or H2O, Liezl is not able to provide transparency to the funds of the Defenders. How much funds are collected? How are they used? Who are the conduits? Who are the beneficiaries of the funds? Who’s actually doing the auditing? Since this is still an ongoing issue, let’s just wait for further development on this topic.

Several other things happened afterwards which I will not detail here since they are an open book in social media. Bottom line, the Defenders are even more in a state of unrest now than before. Alliances among Defenders are, at best, temporary. Those who used to be in cahoots are now hurling hurtful words against each other. Confusion worsened with the rise of the multiple factions. Even ministers contradict each other; there is no unity. Their disagreements reached its peak when Boyet’s group called for Silent Defenders who are still on the Church roster to separate from the Church. This was quickly rebuffed by Jun Samson and other ministers. (I forgot to mention that Jun Samson didn’t like Boyet even early on. In fact, on a few occasions, he’s blurted out his distaste for the Boyet and blamed him for creating such a scandal in the Church. There is truth to this charge, actually. Because of the many cases that were brought against him, especially the adultery case, Boyet has brought shame and disgrace to the Church, when as a ministerial worker, he had a sexual affair with a woman who was actually another minister’s wife! That he couldn’t outright deny it in the news media was very telling, probably from the weighty evidence against him. And now, he is once more embroiled in another scandal, again, involving a woman.)

Even before, in the midst of all the turmoil, I’ve started to ask myself: How can the Church restoration and cleansing which the Defender ministers and workers wish for happen when they themselves are in disarray? Are these the kinds of leaders who are going to clean up the Church? How can they when they’re all the same. They all have a hidden agenda. They all have a personal vested interest they are trying to protect. No one wants to be the underling. Everyone wants to be boss. As for the brothers who are supposedly looking out for the Defenders, all they know how to do is “take”. They keep pulling funds from RTC/H2O, funds contributed by Defenders, but they only care about themselves. Not once did they show any sympathy for the Defenders whose generosity they live off of. Many of us lost our livelihood, saw our families torn apart, lost our friends, and risked our lives. I almost lost my job out of neglect, my family, too. Even my life was put in jeopardy for helping them. Did they so much as lift a finger? No. So I figure, why would I exchange my election for these kinds of people? Why would I sacrifice my life for them? All they want is to reap from the labors of others! I was not the only one who thought this way. Even the other Defenders think this way now. It would have been easier to take if they were fighting for the what’s right. But when Lottie appeared on a TV interview, what did she say? That they are entitled because they are “angkan ng sugo” (“descendants of the Last Messenger” in English)!!! I lost all respect for them; I just wanted to scream. Are they planning to depend on the Defenders for sustenance all their lives?

And still, Boyet’s group wasn’t content? Now, they’re asking Silent Defenders to leave the Church? These people have gone insane! Abandoned by the Holy Spirit! How dare these people go against Brother EGM’s instructions? They’re crystal clear. How are you going to defend your position against what’s clearly stated in the Bible? By using your usual pathetic moves? Coward! You want to kill yourself, do it alone. Don’t take the others with you?

As for me and my family, we’re done being deceived. I’m also done letting these Defender leaders use me. The time when I’ve allowed them to walk all over me has passed. I’m DONE!

I’m just thankful God still loves me. I’m glad He’s opened our eyes. He’s rescued us from sure destruction. Thank you, God!

On bent knees, we approach God, begging for forgiveness for our transgressions. We’re praying He gives us wisdom coming from Him as well as strong faith so that we’ll never be deceived again!

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Mahal pa ako ng Diyos!

Ito ay paglalahad ng isang dating Defender na malaki ang naging bahagi sa kilusan ng “INC Defenders”. Siya ay naging kaanib nito nang nagsisimula pa lamang ang kilusan at ang mga namumuno ay iba pa ang estilo ng ginagawang panghihikayat. Katulad ng karamihan sa amin, naakit siya ng maamo at magandang pananalita at paninindigang ang kilusang ito ay naglalayong tumulong, at hindi mag aklas laban sa Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan.

Doon sa mga hanggang ngayon ay nag-aalinlangan pa at sinasabing ang blog na ito ay gawa raw ng mga taong nasa likod ng Access the Truth, o di kaya ay ang mga tinatawag nilang “Pretenders”, ang pahayag na ito ang katunayan na tunay na mga dating Defenders ang nagtataguyod ng blog na ito. Maraming alam ang mga dating Defenders na “insider information”, mga bagay na tunay na Defenders lamang ang nakakaalam. Simula pa lang ito.

Kagaya ng aming nasabi noon pa, ginawa namin ang blog na ito, hindi udyok ng tao kundi ng Espiritu Santo. Napagtanto namin na walang kaligtasan sa labas ng Iglesia. Yan ang aral na ating tinanggap, kahit ano pa ang sabihin ng mga dating ministro at manggagawa na ngayon ay nangunguna sa paglaban sa Pamamahala. Pinalalabas tayo ng Diyos sa maling kaisipan na itinuturo ng mga huwad na nagtuturong ito bago muling bumuka ang lupa at lamunin tayong lahat. Sana ay mamulat din ang isipan ng iba pa naming mga kasama dati at sama-sama tayong manumbalik sa Ama.



Hindi pa rin pala natatapos ang pagbabatuhan ng masasakit na salita ng iba’t ibang kampo ng mga Defenders na binubuo ng grupo nina Lowell “Boyet” Menorca aka “Antonio Ebangelista” o AE, Bernie Garcia aka “Bob Caleb” at TS group. Sa inilabas ng kampo ni Bob na “THE TRUTH BEHIND THEIR LIES Parts 1 & 2 (Mga Sagot Kay Benito)”, isa-isa niyang hinimay at sinagot punto por punto ang mga banat ni Benito. Nakakiling sa ngayon si Benito kay Boyet pero nakikisawsaw ito sa iba’t ibang grupo.

Para sa kaalaman ng mga makakabasa nito, bilang isang pioneer Defender ay nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataong makabahagi ang kampo ni Boyet at ni Bob. Kasama ako sa grupo ng mga Defenders na nakatulong ni AE noong kasagsagan ng pagbubunyag niya sa diumano ay mga katiwaliang nagaganap sa Iglesia. Nang mawala si AE sa sirkulasyon ng mga Defenders, umusbong ang isang Bob para sinupin ang mga Defenders batay diumano sa atas ng mga “nangangalaga” sa amin. (Sa pagkakaalam ko, si Bob ang nasa likod ng paglikha ng blog ng INC Defenders. Siya ay inirekomenda ni Julie Sales, isa ring Defender at asawa ng isang tiwalag na ministro sa Socal.) Sa grupo ni Bob ay napasali ako at isa sa mga nabigyan ng mahalagang role.

Kung tutuusin, sa simula pa lang ay kamamalasan na ng pagkakabaha-bahagi ang mga Defenders. Paano, noon pa lang, bagamat hindi pa hayag ang mga tunay nilang pagkatao ay kapansin-pansin na ang pagkakaiba ng mga opinyon ng mga nangunguna sa amin. Wala pa si Bob Caleb noon. Sina AE at Kelly Ong (KO) pa lang. Bagamat parehong umaatake sa sanggunian, kapansin-pansin ang noon ay malaking pagkakaiba nina AE at KO. Si AE ay malumanay, mahinahon at sa simula ay kinakitaan ko ng paggalang sa Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan. Sa katunayan, sa kabila ng mga ibinunyag na katiwalian diumano ay hindi niya nakakalimutang paalalahanan ang mga Defenders at followers ng kanyang blog na igalang at huwag lalapastanganin ang Kapatid na Eduardo V. Manalo. Ito naman pala ay puro kapaimbabawan lang at lumabas din ang tunay nyang kulay ng malaon.

Sa kabilang parte, si KO sa umpisa pa lang ay kinakitaan na ng pagiging mapusok, mapangahas, rebelde at mapagtahi-tahi ng mga kuwento. Bilang isang pioneer Defender nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataong makapalitan sila pareho ng mensahe sa pamamagitan ng private message sa Facebook. Si AE ang una kong kinontak. Gaya ng paraan ng panulat niya sa blog, mahinahon ang AE na aking nakausap. Consistent siya sa kanyang paninindigan na huwag lalapastanganin ang TP. Iba ang naging karanasan ko kay KO. Matapang, agresibo at marahas ang kanyang mga pananalita. Simula’t sapul ay hindi siya pabor sa estilo ni AE. Sa ilang pagkakataon ay tinawag niya pa ngang duwag si AE dahil ayaw nitong lumabas. Gayong nang mga panahong iyon ay hindi pa rin naman siya lumalabas.

Sa pagdaraan ng mga araw ay maraming development ang naganap. Nahuli ng mga awtoridad at nakulong si Boyet sa Dasmarinas, Cavite. Dito na nagsimulang malantad na siya ang nasa likod ni Antonio Ebangelista. Sa pagkawala ni AE, nagawang pasiglahin ni KO ang tinatawag na ground Defenders na siyang personal na naghahatid ng tulong sa mga nasa loob ng 36 Tandang Sora. Sa kalaunan ay napag-alaman na rin na si KO ay si Eliodoro “Joy” Yuson pala. Dito na rin nagsimulang lumala ang pagkakabaha-bahagi sa pagitan ng mga Defenders. Nagkaroon ng dalawang paksyon ang mga Defenders ng mga panahong iyon. Ang isang grupo ay mga tao na loyal kay KO. Habang sa kabila ay ang tinatawag na “elite group” na pinangunahan ni Bob Caleb o simpleng “Ka Bob” sa mga trusted Defenders. Si Bob sa kalaunan ay natuklasang si Bernie Garcia pala.

Sa ilang beses na pakikipag-usap ko kay Bob, napansin ko ang madalas na pagbanggit niya sa pangalan ng “Ka Marc”. Sa maraming pagkakataon, habang nag-uusap kami ay sinasabi niya na nagte-text ang Ka Marc. Habang sa grupo ni KO ay si “Ka Angel” naman ang malimit niyang i-name drop.

Sa paglaya ni Boyet, lalo pang lumala ang namumuong pagkakabaha-bahagi sa pagitan ng mga Defenders. Tinangka niyang buhayin ang “init” na nasimulan niya sa social media. Pero hindi ito naging madali. Dahil ang mga dating naniniwala sa kanya, partikular si Benito Affleck, ay nag-iba na ang pagtingin sa kanya. Si Benito at iba pa na dating mga tagasunod ni AE ay may iba nang pina-Panginoon – ang “Ka Bob” na nagsikap sinupin ang mapagkakatiwalaang mga Defenders dahil anya sa utos ng “mga nangangalaga” sa amin. Obviously, ang tinutukoy niya ay ang magkapatid na Marc at Angel Manalo.

Pinangunahan ni Bob ang pagkakaroon ng mga Group Prayer Meeting na dinadaluhan ng mga Defenders sa iba’t ibang panig ng mundo. Anya’y bahagi ito ng “pagsasaayos” base pa rin sa atas ng diumano ay nangangalaga sa amin. Ngunit ang ipinagtataka ko at ng mga Defenders na nakakausap ko ay kung bakit ni minsan ay hindi dumalo o hindi ko man lang narinig ang tinig ng sinasabing “tagapanguna”. Gayong sa tuwing may tagubilin ang sinuman kina Boyet, KO at Bob Caleb ay sinasabi nilang nanggaling ito sa “magkapatid”. Pero isinantabi ko ang obserbasyong ito at sa halip ay nag-focus ako sa aming “cause”.

Sa maiksing panahon, nagawang pasiglahin ni Ka Bob ang kilusan. Nakuha niya ang partisipasyon ng iba pang ministrong natiwalag dahil sa paglaban sa pamamahala gaya nina Jun Samson, Louie Cayabyab, Farley de Castro, Ernie Pineda at iba pang ministro na siyang nangangasiwa sa mga pagpapanata na sinasamahan ng mga pagpapaalala na madalas ay patungkol sa mga katiwalian ng Sanggunian at ng Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan. Dito nagkaroon ng kapangyarihan si Bob na i-manipulate ang kilusan. Bukod sa mga prayer meeting, mayroong lingguhang mga pagpupulong o caucus kung saan nagre-report lahat kay Bob ang mga trusted Defenders na dinadaluhan din ng mga ministro. Siyempre pa, hindi puwedeng mawala sa mga pagpupulong si Nina Aguiluz na napag-alamang si Liezl Diaz Deocampo dahil siya ang in charge sa koleksyon para sa RTC.

Gaya ng dapat asahan, laging pangunahin sa tinatalakay sa mga pagpupulong ang tungkol sa kapakanan ng mga nasa 36 Tandang Sora. Delivery ng pagkain, sibuyas, bawang, gamot, shampoo, tubig, tissue (nang lumaon pati generator at diesel dahil nawalan na sila ng kuryente), pati legal matters dahil sa mga kasong isinampa nila na nang lumaon ay ibinasura rin ng korte. Lingid kay Bob, kaming mga Defenders ay nagkakaroon din ng kani-kanyang pag-uusap kaugnay sa obserbasyon namin sa grupo. Marami sa nakakausap ko ay nakadarama na ng magkakahalong inis, pagkadismaya, kapaguran at pagkainip dahil sa kabila ng buwis-buhay na tulong sa pamilya nina Angel at Lottie ay wala kaming narinig kailanman na ni ha ni ho mula sa kanila.

Samantala, dahil sa lakas na kanyang ipinakita at dahil na rin sa naging kontribusyon niya sa paglaya ni Boyet, asang-asa si Bob na magpapasakop si Boyet sa kanya gaya ng tila pagpapasakop nina Jun Samson at iba pang ministro. Oo. Sinabi sa akin ni Bob sa ilang beses naming pag-uusap na siya, kasama si Benito, ang nagsakit para ma-“rescue” si Boyet. At naniwala ako sa kanya. Kaya laking pagkadismaya ni Bob nang hindi niya mapasunod si Boyet na sumali sa mga pagpupulong na pinapangunahan niya via zoom. Naramdaman kong nag-panic si Bob nang makarating sa kanya na isa-isa nang kinakausap ni Boyet ang mga Defender na dating loyal sa kanya. Nasabi kong naramdaman ko na nag-panic siya sapagkat sa ilang magkakasunod na araw ay halos ilang beses niya akong tinatawagan sa telepono. Nagsimula akong mapaisip nang sa ilang pagkakataong magkausap kami ay nagbabanggit na siya ng mga kasiraan ni Boyet. Inaalam din niya kung sino ang mga Defenders na malapit sa akin sa pag-asang ibabahagi ko sa kanila ang mga sinabi niya para hindi sila mahimok ni Boyet na bumalik sa kanya. Nang mga panahong iyon ay may mga lumalabas na sa social media na paninira kay Boyet at ilan sa mga iyon ay may “basbas” ni Bob. Sa kabilang panig ay ganito rin naman ang ginagawa ni Boyet. Pinababanatan niya si Bob sa FB sa mga nasa kampo niya. Hindi niya maaaring ipasa kay Bob ang pangunguna sa grupo. Aba, siyempre, siya yata si AE. So kinausap ni Boyet ang mga dating kasama na bumalik sa kanya para bumuo ng bagong grupo. Hindi naman nabigo si Boyet at nabawi niya ang ilan sa mga dati niyang tao kabilang na si Liezl, ang pinakamahalagang personalidad among Defenders dahil sa role na kanyang ginagampanan na may kinalaman sa pera.

Hindi ito nagustuhan ni Bob. Sa kagustuhang ma-maintain ang kanyang “trono”, ginapang niya ang pinagkakatiwalaang mga Defenders at inutusan sila na siraan si Boyet. Hindi nagtagumpay si Bob na mapanatili ang posisyon niya sa grupo. Eventually, nalantad ang pagkatao niya at kinailangan niyang ipasa sa mga ministrong tiwalag gaya ni Jun Samson ang pangunguna sa mga group prayer meeting.

Lalo pang tumindi ang kaguluhan, pagtatalo-talo at pagkakabaha-bahagi sa mga Defenders. Ilang beses tinangka ng ilang ministrong tiwalag na pagkasunduin ang dalawang kampo at magkaroon ng kaisahan pero muli, palibhasa walang kasi ng Diyos, ay nabigo sila. Bagama’t nawala si Bob ay nagpatuloy ang kanyang paninira kay Boyet at sa grupo nito sa pamamagitan ng blog. Sa katunayan, isa-isa niyang inilantad ang totoong pagkatao ng mga bumaliktad na Defenders na may gamit na dummy account. May mga Defenders na nagpatuloy ang suporta kay Bob gaya ni Benito.

Next thing I knew, nadakip na rin si Benito dahil sa mga kaso niyang nakabinbin sa korte kabilang ang estafa. Dito nakahanap ng butas sina Boyet at Liezl para “mapaamo” si Benito. Sila ang tumulong kay Benito para makalaya ito. Ang impormasyon namang ito sa kung sino ang tumulong kay Benito para makalabas ng kulungan ay nakuha ko sa kampo ni Boyet. Base sa mga sinabi sa akin ng ilang taong involved. Sa kalaunan, nabasa ko sa blog na si Bob at ilang kasama pala ang totoong tumulong kay Benito. Hindi ko na alam kung sino sa dalawa ang nagsasabi ng totoo. Bastat ang alam ko nang lumabas si Benito mula sa kulungan, di naglaon, ay muli itong umanib sa grupo ni Boyet. Sa pagkakataong ito, nabaliktad ang mundo dahil ang kaaway na ni Benito sa social media ay si Bob. Ang “nakakatuwa”, nang magkaaway si Boyet at si Benito noon, sinabihan ni Benito si Boyet na “walang utang na loob”. (Itiniwalag ni AE/Boyet si Benito at Bob sa pagka Defender. Na hindi naman pinalampas ni Jun Samson na itiniwalag din si Boyet at Liezl sa Defenders group! Hahaha) Anyway, nang nagkasira naman si Benito at kampo ni Bob, si Benito naman ang pinagsabihan na “walang utang na loob”. So ngayon, ang nagsanib-pwersa uli ay ang dalawang parehong walang utang na loob. Hindi magtatagal at sila uling dalawa ang magngangatngatan!

Isa pala sa malaking pinag-awayan at hanggang sa kasalukuyan ay hindi pa maresolba ay ang tungkol sa pera. Noon at ngayon, mapa RTC man o H2O, hindi mabigyan-bigyan ni Liezl ng “transparency” ang pondo ng mga Defenders. Magkano ang dumarating? Saan ginagamit? Sino mga channels? Sino nakikinabang? Sino talaga ang nag o-audit? Ongoing pa rin itong issue na ito kaya abangan na lang natin kung ano pa ang future development tungkol dito.

Marami pang kaganapan ang sumunod pero hindi ko na dedetalyehin sapagkat ito’y open book naman sa social media. Suma-tutal, patuloy at lalo pang lumalala ang kaguluhan sa pagitan ng mga Defenders. Ang mga dating magkakakampi ngayon ay nagbabatuhan na ng masasakit na salita. Nagkaroon na rin ng kalituhan dahil sa pag-iral ng mga paksyon. Ultimo mga ministro ay nagkokontrahan at walang pagkakaisa. Ang kawalan nila ng “meeting of the minds” ay umabot na sa sukdulan nang manawagan ang grupo ni Boyet na iwanan na ng mga nakatala pang Defenders ang pagiging Iglesia ni Cristo na kinontra ni Jun Samson at iba pang mga ministro. (Nakalimutan kong banggitin na mainit ang dugo ni Jun Samson kay Boyet noon pa man. Sa katunayan, sa ilang pagkakataon ay naibulalas niya na sinisisi niya ito dahil sa nilikhang kaguluhan sa Iglesia. Totoo naman ito. Dahil sa dami ng mga kasong isinampa sa kanya, lalo na ang adultery, nasalahula ang Iglesia dahil manggagawa siya nang kasalukuyang nangalunya siya at sa asawa pa ng isang ministro! Na kahit kapanayamin siya ng mga news media ay hindi niya ito tahasang itinanggi dahil sa bigat ng ebidensiya laban sa kanya. At ngayon naman ay ibang eskandalo sa babae na naman ang kinakasangkutan niya.)

Noon pa man, sa mga kaguluhang ito ay nagsisimulang na akong mag isip-isip. Paanong mangyayari ang restoration at paglilinis sa Iglesia na isinisigaw ng mga ministro at manggagawang nangunguna sa mga Defenders kung sila mismo ay hindi nasusumpungan sa kaayusan? Ito ba ang klase ng mga leaders na ito ang maglilinis diumano sa Iglesia? E pare pareho lang naman sila na may hidden agenda. May kani-kaniyang vested interest na iniingatan. Walang gustong magpasakop. Lahat gustong maging bida. At yung magkapatid na diumano ay nangangalaga sa Defenders, puro kabig lang ang alam gawin. Panay ang batak sa RTC/H2O pero puro pansariling kapakanan lang ang habol. Kahit kailan hindi kami ipinagmalasakit. Maraming nawalan ng kabuhayan, nawasak ang pamilya, nawalan ng mga kaibigan, nanganib ang buhay. Pati trabaho ko nga ay nanganib dahil napabayaan ko na rin, sampu ng sambahayan ko. Sa pagdamay ko sa kanila, pati buhay ko ay nanganib. Mayroon ba silang ginawa? Wala. Naisip ko, bakit ko ipagpapalit ang karapatan ko sa mga taong ganito? Bakit ko isasakripisyo ang buhay ko para sa kanila? Gusto lang magpasasa sa pinaghirapan ng iba! Hindi lang ako ang nag-iisip ng ganito, yung iba ring Defenders ganito na takbo ng utak. Kung sana ay nasa tama ang ipinaglalaban nila. Ang kaso, nang ma-interview si Lottie sa TV, ano sabi? Dahil angkan sila ng sugo!!! Parang gustong kong manlambot at humiyaw. Ang balak yata ay habambuhay na sustentuhan sila ng mga Defenders!

Tapos hindi pa nakuntento ang grupo ni Boyet? Ngayon, pinaaalis pa ang mga Silent Defenders sa Iglesia? Talagang wala na sa katinuan ang mga utak nito. Iniwan ng tuluyan ng Espiritu Santo. Paano mo sasalungatin ang bilin ng ka EGM? Ang linaw-linaw! Paano mo ipagtatanggol ang pananaw mo laban sa malinaw na pahayag ng Bibliya? Sa paawa effect mo? Duwag! Gusto mong magpatiwakal, mandadamay ka pa ng iba!

Para sa akin at sa pamilya ko, tapos na ang panahon na nagpalinlang kami. Tapos na rin ang panahon na nagpagamit ako. Tapos na ang panahon na nagpauto ako. Tapos na.

Mabuti na lang mahal pa kami ng Diyos. Mabuti na lang, binuksan nya ang mga mata namin. Sinagip kami sa tiyak na kapahamakan. Salamat po, Diyos ko!

Tiklop-tuhod kami ngayong lumalapit sa Ama, humihingi ng kapatawaran sa aming nagawang mga kasalanan. Nagmamakaawa na bigyan kami ng talinong nagmumula sa Kanya at malakas na pananampalataya upang hindi na kami madaya pang muli.

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Reject the apple, accept the bread of life

Dear Defenders,

When we started this blog, we weren’t aware of other blogs already in existence which answered the many questions raised by then fellow Defenders. In all honesty, we might have come across them in the past but like most of you, we had chosen to tune them out. Instead, our stubborn ears itched to hear stories shared by other Defenders, especially those of the “Breaking News” kind. We found amusement in memes and catchy phrases intended to ridicule OWE ministers or members. We shed tears over posts describing the “sufferings” of those at 36TS. We were fired up by the spirited rhetoric of those who were leading the charge to restore our beloved Church. And oh, how taken were we by the charm and persuasive eloquence of Defender ministers who fed our souls with assurances of salvation even though we were expelled.

As we fast forward to the present, we realize how our own stubbornness has made us blind. Not only did we bite on the proverbial apple, we swallowed it whole. As we now strive to rid ourselves of the remaining vestiges of shame resulting from our own gullibility, we’ve begun to rebuild ourselves. We have passed the stage of berating ourselves. In defeat, we admit our mistake, our stupidity, our frailty.

We put our fate now in the hands of the Lord. His worthless and ungrateful prodigal sons and daughters have finally returned. May He not turn His face from us but accept us once again in His loving embrace. As we seek the compassion and forgiveness of our Executive Minister, Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo, may the Lord touch his kind heart and accept us once again into the fold.

Those among us who are not expelled tell us that whenever they attend worship service these days, tears roll down their cheeks as soon as they take their seat. Whereas before, they couldn’t feel anything anymore and their minds wander throughout the sermon, now, they thirst for God’s words, participate in hymn singing and gladly give their share of offerings. Though they were not expelled, they feel they have come home for good.

Our dear Defenders, we each have a story to tell. We’ve all had our share of suffering. We need to look past that now and decide what to do with the rest of our lives. We have to be smart. Our salvation is at stake. We all believe in the Church. We acknowledge we need it to be saved. So why don’t we listen to the audio recordings of our beloved former Executive Minister, Bro. Erano G. Manalo. Let him refresh our memories. Let his words seep deep within us. Let us absorb every word. Feel his love. Feel God’s invitation. Together, let us return to the Lord.

  1. Huwag kayong aalis sa Iglesia ni Cristo (Do not leave the Church of Christ) by Shield of Faith – with English translation by Bro. Marlex Cantor –
  1. Ang tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo ay nakatala (A true Church of Christ member is registered) by Shield of Faith – with English translation by Bro. Marlex Cantor –
  1. Kaya tayo ipinasok sa Iglesia para makamtan natin ang karapatang maligtas (Remain within the Church) by Shield of Faith – with English translation by Bro. Marlex Cantor –
  1. Ang kahalagahan ng pagkakatala sa Iglesia (The importance of being registered in the Church) by Shield of Faith – story_fbid=549167518626734&id=493193814224105

For additional reference, please consider this blog. It contains no-nonsense and direct-to-the-point responses to lies and allegations against the Church in social media. We found it extremely helpful in our quest for the real truth, not the lie fed to us by our Defender leaders.

We found the following articles to be effective eye-openers, refuting deceptive claims and false doctrines invented by Defender leaders. The authors rely on Scripture, as taught by Brothers Felix Manalo and Erano Manalo.

  1. Ang paggamit ng mga tiwalag ng Isaiah 1:8-9 (The expelled disserters’ use of Isaiah 1:8-9) by Bro. Bobby Fernandez – with English translation by Bro. Marlex Cantor –
  1. Ang kamalian ng mga nagsasabing tunay pa rin daw silang kaanib sa INC kahit na sila’y tiwalag na rito (The Falsehood of those claiming that are still members of the COC though they have been expelled from it) by Bro. Bobby Fernandez – with English translation by Bro. Marlex Cantor –
  1. Nakapagtataka ba? (Is it surprising: On why some of those expelled will not be able to return to the Church) by Shield of Faith with English translation by Bro. Marlex Cantor –
  1. Maglalagay ba ang Diyos ng Pamamahala sa mga natiwalag (Will God appoint an Administration for the expelled) by Bro. Bobby Fernandez with English translation by Bro. Marlex Cantor –
  1. Walang kaanib na hindi nakatala (No member of the Church is not in the Church registry) with English translation by Marlex Cantor –
  1. Sagot sa paratang ni Jun Samson na nasira na raw ang Iglesia ngayon by Bro. Joe Ventilacion –
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When false pride and misguided principle can kill

Almost every day, we see post after post and comment after comment on a topic of such critical importance it refuses to die — whether one should leave the Church and join the pack of expelled Defenders who consider themselves the “True Members of the Iglesia ni Cristo”.

If one were to step back and look at the arguments of both sides, one thing is clear. Supporters of the “Leave the Church” campaign rely, not on what the Bible says (as taught by the Last Messenger and by Bro. Eraño Manalo), but on their own personal judgment which is borne out of stubbornness, impatience and flawed logic. In the face of arguments backed by Scripture, clearly explained and preached by those with authority to preach, these people still refused to budge. Bro. Eraño himself, paraphrasing Ephesians 2:12, warned that disaster awaits those who leave the Church, that outside, there is no hope, no God, no testament, no covenant. That to be assured of salvation, we must remain in the Church until death. Listen to this video recording from the Shield of Faith page (in Tagalog)

It is ironic that these Defenders, who hold Bro. Eraño’s leadership of the Church in the highest regard, who consider as pure and pristine his preaching of the doctrine (with admiration often expressed in mocking contrast to his son), are the first to disrespect his memory by ignoring his admonition. Indeed, what more is required for the blind to see, if one really wanted to see? Unfortunately, for willful blindness and dogged obstinacy, falsely cast as being “principled”, there is neither hope nor cure.

Another irony is that the growing restlessness of some Defenders to see the Church “restored” NOW has given way to the invention of false doctrine and prophecy not taught by our Lord Jesus Christ, the head of the Church they claim to love. God is all but forgotten in their impassioned speeches. They cannot wait for His divine hand to move, for His divine justice to come. What if it comes and the outcome is not what they expect? What then? Will they refuse to accept it? Will they even recognize it? What if what is happening now is the fulfillment of what Christ has foretold and what Bro. Eraño has forewarned? What if God’s justice is now being manifested by the expulsion of the “wicked” (I Corinthians 5:13)?

God appointed an Executive Minister to lead His people during these times but these outspoken Defender critics rejected him. They insult and mock Bro. Eduardo, demean him, disrespect him, often use very colorful words and memes to embarrass him, lambast him in public. Some have even brought charges against him in court, attributed to him acts they know he didn’t do. They belittle his accomplishments, magnify his minor slip-ups, question every decision he makes. The extremist Defenders even wish him dead. And who do they want to see him replaced by? One of his younger brothers? The root of all this division?! Aren’t the siblings and their families tired of eating from the sweat of someone else’s brows? Of demanding a vigil whenever their food and other supplies aren’t delivered to them on time? Of asking Defenders to pay for legal fees in their fight over a piece of real estate? But did they ever do anything for the Defenders in return? Like perhaps straighten out their injudicious sense of truth and lead them back to God? They were ministers once, weren’t they? Therefore, they know the sad fate that awaits the Defenders (especially those who gave up their calling as an act of sympathy towards them) if they continue in their ways. Can these brothers not show them mercy?

These fanatic Defenders claim they are willing to die in their fight for the “truth”. And what truth is that? Our Lord Jesus said He is the truth (John 14:6). But they’ve rejected Him, too. How? Christ asked them to enter in Him to be saved (John 10:9) and yet they are asking Silent Defenders who are inside the Church to leave! Our departed former Executive Minister Bro. Eraño admonished the brethren to not separate from the Church under any circumstances. “ANUMAN ANG MANGYARI, MANATILI KAYO SA IGLESIA!” (In English, “WHATEVER HAPPENS, REMAIN IN THE CHURCH!”), he said. from Shield of Faith video. And yet these outspoken expelled Defenders are demanding that the Silent ones get themselves expelled as well!

The sad thing is, while former ministers Jun Samson and Rudy Lao (writing as Dimitri Tudor) have repeatedly provided an explanation of Revelations 18:4 and Isaiah 1:8-9 that is in keeping with teachings received from the Last Messenger and Bro. Eraño , and another former minister Michael Malalis from Lowell’s camp has continued to exhort those attending their devotional prayers who are still members of the Church to cling tightly to their election and safeguard it at all cost, on the other end of the spectrum is a former evangelical worker, the scandal-prone Lowell Menorca II, championing the “Leave the Church” campaign. (It did not escape our notice that this time, he is unaided or unsupported by another former minister, Louie Cayabyab.)

Notice how in Lowell’s FB post (writing as AE), not once did he provide scriptural basis for his position. Despite our challenge to him in, he relied solely on the power of emotional rhetoric to support his argument. Why? Because if he learned anything at all in the ministry, it is that THERE IS NO BIBLICAL FOUNDATION FOR HIS STANCE. However, he needed to capitalize on this issue to keep his remaining supporters behind him. So even if he knows in his heart that he’s advocating a lie, he goes ahead and rallies Defenders who desperately want to be correct, behind a banner that claims they are the True Members of the Iglesia ni Cristo!

In this instance, we are reminded of what Apostle Paul has foretold in II Timothy 4:3:

“For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

To be among the so-called “True” Defenders, they have to meet the first criteria which is to be expelled, hence, Lowell followed his rumored girlfriend’s lead by asking Silent Defenders to leave the Church – (This pattern of “following”, rather than “leading”, is why some people now regard him as a mere figurehead.)

Remember that Silent Defenders far outnumber those who are expelled. To increase his group’s more loyal following, Lowell needs more Defenders who are expelled. Expelled Defenders are far easier to manipulate and brainwash. Why is that? Well, since they are no longer allowed in worship services and other activities of the Church, their thirst for God’s words and sense of belonging or fellowship become a weakness Lowell pounces upon to exploit. He dangles before them his invitation to attend his weekly gatherings where they are taught false and man-made doctrines. Soon enough, these new converts loosen their purse strings. And the business of “seeing to their spiritual welfare” begins.

Defenders, please wake up! See this for what it is. Do not be fooled. If you got expelled, voluntarily or otherwise, then you join one of these Defender groups, what happens? They trick you and you get embroiled in the mess they’re in. Some of you left due to allegations of corruption in the Church and yet here you are, led by people who stab each other in the back and who themselves are guilty of sins far worse! Was that what you gave your membership up for?!

Silent Defenders, do not be conned by rhetoric — flamboyant words and phrases meant to entice you to leave the Church. That is the double- tongued serpent desperately trying to woo you so you’d give up your membership. Remember! There is only one path to salvation in these last days – it’s the Iglesia ni Cristo! Remain there until the end. That was Bro. Eraño’s strong admonition meant to protect the flock because outside, there is no salvation.

Be respectful and obedient to the Church Administration. That is a commandment from God. It is not negotiable. If you are swayed by things you see or hear being said against the Executive Minister, continue to do what God has commanded you to do – obey. That is our role. Get down on your knees and pray for these trials to pass. Leave it up to God to correct whatever requires correction in His own time and in His own way. The Executive Minister is not infallible – we have no such doctrine. He is a human being appointed by God to lead us. As a human being, he suffers from human frailty just like you and me. But he is not for us to judge. He is accountable only to God. He is guided by the right hand of God. That is God’s promise to His Last Messenger and those who succeeded him. Don’t ever forget that!

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Is the Defender group of God?


*** Go to Tagalog original

As former “INC Defenders”, we used to wonder why our minister and evangelical worker leaders could never forge a lasting union. All attempts (and there have been many) to bring everyone together under one umbrella have failed. Factions still exist.

Almost from the beginning, pioneer Defender ministers didn’t get along. In fact, the addition of each new minister increases the dissension, even though new additions are initially welcomed and viewed as a way to strengthen the group. Unfortunately, each one brought with him his own set of ideas, philosophies and priorities, not to mention his own unique personality. Disagreement at the top is mirrored down the line with Defender members openly quarreling with one another in social media, over a host of issues. Lines may have been drawn along Defender leaders but within each camp, there also exist differing schools of thought among lay Defenders.

These are examples of where division is most noticeable and most confusing to the Defenders.

Devotional prayers

Division is evident in devotional prayers started by some leaders. We remember how there was a time when one Defender minister (Louie Cayabyab) announced the dissolution of daily devotional prayers only for another Defender worker in the same camp (Lowell Menorca II) to resume it the next day! We were all surprised and so was Louie. One can only imagine how baffling those times were for followers like us who weren’t privy to what internal issues might be going on!

Then another Defender minister (Joy Yuson) started another daily devotional prayer which he claimed to be specifically for grounds personnel even though everyone was invited to attend. Various reasons were given to justify why he scheduled his DP at 9pm Phil time, an hour before Lowell’s Tagalog DP which is at 10pm Phil time. Even to those who weren’t aware of the animosity between the two, it was clear that the former was competing with the latter! Even the differing formats used by these two DP’s became a campaign tool, as if to prove one’s superiority over the other!

Recently, Joy has adjusted his schedule to be at exactly the same time as Lowell’s Tagalog DP — now they’re both at 10pm Phil time! This further cut down attendance to Lowell’s gathering with DP attendees migrating to Joy’s larger following.

Here are the DP schedules posted in FB by both camps:



More recently, a head-scratching, eyebrow-raising and eyeball-popping announcement was made by Lowell/AE with respect to DP’s and GPM’s he hosts. Previously, all DP’s (and GPM’s) were open to everyone but Lowell’s was infiltrated by some who used vulgar names to convey their disgust over the alleged “obvious” adulterous relationship between Lowell and his partner, Liezel Diaz Deocampo that Lowell had to require prior registration to filter attendees to his DP. (The names used by the intruders are XXX-rated we cannot repeat them here for the sake of decency but if you are interested in knowing what some of them are, please send us a private message on our FB official page “Deceived No More” at

Lowell’s DP now involves prior registration which requires the attendee to provide an email address.


Concerns over privacy and confidentiality were expressed by Defenders over this requirement, and for good reason. First, the user’s location can be traced if the registrant’s email is used to send mail to Lowell and cohorts, potentially leading to the discovery of the user’s real identity. See for instructions on how to trace an email sender’s location. Second and probably more important, despite Lowell’s assurances, there’s been a growing distrust especially from his own camp over the Lowell-Liezl tandem as word has spread that they tend to “burn” their own people!

EGM’s, Committee Prayers and GPM’s

Note that even with the names of the Defender leaders’ weekly/bi-weekly gathering, there is no uniformity. Why? Because even on something as simple as this, respective leaders/hosts are not able to overcome their oversized egos to come to an agreement! During the last attempt to unify the various camps with Junsam appointed “by the brothers” as overall leader, this topic came under discussion. However, it didn’t take long before Junsam gave up on the “unified group” idea because he couldn’t rein in all the players. Despite the authority supposedly granted to him by “the brothers” to lead and unify the Defenders, Defender leaders still refused to cooperate with him. Everyone had an opinion on how to run their respective camps and wanted to continue to do their own thing, without “outside” interference, with the brothers’ blessings or not.

  • “Committee Prayer” is what Joy Yuson calls his bi-weekly gathering in Tagalog and English.


  • “EGM” – derived from the initials of the previous executive minister Eraño G. Manalo, stands for “Ecclesiastical Group Meeting”. This is led by Junsam.


*** Note the “No need for pre-registration” jab obviously meant for Lowell’s GPM. Can’t let that one pass, can we? 🙂

  • GPM or “Group Prayer Meeting” is led by Lowell.


As with his DP, Lowell’s GPM is likewise subject to the “pre-registration” requirement and also for the same reason stated above. Joy’s Committee Prayer and Junsam’s EGM’s, on the other hand, remain open to everyone and apparently not prone to similar scandal as Lowell’s.

Zoom is the common videoconferencing technology platform across all three but employed by Joy and Junsam mostly to supplement physical attendance and to accommodate remote participants. Lowell, on the other hand, relies solely on Zoom for most of his weekly gatherings and only holds face-to-face gatherings once a month with a handful of expelled Defenders in the Vancouver area and supplemented by Zoom for remote participants.

LWS or “Live Worship Services”

These are similar in form and structure to that which is held in the Iglesia ni Cristo worship services, including hymn singing, collection of offerings and benediction. LWS services are held weekly and by physical attendance only. They are not open to remote participants. Instead, the strategy is to establish locales in other areas, similar to INC locales which are established when there is enough mass in an area.

The most popular of these LWS gatherings is the one led by Rolando Dizon (“Jon”) who is said to have a healthy following among Defenders in Norcal. Some Defenders have commented that he talks and acts as though he is the Executive Minister of his flock, or in colloquial Tagalog, “feeling TP”. In this endeavor, he is supported by Louie Cayabyab, also based in Norcal.

There is another similarly structured but smaller group in Southern Midwest led by Nhel dela Uso. Nhel is considered by some as a quiet “independent” Defender minister who seems content with leading a tiny group of Defenders in his part of the US mainland, and away from “outside” interference. He is sometimes described as being “in a world all his own” or in Tagalog, “may sariling mundo”.

Junsam criticized the holding of LWS. In his article entitled “Let Us Not be Deceived”, he states:


Joy Yuson maintains that LWS is against instructions he has received directly from “the brothers”. Apparently, his Committee Prayer’s format is the only one that conforms to their instructions.

Regardless how their respective gathering is done, what is common is that each leader prepares his own topic and accompanying set of verses to form a “lesson”. Each one preaches his own interpretation of the verses they’ve selected. Despite claims by some that the verses came from lessons originally prepared by the Last Messenger or Bro. Eraño, their interpretation is not based on the original teachings received but slanted to suit their own circumstance. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be holding their own worship service at all and they wouldn’t be outside the Church! Bottom line, they all preach to their respective following that their worship is acceptable to God and that they will be saved, whether outside the Church or not!

Calls for Silent Defenders to Separate from the Church

This was the topic of our recent article There, you will see the distinctly opposite perspectives of two Defender leaders, Junsam and Lowell. (By the way, it is an open secret among Defenders that there’s no love lost between these two.)

Another expelled minister has also made his position on this subject known amidst attacks by Defenders who have expressed a contrary view. In, Defender minister Rudy Lao, writing as “Dimitri Tudor”, clarified Revelations 18:4 as taught by the Last Messenger and Bro. Erano. Their teachings essentially cast as unscriptural, calls made by Liezl Diaz Deocampo for Silent Defenders to leave the Church (which, if you recall, was agreed to by Lowell, in a vague way). Very recently, Dimitri once again published another excellent article There, he reviewed the history of Christianity against the backdrop of prophecies revealed in chapter 18 of Revelations. This was to counter a misleading interpretation by a lay Defender Ding Rogero.

Louie Cayabyab was among the organizers of the Big Bang project that featured the then newly recruited Defender minister, Jon Dizon. Big Bang is the en masse voluntary expulsion project conceived by Lowell and Louie so we know where these leaders are leaning, assuming they still feel that way. When this issue broke out anew though, these two have simply stood by and watched Defenders quarrel with each other without making their stance known.

Other Defender leaders have indirectly agreed with calls to leave the Church through “likes” or comments on FB posts to separate from the INC, among them Farley De Castro, Roel Rosal and Dean Ryndon aka “MarvDaniel PA RyDean”.

Joy Yuson and Ernie Pineda have been quoted as opposing calls to separate as these are not supported by “the brothers”.

Other former ministers have not openly commented on this particular subject.

The “Remnant prophecy”

This is a major point of contention among Defenders. For us though, like a simmering cauldron, this is the added heat that has caused us to boil and spill over. Even before then, doubts have already been expressed about the sanity of our leaders as they began to deviate from our original purpose and espoused and preached foreign doctrine or doctrine not taught by the Last Messenger. If there was the slightest of doubt then, this Remnant fallacy (Note: not prophecy) cinched it for us.

Clearly borne out of desperation, whomever invented this novel interpretation of Isaiah 1:8-9 and Revelations 18:4 was clutching at straws, perhaps, to save a crumbling movement from inevitable disintegration. Hoping this newfound “prophecy” would unify the various Defender groups, what resulted was a more fractured movement with each vocal Defender, regardless of group affiliation, openly posting their views on the subject and debating with co-Defenders. To defend their position, some even arm themselves with their own interpretation of verses in the Bible, though they were never, even before, granted authority to teach.

Some Defender ministers are said to have been convinced by this remnant theory that they have started to preach it (Jon Dizon), while others have decided to stay mum in public (Lowell, Louie) but have rolled their eyes and shaken their heads in private. One former minister openly opposed it (Rudy Lao aka Dimitri Tudor). Other ex-ministers such as Farley De Castro, Dean Ryndon and Roel Rosal have either raised the possibility that it might be true, or expressed concurrence by liking FB posts by lay Defenders who promote this new remnant interpretation. Still, there are former ministers who dismiss it as background noise, or continued to stay on the fence, perhaps waiting to see which way the wind will blow.

As if this is not controversial enough, there are those who have thrown in the idea that part of Bro. Eraño’s “last wishes”, apparently known only to his family (minus Bro. Eduardo that is) was to have either Marc or Angel step in to the role of Executive Minister. So far, neither brother has come forward to confirm nor deny this. This might be because, legalities aside, any claim to the office of Executive Minister has to be backed by Scripture as taught by the Last Messenger and by Bro. Eraño, not by a self-serving interpretation of questionable and undocumented “last wishes” of a delirious man on his death bed, especially if that man is Bro. Eraño himself who, while still healthy and clear of mind, had already appointed a successor to ensure there is no vacuum in the Church’s leadership.

The never-ending RTC/H20 transparency issue

This is a sore topic that has been hotly debated by all camps for as far back as we can remember. We are not going to discuss it here in detail. So much has been written already in social media on this topic, some as recently as this week. Attacks and counter attacks by various Defenders, done openly in FB for the whole world to see, some in emails that copy everyone and their cousin, and in blogs.

We plan to tackle this transparency issue in a future article but we mention it here to make a point that this has been a never-ending point of contention and a major source of division among Defender camps.

Divided, it shall fall

If there is one thing that characterizes the Defender groups, it is disunity. Discord and lack of harmony have been its weakness from the beginning and still is almost two years later. The division emanates from the “top” where the top is not one person but several leaders. There is no single organization but multiple, disparate units like a multi-headed monster with each head wanting to go in a different direction. There is no single focus, no single mandate, with the heads even turning against each other at times, followed by the quarreling body parts they control.

The body isn’t growing, it is, in fact, crumbling, withering. Ignored, it needed to constantly device tricks to attract attention, but it is feeble and nothing it does is sustainable. Its leaders lack humility, are wicked, deceptive, or have succumbed to matters of the flesh and some even say, have fallen into sexually immorality.

So… of God or not?

Let’s go back to our initial question: Is the Defender group of God? Answer: Clearly, it’s not!

God brought His people to one body, the Church, of which Christ is the head. There is only One God. One Christ. One Church. One Body. Though there are different body parts, each part works in perfect harmony with the others. God’s people are, therefore, of one mind, one judgment, one spirit, one hope, and most importantly, they are bound by one faith and one set of beliefs. None of these things which characterize God’s nation is found in the Defender group. Which one then is an abomination before God? His Church or the Defender group? The answer is clear.

To Defenders who were misled like us, please open your eyes. Do not harden your hearts. Return to God. Return to our Lord Jesus Christ. Ask humbly for mercy. In the Church, there is unity and salvation. Beg the Church Administration for reinstatement. It is our only hope.

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Sa Diyos ba ang grupo ng Defender?


Bilang mga “INC Defenders” noon, nagtataka kami kung bakit ang aming mga tagapangunang ministro at manggagawa ay hindi makabuo ng isang pang-matagalang pagkakaisa. Ang lahat ng pagtatangka (at napakarami na) upang dalhin ang bawat isa sa ilalim ng isang pamumuno ay nabigo. Umiiral hanggang ngayon ang pagkakabaha-bahagi. Sa bawat pagkakaton na may nadaragdag na ministro, lalong lumalaki ang hidwaan, bagaman ang bawat bagong karagdagan sa pasimula ay tinatanggap at tinitingnan bilang isang paraan sa ikalalakas ng samahan. Subalit ang bawat isa ay may kani-kaniyang sariling ideya, pilosopiya at mga prayoridad, tangi pa sa kaniyang naiibang personalidad. Ang di pagkakasundo sa itaas ay katulad lang din ng nasa ibaba sa hanay ng mga defenders na hayagang nag-aaway-away sa social media tungkol sa napakaraming mga isyu. Maaaring nagkaroon ng malinaw na pagkakahiwa-hiwalay ang mga lider ng mga defenders subalit sa kani-kaniyang kampo ay naroon din ang magkakaibang isipan.

Narito ang ilang mga halimbawa na kung saan ang pagkakabaha-bahagi ay kapansin-pansin at lalong nakalilito sa mga defenders.

Mga Panata

Ang pagkakabaha-bahagi ay hayag sa mga panata na sinimulan ng ilang lider. Naaalala namin ang pagkakataon na ipinahayag ng isang ministrong Defender (Louie Cayabyab) ang pagpapatigil ng mga araw-araw na panata. Sa kasunod na araw ay nagulat na lang kami nang biglang ipagpagpatuloy ang panata ng isa pang Defender na manggagawa (Lowell Menorca II)! Maging si Louie Cayabyab ay nagulat! Mahihinuha n’yo na kung paanong nakalilito ang mga panahong iyon para sa mga tagasunod na tulad namin na hindi alam kung ano ang nangyayari!

Pagkatapos, sinimulan naman ng isa pang ministrong Defender (Joy Yuson) ang isang araw-araw na panata na sinasabi niyang para sa mga “ground personnel” bagaman inaanyayahan din ang iba na dumalo. Maraming ibinigay na dahilan para bigyang katuwiran kung bakit itinakda ito ng 9pm sa Pilipinas, isang oras bago ang Tagalog na panata ni Lowell ng 10pm (oras din sa Pilipinas). Kahit na sa mga hindi nakababatid ng hidwaan ng dalawang ito, malinaw na kinukumpitensiya ni Joy si Lowelli. Maging ang format na ginagamit sa dalawang panatang ito ay magkaiba kaya naging kasangkapan ito sa kanilang pagtatanghal na wari bang nais nilang patunayan na higit na magaling ang isa sa isa. Kamakailan lang, itinakda ni Joy ang panata upang makasabay ng Tagalog na Panata ni Lowell — ngayon ay pareho na silang 10pm oras sa Pilipinas! Ito ay lalong nagpakaunti sa mga dumadalo sa pagtitipon ng huli dahil ang mga dating dumadalo sa kaniya ay lumipat sa mas malaking tagasunod ni Joy. Narito ang mga schedule na ipinost sa FB ng dalawang kampo:



Kamakailan lang, gumawa ng isang pahayag si Lowell/AE na nakapagpakamot ng ulo, nakapagpataas ng kilay at nakapagpaluwa ng mata tungkol sa mga Panata at Pulong panalangin ng grupo na pinangangasiwaan niya. Dati-rati, ang lahat ng mga DP (at GPM) ay bukas sa lahat subalit ang kay Lowell ay napasok ng ilang tao na gumagamit ng mga bulgar na pangalan upang ipaabot ang kanilang pagkayamot sa di umano’y halatang mapakiapid na relasyon ni Lowell at ng kaniyang kapareha, si Liezl Diaz Deocampo. Hiningi na ni Lowell ngayon ang paunang pagpapa-rehistro upang masala ang mga dadalo sa kaniyang panata. (Ang mga pangalang ginamit ng mga entremitido ay “XXX-rated” kaya di namin maulit dito sa ngalan ng kagandahang asal subalit kung interesado kayo na malaman kung ano ang ilan sa kanila, padalhan n’yo kami ng pribadong mensahe sa aming FB official page “Deceived No More” sa

Kinakailangan na ngayon ng pagpaparehistrio muna sa DP ni Lowell kaya hinihingi sa dadalo na ibigay ang kaniyang email address.


Ipinahayag ng mga defenders ang mga pangamba tungkol sa “privacy” at “confidentiality” sa hinihinging ito, at makatuwiran lang naman silang mangamba. Una, ang kinaroroonan ng “user” ay matutukoy kung ang email ng nagparehistro ay ginamit sa pagpapadala ng mensahe kina Lowell at sa kaniyang mga kasamahan, na magiging daan para matuklasan ang tunay na pagkatao ng “user”. Tingnan ang para sa mga tagubilin upang matukoy ang lokasyon ng nagpadala ng email. Ikalawa at maaaring siyang pinakamahalaga, sa kabila ng mga paniniguro ni Lowell, mayroong lumalaking pagdududa sa tambalang Lowell-Liezl mula sa kaniyang sariling kampo dahil sa napapabalitang sila mismo ang “sumusunog” sa kanilang sariling mga tao.

EGM’s, Committee Prayers at GPM’s

Pansinin na maging ang mga katawagan sa lingguhan at pangdalawang-lingguhang pagtitipon ng mga lider ng mga Defenders ay walang pagkakaisa. Bakit? Dahil maging sa ganitong kasimpleng bagay, ang kani-kaniyang lider/hosts ay hindi masupil ang napakalaking pagkakilala nila sa sarili upang magkaroon ng pagkakaisa. Sa pinakahuling pagtatangka na pagkaisahin ang iba’t ibang kampo na kung saan si Junsam ang sinasabing itinalaga ng “magkapatid” bilang pangkalahatang lider, ang paksang ito ay tinalakay. Gayunman, hindi nagtagal at sumuko rin si Junsam sa panukala para sa isang nagkakaisang grupo dahil hindi naman niya marendahan ang mga kalahok. Sa kabila ng awtoridad na sinasabing ibinigay sa kaniya ng “magkapatid” upang pangunahan at papag-isahin ang mga Defenders, ang mga lider ng mga Defender ay tumanggi ring makipagkaisa sa kaniya. Ang bawat isa ay may kani-kaniyang palagay ukol sa kung paano nila patatakbuhin ang kani-kanilang kampo at ang gusto ay ipagpatuloy na gawin ang sarili nilang nais na walang ibang makikialam, may basbas man o wala ng “magkapatid”.

  • “Committee Prayer” ang tawag ni Joy Yuson sa kaniyang pangdalawang-ligguhang pagtitipon sa Tagalog at English.


  • “EGM”. Ito ay hango sa mga unang titik ng pangalan ng dating Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan, kapatid na Eraño G. Manalo na nangangahulugang “Ecclesiastical Group Meeting”. Ito ay pinangungunahan ni Junsam.


*** Pansinin ang “No need for pre-registration”na halatang banat sa GPM ni Lowell. Siyempre hindi nila maaaring mapalampas ang isang ito, di ba? 🙂

  • GPM or “Group Prayer Meeting”. Ito naman ay pinangungunahan ni Lowell.


Katulad din ng kaniyang DP, ang GPM ni Lowell ay kailangan din ng “pre-registration” at ito ay dahil din sa nabanggit na dahilan sa itaas. Sa kabilang dako, ang “Committee Prayer” ni Joy at ang EGM ni Junsam ay namamalaging bukas sa lahat at mukhang hindi ito napapasok ng katulad na iskandalo ng kay Lowell.

Ang Zoom ang plataporma ng teknolohiya ng Videoconferencing na ginagamit nilang tatlo. Ginagamit ito ni Joy at Junsam bilang karagdagan lamang sa mga dumadalo ng pisikal sa dako ng kanilang pagtitipon upang mabigyang pagkakaton ang mga lalahok na nasa malalayong dako. Sa kabilang dako, si Lowell ay umaasa lang sa Zoom para sa karamihan ng kaniyang lingguhang pagtitipon at nagsasagawa lang ng magkakaharap na pagtitipon minsan isang buwan kasama ang ilang mga tiwalag na Defenders sa Vancouver at pinupunan na lang ng Zoom para sa mga nasa malayo.

LWS o “Live Worship Services”

Ito ay nakakatulad sa kaayusan at istruktura ng mga pagsambang isinasagawa sa Iglesia Ni Cristo, katulad ng mga pag-awit, paglikom ng abuloy at pagbabasbas. Ang mga LWS ay isinasagawa sa bawat linggo at ito ay sa pamamamgitan ng pisikal na pagdalo. Hindi ito bukas sa mga kalahok na nasa malayo. Sa halip, ang istratehiya ay magtatag ng mga lokal sa ibang mga dako, katulad ng mga lokal ng INC na natatatag kapag may sapat ng bilang sa isang dako.

Ang pinaka-popular sa mga pagtitipon na LWS ay yaong pinangungunahan ni Rolando Dizon (“Jon”) na sinasabing maraming tagasunod na mga Defenders sa NorCal. May mga komento ang ilang mga Defenders na sa kaniyang pagsasalita at pagkilos ay wari bagang siya ang Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan ng kaniyang kawan, na sa di pormal na pananalita sa Tagalog ay “feeling TP”. Sa gawaing ito, siya ay suportado ni Louie Cayabyab na naka-base rin sa NorCal.

May isang maliit na grupo na nakakatulad ng istruktura na nasa Southern Midwest na pinangungunahan naman ni Nhel Dela Uso. Si Nhel ay itinuturing na isang tahimik at independienteng ministrong Defender na kuntento na sa pangunguna sa isang maliit na grupo ng mga Defenders sa kaniyang bahagi ng Estados Unidos. Ginagawa niya kung ano ang sa paningin niya ay tama na walang pakikiaalam ang mga taga “labas”.

Binatikos ni Junsam ang pagtatatag at pagsasagawa ng LWS. Sa kanyang artikulo sa kanyang blog, sinabi niyang:


Naninindigan naman si Joy Yuson na ang LWS ay kasalungat ng tagubilin na tuwiran niyang tinanggap mula sa “magkapatid”. Lumilitaw na ang format ng Committee prayer niya ang siya lamang umaayon sa nasabing tagubilin.

Paano man nila isinasagawa ang kani-kanilang pagtitipon, ang mga lider na ito ay magkakapareho sa ilang bagay: ang bawat lider ay naghahanda ng kani-kaniyang paksa na may kaukulang talata upang bumuo ng isang leksiyon. Bawat isa ay nangangaral ng sarili niyang pakahulugan sa mga talatang kanilang pinili. Sa kabila ng pag-aangkin ng iba na ang mga talatang iyon ay nagmula sa mga leksiyon na dati nang inihanay ng Sugo o ng Kapatid na Erano, ang kanilang pakahulugan ay hindi nakabatay sa orihinal na pagtuturo na kanilang tinanggap kundi pinilipit lang nila para tumugma sa kanilang kalagayan. Ito ay hindi kataka-taka dahil kung hindi gayon ay hindi sana sila nagsasagawa ng sarili nilang pagsamba at wala sana sila sa labas ng Iglesia! Ang lundo nito, lahat sila ay nagtuturo sa kani-kanilang mga tagasunod na ang kanilang pagsamba ay katangap-tanggap sa Diyos at sila’y maliligtas, nasa loob man sila o nasa labas ng Iglesia!

Panawagan sa mga “Silent Defenders” na humiwalay na sa Iglesia

Ito ang paksa ng aming pinakahuling artikulo na o sa Tagalog, . Doon ay makikita ninyo ang magkasalungat na pananaw ng dalawang lider ng mga Defender, sina Junsam at Lowell. (Isa nga palang hayag na lihim sa mga Defenders na ang dalawang ito ay hindi magkasundo.)

Isa pang tiwalag na ministro ang nagpahayag ng kaniyang posisyon sa paksang ito sa gitna ng mga pagtuligsa ng mga Defenders na nagpahayag ng kasalungat na pananaw. Doon sa, ay nilinaw ni Rudy Lao aka “Dimitri Tudor” ang Apocalipsis 18:4 batay sa itinuro ng Sugo at ng Kapatid na Eraño. Sa pagtuturong tinanggap, maliwanag na hindi nakabatay sa Biblia ang mga panawagang ginawa ni Liezl Deocampo na umalis na sa Iglesia ang mga “Silent Defender” (na kung inyong natatandaan, ay sinang-ayunan naman ni Lowell sa malabong paraan).

Kamakailan lamang ay nagpalabas uli ng isa pang magandang artikulo si Rudy Lao sa Dito ay nirepaso niya ang kasaysayan ng Kristiyanismo batay sa mga hula na inihayag sa kapitulo 18 ng Apocalipsis. Ito ay upang ituwid ang maling pakahulugan ng isang pangkaraniwang Defender na si Ding Rogero na nakapanghihikayat at nakapanlilinlang sa kapwa niya Defender.

Si Louie Cayabyab ang isa sa mga nag-organisa ng proyektong “Big Bang” na kung saan ay doon itinanghal ang bagong karagdagan sa mga ministrong Defender na si Jon Dizon. Ang Big Bang ay proyekto ukol sa maramihang kusang pagpapatiwalag na pinanukala ni Lowell at Louie kaya humigit-kumulang ay alam na natin kung sa ano sila nakahilig, kung gayon pa rin ang kanilang saloobin hanggang ngayon. Nang pumutok na muli ang isyu na ito, ang dalawang ito ay nanood lamang sa tabi habang nag-aaway away na ang mga Defender. Sa ngayon ay hindi pa rin nila binibigyang linaw sa mga Defenders kung ano ang sarili nilang pananaw sa bagay na ito.

Ang ibang lider ng mga Defender ay sumang-ayon (kahit di tuwiran) sa panawagang umalis sa Iglesia sa pamamagitan ng mga “likes” o “comments” sa mga FB post ukol sa pag-alis sa INC. Kabilang dito sina Farley De Castro, Roel Rosal at Dean Ryndon aka “MarvDaniel PA RyDean”.

Sina Joy Yuson at Ernie Pineda diumano ay tutol sa panawagan sa paghiwalay yamang ito ay hindi sinasang-ayunan ng “magkapatid”.

Ang iba pang mga dating ministro ay hindi nagbigay ng komento sa partikular na paksang ito.

Ang Hula Ukol sa Diumano’y Nalabing Binhi

Ito ay isang malaking punto ng pagtatalo sa mga Defender. Gayunman, sa panig namin, katulad ng isang nakasalang na kaldero, ito ang init na naging dahilan ng tuluyang pagkulo at pag-apaw. Bagaman bago pa iyon, mayroon nang mga pahayag ng pagdududa sa katinuan ng mga nangunguna sa amin dahil nagsimula na silang humiwalay sa orihinal na layunin at niyakap at ipinangaral ang isang naiibang doktrina o doktrinang hindi itinuro ng Huling Sugo. Kung meron mang pag-aalinlangan noon, itong kamalian (“fallacy” at hindi “prophecy”) ukol sa nalabing binhi ang nagbigay sa amin ng katiyakan na binago na nilang tuluyan ang dalisay na doktrina.

Maliwanag na udyok ng pagka-desperado, sinoman ang kumatha nitong naiibang pagpapaliwanag sa Isaias 1:8-9 at sa Apocalipsis 18:4 ay napakarupok ng kinakapitan. Marahil, ito ay ginawa upang sagipin ang gumuguhong kilusan ng Defender sa tuluyang pagkakawatak-watak. Kahit ang inaasahan ay ang bagong katha na hulang ito ay magiging dahilan upang mapag-isa ang iba’t ibang grupo ng mga Defender, sa halip, ang ibinunga nito at lalong pagkahati ng kilusan na kung saan ang bawat maingay na Defender, anuman ang kinabibilangang kampo, ay hayagang ipino-post ang kanilang pananaw sa paksa at nakikipagtalo sa kapwa Defender. Ang iba, bagaman hindi kailanman tumanggap ng karapatang mangaral ng nakasulat sa Biblia ay sumisitas batay sa kanilang sariling pagkakaintindi sa mga talata ng Biblia upang ipagtanggol ang kanilang mga ipinost.

Ang iba sa mga ministrong Defender ay binili ang kathang isip na hula na ngayon ay kanilang ipinangangaral (Jon Dizon). Ang iba naman ay hayagang tinutulan ito (Rudy Lao, aka Dimitri Tudor), samantalang ang iba ay nagpasiyang manahimik (Lowell, Louie) subalit lihim na umiiling-iling. Ang iba (Farley de Castro, Dean Ryden at Roel Rosal) ay nagpahayag ng posibilidad na maaaring ito ay totoo sa pamamagitan ng kanilang mga komento sa FB o nagpahayag ng kanilang pagsang-ayon sa pamamagitan ng pag-“like” sa mga posts ng mga nagsusulong ng bagong interpretasyon ukol sa nalabing binhi. May iba namang mga dating ministro na hindi pinapansin ito o nagpatuloy na walang kinikilingan at naghihintay kung saang banda iihip ang hangin.

At wari bagang hindi pa ito kontrobersiyal, may ilan pa na nagbigay ng palagay na bahagi di umano ng “mga huling habilin” ng kapatid na Eraño, na mukhang ang pamilya lang ang nakaaalam (hindi kasama ang kapatid na Eduardo) na si Marc o si Angel ang hahaliling Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan. Ngunit hanggang sa ngayon, sinuman sa magkapatid ay hindi humaharap upang patotohanan o pasinungalingan ito. Marahil ito ay dahil, tangi pa sa mga legalidad, anumang pag-aangkin sa tungkuling Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan ay kinakailangang may batayan sa mga Kasulatan gaya ng itinuro ng Sugo sa mga Huling Araw at ng kapatid na Eraño, at hindi ng isang makasariling pagpapaliwanag sa isang kuwestiyonable at hindi dokumentadong, “mga huling habilin” ng isang nagdedeliryong tao, na nasa banig ng kamatayan, lalo na kung ang taong iyon ay ang kapatid na Eraño mismo, na noong malakas pa at may maliwanag na isipan ay nagtalaga na ng magiging kahalili upang matiyak na hindi mababakante ang liderato ng Iglesia.

Ang walang katapusang isyu ng “transparency” ng RTC/H2O

Ito ay isang malalang paksa na mainit na pinagtatalunan ng lahat ng kampo mula pa nang pasimula. Hindi natin idedetalye dito ang paksang ito. Napakarami ng pagtatalo ang naisulat sa social media tungkol dito, na nitong ngang nakalipas na linggong lamang ay mayroon na namang nalathala. Tuligsa laban sa kapwa-tuligsa ang ginagawa ng mga Defender na hayagan sa FB na bukas sa buong mundo. Ang iba naman ay sa pamamagitan ng email kung lumaban upang mas pribado subalit lahat naman ay binigyan ng kopya. At siyempre, ang iba ay mga blogs naman ang ginamit.

Binabalak naming talakayin ang paksang sa mga susunod na artikulo subalit binanggit namin ngayon dito upang patunayan na ito ay sanhi ng isang walang katapusang pagtatalo at malaking dahilan ng pagkakabaha-bahagi sa mga kampo ng mga Defender.

Guguho kapag may pagkakabaha-bahagi

Kung may isang bagay na ikakikilala sa mga grupo ng mga Defender, yaon ay ang di pagkakaisa. Ang sigalutan at kawalan ng pagkakaisa ang sanhi ng pagiging mahina nito, mula noon at hanggang ngayon, halos dalawang taon na ang nakalilipas. Ang pagkakabaha-bahagi ay nagmumula sa nasa”itaas”. At ang “itaas”hindi iisang tao kundi maraming lider. Walang iisang organisasyon kundi marami, magkakabukod na pangkat na parang isang halimaw na maraming ulo na ang bawat ulo ay nagnanais na tumungo sa ibang direksiyon. Walang iisang layunin, walang iisang mandato, at may mga pagkakataong pa nga ang mga ulo mismo ang nagsisiklutan na ang kasunod ay pag-aaway-away ng mga sangkap ng katawan na nasa ilalim ng kanilang pangangasiwa. Ang katawan ay hindi lumalaki, ang totoo, ito ay gumuguho at nanghihina. Dahil hindi na sila napapansin, nag-iisip sila at kumakatha ng mga panlinlang upang makakuha ng atensiyon subalit ang bawat diumano ay malaking rebelasyon ay nauuuwi rin sa wala, mahina at anoman ang gawin ay hindi makamit ang pamalagiang sigla. Mapapansin din na karamihan sa mga lider ng mga Defender ay kulang ng kababaang loob, imoral, masasama, mandaraya o mga napadadaig sa mga bagay ng laman.

Sa Diyos nga ba o hindi?

Kaya bumalik tayo sa una nating katanungan: Sa Diyos ba ang grupo ng Defender? Ang sagot: Maliwanag na hindi.

Dinala ng Diyos ang mga hinirang Niya sa iisang katawan, ang Iglesia na ang ulo ay si Cristo. Mayroon lamang isang Diyos. Isang Cristo. Isang Iglesia. Isang katawan. Mayroong magkakaibang mga sangkap ang katawan subalit ang bawat bahagi ay gumagawa na lubos na kaisa ng ibang bahagi. Ang mga tao ng Diyos, kung gayon, ay may isang isipan, isang paghatol, isang espiritu, isang pag-asa, at nabubuklod ng iisang pananampalataya at iisang paniniwala. Ang mga bagay na ito na ikakikilala sa bayan ng Diyos ay hindi matatagpuan sa grupo ng mga Defender. Alin ngayon ang kasuklam-suklam sa paningin ng Diyos? Ang Kaniyang Iglesia o ang grupo ng mga Defender? Maliwanag ang sagot.

Sa mga Defender na nailigaw, gaya namin, sana ay buksan ninyo ang inyong paningin. Huwag ninyong pagmatigasin ang inyong puso. Bumalik kayo sa Diyos. Bumalik kayo sa ating Panginoong Jesucristo. Buong kababaang humingi ng awa. Sa loob ng Iglesia ay may pagkakaisa at may kaligtasan. Magmakaawa sa Pamamahala ng Iglesia upang mabalik. Ito lamang ang tangi nating pag-asa!

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Leave the Church?! And go where?!


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This is actually not a new topic but came to the forefront recently because of renewed campaigns for Silent Defenders to leave the Church. Right smack dab in the middle of the controversy are posts made by Liezl Diaz Deocampo (aka “Nina Agila”), rumored paramour of Lowell Menorca II. AE immediately sprang to her defense after a much senior Defender Minister Jun Samson sounded alarm bells over her unrelenting posts goading those who are still inside the Church to “come out”.

(Note that we no longer address them as “Brother” or “Sister”. Thanks to an observant reader who pointed this out. It was purely out of habit that we did so in our introductory article but she is quite right. We are no longer bound to them by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and since we are not related to them in the flesh, we can drop the Brother/Sister address whenever we refer to them.)

The Posts that sparked recent controversy

Let us review this series of posts by Liezl:

  1.“Come out and free yourselves from bondage.”
  2. – “It’s also time for the silent ones to come out…
  3. – “It’s time for us to leave the OWE Church behind…”.
  4. – “Calling upon all Silent Defenders. Until when are you going to be silent!? Now is the time to prove our conviction

The October 21st post was what elicited this frantic response from Jun Samson (“Junsam”) in

Junsam had every right to feel alarmed and to call out Liezl’s misguided, reckless and irresponsible posts. It wasn’t enough that she had led her family down a path of destruction, she also wants others to join them as they march down toward an inevitably tragic end. We shall look more closely at Junsam’s appropriately cutting response in later sections of this article.

Let us get this one thing out of the way first as this has been a source of perplexity among AE’s followers and is often whispered about in various Defender circles.

O AE, AE… thou art a Master of Contradiction and Obfuscation

Junsam’s article created a ruckus among Defenders as he fiercely attacked Liezl’s post. Lowell, apparently without much thought, jumped inside the ring and rose to her “defense” if one can call it that. But his post was more form rather than substance.

In general, Lowell’s FB posts and blog articles of late leave Defenders befuddled about his real stance, those aligned with him included. (Note that we are using the words “AE” and “Lowell” interchangeably since the former is just a pseudonym used by the latter. Lowell, there is no point in denying this as there are many people who can, and will attest to this fact, in court, if necessary.)

Let us begin by examining Lowell’s post in:


  • First, he declares: “There is nothing doctrinally wrong with Sis. Liezl Diaz Deocampo’s post” but stops short of explaining what makes her posts doctrinally sound. This pronouncement was immediately followed by a series of poorly disguised insults such as calling unnamed individuals as judgmental, of having a “personal agenda”, or possessing, essentially, poor intellect for being unable “to discern right from wrong”, and finally, being influenced by a “mob mentality”. Please… when we run out of a good argument, let us not resort to insulting language. As Socrates once said:

    “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

  • He then states this: “The only separation we are advocating is the separation from evil works and evildoers, unfortunately, they can be seen inside the OWE Church nowadays.”Lowell, do tell us – how on earth can this sentence possibly explain a post, actually, several posts, asking the Silent Defenders to “come out” and “leave the OWE Church”? What exactly is this abstract, nonexistent “OWE Church”? (Note the proper noun reference in both his and Liezl’s posts.) There is no “OWE Church” registered anywhere in the world headed by Bro. Eduardo. So where exactly are the Silent Defenders supposed to separate from??? Unless you’re adopting the “If you can’t convince them, confuse them” strategy, it might be best if you were to speak plainly for the benefit of those like us who may be under-utilizing our intellect.In as far as we’re concerned though, THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUE CHURCH that is essential for salvation. The Bible calls it IGLESIA NI CRISTO (Acts 20:28 Lamsa). If that is the Church you want the Silent Defenders to come out of, that is what you need to say. There is no sense beating around the bush. Clarify, explain and justify your stance. But be sure you have a solid, biblical foundation for your position that is NOT inconsistent with the teachings received from the Last Messenger and Bro. Eraño G. Manalo. Actually, you did not only receive this truth. At one point in your life, when you were still a regular worker in the Church, you even preached it!
  • Continuing our examination of Lowell’s post. In his next sentence where he claims “the FEAR of Expulsion is the only last remaining hold of the corrupt Church Administration towards its members”, he actually gave himself away. If this is the fear he wants the Defenders who are still in the Church to overcome, then we are correct in that he is, in fact, egging them on to get expelled. That would be in line with his prior campaign back in April/May. Our questions, then and now, to Lowell are these: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?? Is it your belief that the IGLESIA NI CRISTO, God’s last work of salvation in these last days, is now apostatized? Is this why you want His nation to come out???
  • What’s confusing is, in AE’s article entitled “Is the present Church of Christ now apostatized?”, he wrote: “Apostasy is now creeping from within but it will not succeed because the truth will prevail.” So Lowell, if this is still your current belief that the Church is NOT and WILL NOT BE APOSTATIZED, what scriptural basis supports your stance of asking Silent Defenders to leave the Iglesia ni Cristo which God will save? And is this in keeping with the teachings of the Last Messenger and Bro. Eraño? If so, prove it. If you have any old lessons prepared by either the Last Messenger or Bro. Eraño, or a video of their preaching, or lecture asking those who are already inside the Iglesia ni Cristo to leave the Church, please, by all means, share them!
  • In the “Declaration of Loyalty to God” letter which Lowell enticed Defenders to sign and is the subject of his article, he made no claim of apostasy either. So once again, Lowell, do clarify. Have you since had a change of heart? If you are now of the opinion that the Iglesia ni Cristo has become apostatized, hence, your renewed eagerness to support calls for the Silent to come out, then do explain how that belief doesn’t run counter to biblical prophecy and teachings received from the Last Messenger and from Bro. Eraño. Make your stance clear. This way, Defenders can reassess their current predicament and hopefully, make smart decisions about their future.So far, all you’ve managed to do is confuse Defenders. You went from declaring: “I will not encourage anyone not to worship, or not give regular or special offering, or Aid to Humanity contributions” to aggressively campaigning for Silent Defenders to leave the Church! No matter how small your camp has shrunk, your people still deserve to know. Right now, they openly disagree with each other, and even when they appear to agree, there are slight variations in their respective versions. And this is just your small group! Never mind what the Defender in larger circles are saying.
  • As for this “Let us not overreact to whatever we see on social media but instead, let us practice what we preach, according to the doctrines that we have received.” and this “Let us all observe self-restraint and spiritual maturity in everything that we do”, we say “Amen!”. And we say this with all sarcasm. Let’s practice what we preach, shall we? No exception. Let us not be hypocrites.

“Let us not be deceived” – an article by Junsam

Junsam’s writing prowess once again manifested itself in this article We laud him for taking this issue to social media because so many have been deceived by FB and blog posts made by some Defender camps especially that led by Lowell and his underlings.

(Incidentally, there are those who claim that it is Liezl who now leads the group with Lowell/AE downgraded to a mere figurehead. Regardless who’s the puppet or puppeteer, in this article, we have consistently referred to this circle as Lowell’s group or camp. After all, it was he who started it. We can always adjust it later, if need be.)

In spite of the waning support for its leader, Lowell’s camp continues to be the loudest and most active in social media. It is for this reason that we spend a lot of time talking about AE/Lowell in this blog — to give those who bought into his deceit a chance to think things over and turn around.

Agreement on Major Points

For the most part, we agree with the points Junsam made in his article, specifically:

  • “Their long cry for Church restoration has become separation from the Church.”
  • “The premise they use to justify their action is extremely faulty, unscriptural and dangerous. Faulty, because the abomination of the OWE ministers and members does not necessarily render the only true Church false.“
  • “Indeed, many church leaders, ministers and members are untrue and their works are abominable, but the Church which is Christ’s body remains true and clean in the sight of God having been cleansed by Christ’s blood.“
  • “What this group claim that the whole Church has been turned away from God is “unscriptural” because it goes against the doctrine of God taught by God’s last messenger, Brother Felix Y. Manalo and by Brother Eraño G. Manalo.“
  • “It is written in the prophecies that the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the third group or the last of the three groups (no more 4th group) that will comprise the whole Church, thus, it will last until Judgment Day and will no longer be turned away (Zech. 13:7-9; Acts 2:39; Rev. 14:12-15).“
  • To all “silent defenders,” we do not enjoin you to separate from the Church but to defend it by means of standing by what is right and to never follow instructions from evil ministers that go against the true doctrines we have received.”
  • “…we should never allow our actions to lead us to separation or to establishment of a separate Church”

Indeed, our Lord Jesus Christ himself proclaimed that only those who endure until the end will be saved. (Mat. 24:13) This is why Bro. Eraño tirelessly exhorted the BRETHREN TO REMAIN INSIDE THE CHURCH. Listen to Bro. Eraño’s preaching (from Shield of Faith’s video) Take note of his admonition: “Whatever happens, remain in the Church.” He said: “Whatever happens...”, in other words, absolute, without exception! No matter what, do NOT leave the Church! He didn’t say “You may leave the Church if you notice something not to your liking.” Why is that? Because the teaching is clear: In these last days, only one Church (singular, not plural) is the key to salvation and that is the Iglesia ni Cristo. Where else would we go when there is no salvation outside His body (Efe. 2:12; I Cor. 5:12-13)?

Point of Dissension with Junsam

Where we strenuously object to Junsam’s article is when he departs from Scripture by stating: “Believe that God allowed it to happen, however, it wasn’t Him who expelled or delisted you because it is against His law to expel those who expose the wicked and the wickedness, but only those who are evil I Cor. 5:13”.

The Executive Minister’s Divine Authority to Clean the Church Came from God

There is no question that God has always appointed a leader to lead His nation. In these last days, God’s nation is the Iglesia ni Cristo. He instituted the office of the Executive Minister to oversee this Church. The current holder of that office is Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo. Though some question the legitimacy of his ascension to office, the fact remains that it was God’s will for him to assume that position. The office of Deputy Executive Minister was created to legitimize the position of second-in-command. Bro. Eduardo was elected to that position via a unanimous vote.

In addition to being elected to the post of Deputy Executive Minister on May 6, 1994, Bro. Eduardo was named Bro. Eraño ‘s successor to ensure continuity of leadership in the event the current Executive Minister is laid to rest. Bro. Eduardo was unanimously elected to succeed Bro. Eraño by the Church Leadership and by all the District Ministers around the world. It was Bro. Eraño himself who trained and prepared Bro. Eduardo for the bigger responsibility of leading the Church one day after he (Bro. Eraño ) is gone.

We plan to cover the topic of legitimacy in greater detail in a future article but suffice it to say that Bro. Eraño did not make any contrary wishes known to the Church Council members. Instead, it was Bro. Eraño who personally handpicked each member of the Council to help train his oldest son, and to continue to assist Bro. Eduardo when the time comes for him to lead the Church.

Who is “Wicked” in God’s Sight?

Bro. Eduardo’s ascension to the office of Executive Minister was acknowledged and respected by both Lowell and Junsam when they were still in the Church. They both taught and declared to the congregation that as Executive Minister, Bro. Eduardo alone was granted the wisdom and divine authority to recognize and expel “the wicked” from among the members so as not to infect the rest of God’s Nation. Lowell and Junsam both preached this when they were still in the ministry! Yet that didn’t stop either one from taking public their personal grievances against the Executive Minister and his Council. Lowell even sued Bro. Eduardo in court! Instead of trusting in God, drawn to the limelight, both Lowell and Junsam went to the media to lay bare to the public what should have been a private Church matter. Both openly sided with Bro. Eduardo’s expelled siblings and mother and caused division and scandal in the Church.

How can they then claim that their expulsion (as well as those of their supporters and other defenders who erred in a similar manner) are “unjustified” in the eyes of the Lord? It was the wickedness of their actions that got them expelled. The Bible is rife with examples of what befell those who rebelled against leaders God himself placed to lead His nation. (Numbers 12:1-12; 16:1-35)

Even granting, for argument’s sake, that a mistake was made in some cases, it is something for God to correct and not man. It does not give anyone the right to disobey, shame or question the Executive Minister. Lowell knows this as he boldly stated in #8 (translated from Tagalog):

“…we are of one faith that Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo is who our Lord God appointed to lead His Nation and we need to subject ourselves to him. No one has the right to question the Church administrator other than our Lord God to whom he is directly accountable. And that is my firm stand, back then until the present time… If our Lord God has allowed all these things to pass in order to purify the Church, our Lord God will move the Executive Minister so that His will shall be done at the right time and manner in accordance to His will.”

It is quite obvious that Lowell turned his back on these words (which he uttered early on and were believed by Defenders like us) after he was hooked by fame and had gotten used to living off of the financial support of his following. His pronouncements and actions of late are characterized by excessive conceit, haughtiness and pretentiousness while openly mocking and insulting the Executive Minister whom he feels superior to! It might also be the case that even from the start, he had planned to deceive the members of the Church but hid his real motives behind his outward but superficial sympathy for the Executive Minister, in order to attract members to his side!

A Word of Advise to those who were Deceived

To Defenders who have been expelled for uniting with deceitful leaders, we have an opportunity here to turn back and repent. Our God is a forgiving God. If we fervently pray to God, humbly acknowledge our sins, ask for another chance, and with contrite heart, seek reinstatement from the Church Administration with a solemn promise that we shall never ever shun our election for as long as we live, then there is still hope for us. Even if our petition may not be granted right away due to the gravity of our sins, we just have to keep on praying as we wait patiently for that day when we can return to the fold and become worthy of God’s grace once again. We thank the Lord for his continuing guidance especially to those among us who have started the process to be reinstated.

To former Silent Defenders who are still in the Church, we hope this blog will edify you further so that you may never again be misled by deceivers. Let us all continue to be strong in the faith, put our trust in the Lord God and be obedient to the Administration.

Finally, here is an inspiring message from Bro. Eraño, filled with affection and encouragement especially for those like us who were once lost but who are looking to find our way back. May the Father’s blessings be upon us all!

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Iwanan ang Iglesia?! At saan pupunta?!

Ang totoo, ito ay hindi isang bagong paksa subalit kamakailan ay naging tampok na muli dahil sa panibagong kampanya upang paalisin ang mga Silent Defenders sa Iglesia. Ang nasa pinaka sentro ng kontrobersiyang ito ay ang mga FB posts ni Liezl Diaz Deocampo (aka “Nina Agila”), na napapabalitang kalaguyo ni Lowell Menorca II. Agad agad naman siyang idinepensa ni AE nang ang isang nakatataas na ministrong Defender na si Jun Samson ay nagpahayag ng pangamba dahil sa nakababahalang tuloy-tuloy na mga posts ni Liezl na hinihikayat ang mga nasa loob pa ng Iglesia na lumabas na.

(Pansinin na hindi na namin sila tinatawag na “Kapatid”. Salamat sa mapagmasid na tagabasa na nakapuna nito. Nakagawian lang namin kaya ginamit namin sa unang artikulo subalit mukhang tama nga siya. Hindi na kami nakaugnay sa kanila sa pamamagitan ng dugo ni Cristo at dahil wala naman kaming kaugnayan sa kanila sa laman, maaari na naming hindi gamitin ang “kapatid” kailanman at tinutukoy namin sila.)

Ang mga FB Posts na Naging Mitsa ng Kamakailang Kontrobersiya

Ating repasuhin ang mga serye ng posts ni Liezl:

  1.“Come out and free yourselves from bondage.”
  2. – “It’s also time for the silent ones to come out…
  3. – “It’s time for us to leave the OWE Church behind…”.
  4. – “Calling upon all Silent Defenders. Until when are you going to be silent!? Now is the time to prove our conviction

Ang post noong Oktubre 21 ang naging dahilan ng may pagkabalisang tugon mula kay Jun Samson (“JunSam”) sa

Si JunSam ay may katuwirang mabahala at punahin ang mga naliligaw, walang taros at iresponsableng mga posts ni Liezl. Hindi pa siya (Liezl) nasiyahan na ibinuyo ang kaniyang pamilya tungo sa landas ng pagkawasak, nais pa niyang manghikayat ng iba na sumama sa kanila sa pagtahak tungo sa isang kalunos-lunos na wakas!

Hihimayin natin ang naaangkop at matalim na tugon ni JunSam sa huling bahagi ng artikulong ito. Ngunit isantabi na muna natin ito upang unang talakayin ang naging sanhi ng kalituhan sa mga tagasunod ni AE at madalas na pinagbubulung-bulungan sa sirkulo ng mga defenders.

O AE, AE… ikaw na Dalubhasa sa mga Kontradiksiyon at mga Pinalabong mga Salita

Ang artikulo ni Junsam ay naging simula ng usap-usapan sa mga Defenders dahil mariin niyang inatake ang post ni Liezl. Si Lowell naman ay dagliang umentra sa eksena para siya ipagsanggalang subalit ang “depensa” niya ay puro porma lang at walang sustansiya.

Sa kabuuan, ang kaniyang mga FB posts at blog articles sa ngayon ay nag-iiwan sa mga Defenders, kabilang na sa ibang kaalyado niya, ng pagkalito sa kaniyang tunay na paninindigan.

(Mapapansin ninyo na pinagpapali-palit namin ang paggamit sa mga katawagang “AE” at “Lowell” yayamang ang nauna ay isa lamang alyas na ginagamit ng huli. Walang dahilan para ito ay ikaila ni Lowell yamang maraming tao ang makapagpapatotoo nito, kahit sa korte kung kinakailangan.)

Magsimula tayo sa pagsusuri sa post ni Lowell sa: fb-ae-2016-10-25

(Isinalin sa Tagalog ang mga sipi.)

  • Una, ipinahayag niya: “Walang mali sa doktrina sa post ni Liezl Diaz Deocampo” ngunit wala namang paliwanag kung bakit naaayon sa doktrina ang kaniyang post. Ang pahayag na ito ay agad na sinundan ng mga salitang hindi maikakaila na pang-iinsulto sa paraang tinatawag ang iba na mapanghusga, na may pansariling layunin, o nagtataglay ng mahinang kaisipan dahil “walang kakayahang makita ang pagkakaiba ng tama sa mali”, at sa katapusan ay naiimpluwensiyahan ng “makaisipang tagasunod”.Pakiusap lang… kung nauubusan na tayo ng tamang pangangatuwiran, huwag naman tayong mauwi sa mga pang-iinsulto. Gaya ng sinabing ni Socrates:

    Kapag natalo na sa debate, ang pamumula ang nagiging kasangkapan ng talunan.

  • Pagkatapos ay sinabi ni Lowell: “Ang tanging paghiwalay na isinusulong namin ay ang paghiwalay sa masasamang gawa at sa mga manggagawa ng kasamaan, nakalulungkot lang, sila ay makikita sa loob ng “Iglesia ng OWE” sa mga panahong ito.” Lowell, sabihin mo nga sa amin – paanong ang pangungusap na ito ay maaaring maipaliwanag ang isang post, at ang totoo, ang marami pang mga posts ni Liezl, na nagmamando sa mga Silent Defenders na “lumabas na”? Saan ba talaga dapat lumabas ang mga Silent Defenders? Ano ba talaga itong sinasabi ninyo na“Iglesia ng OWE”? (Pansinin ang paggamit ng terminong ito nina Lowell at Liezel — pangalang pantangi.)Walang “Iglesia ng OWE” na nakarehistro sa kahit saang panig ng mundo na pinangungunahan ng Ka Eduardo! So saan n’yo ba talaga pinahihiwalay ang mga Silent Defenders??? Maliban na lang kung ang ginagamit mong istratehiya ay Kung hindi mo sila makumbinsi ay lituhin mo sila, mas mabuti pang magsalita ka ng tuwiran para sa kapakanan ng mga katulad namin na hindi gaanong nagagamit ang katalinuhang kaloob ng Diyos!Ngunit sa ganang amin, MAYROON LAMANG IISANG TUNAY NA IGLESIA NA KAILANGAN PARA SA KALIGTASAN. Ang pangalan nito, ayon sa Biblia, ay IGLESIA NI CRISTO (Gawa 20:28 Lamsa). Kung iyon ang Iglesia na nais mong hiwalayan ng mga Silent Defenders, iyon ang dapat mong sabihin. Hindi ka na kailangang magpaligoy-ligoy pa. Linawin, ipaliwanag at pangatuwiranan mo ang iyong posisyon. Subalit tiyakin mo na mayroong kang solido at nasasalig sa Biblia na batayan na hindi kontra sa mga pagtuturo na tinanggap nating lahat mula sa Sugo sa mga huling araw at ng kapatid na Eraño G. Manalo. Ang totoo, hindi mo lamang tinanggap ang katotohanang ito. Nang ikaw ay isang manggagawang regular, ipinangaral mo pa ito!
  • Ipinagpapatuloy natin ang pagsusuri sa mga posts ni Lowell. Sa kaniyang susunod na pangungusap na sinasabi niyang “ang takot sa pagkatiwalag ang tanging huling kapangyarihan ng tiwaling Pamamahala ng Iglesia sa kaniyang mga kaanib,” ay inilantad niya rito ang kaniyang tunay at maliwanag na saloobin. Kung ito ang takot na nais niyang pagtagumpayan ng mga Defenders na nasa loob pa ng Iglesia, kung gayon ay tama kami na, ang totoo, ay hinihikayat niya sila na magpatiwalag na. Iyon ay magiging kasang-ayon sa kaniyang naunang kampanya noong Abril/Mayo. Ang aming mga tanong, noon at ngayon, kay Lowell ay ito: BAKIT MO GINAGAWA ITO??? Naniniwala ka ba na ang IGLESIA NI CRISTO, ang huling gawain ng Diyos sa pagliligtas sa mga huling araw, ay natalikod na? Iyon ba ang dahilan kaya nais mong ang bayan ng Diyos ay lumabas dito???
  • Ang nakakalito, sa artikulo ni AE na may pamagat na, “Ang kasalukuyan bang Iglesia Ni Cristo ay talikod na?”, ay sinulat mo: “Ang pagtalikod ay gumagapang na mula sa loob subalit hindi ito magtatagumpay dahil mananaig ang katotohanan.” Kaya, Lowell, kung ito pa rin ang kasalukuyan mong paniniwala na ang Iglesia ay HINDI at HINDI KAILANMAN MATATALIKOD, anong hula ng Banal na Kasulatan ang sumusuporta sa iyong paninindigan para hikayatin ang mga Defenders na iwan ang Iglesia na siyang ililigtas ng Diyos? At ito ba ay sang-ayon sa mga itinuro ng Sugo at ng Ka Eraño? Kung ganon, ay patunayan mo. Kung mayroon kang mga lumang leksiyon na hinanay ng Sugo o ng Ka Eraño, o di kaya ay video ng kanilang pangangasiwa ng pagsamba, o pagtuturo sa klase, o pulong, na sinasabi nila na ang mga nasa loob ng Iglesia ni Cristo ay dapat na lumabas, pakiusap, ibahagi ninyo ito sa amin!

  • Doon sa “Deklarasyon ng Katapatan sa Diyos”, sulat na ipinanghikayat ni Lowell sa mga Defenders na lagdaan at naging paksa ng kaniyang artikulo, ay wala siyang binanggit ukol sa pagtalikod. Kaibayo nito, noon, naniniwala pa rin siya sa pagpapanumbalik ng kasalukuyang Iglesia. Kaya minsan pa, Lowell, liwanagin mo. Nagbago ka na ba ng saloobin? Kung naniniwala ka ngayon na ang Iglesia Ni Cristo ay natalikod na, kung gayon, ang panibago mong sigasig upang suportahan ang panawagan na lumabas na ang mga Silent, paki-paliwanag lang kung paanong ang paniniwalang ito ay hindi sasalungat sa mga hula ng Biblia at mga pagtuturo mula sa kapatid na FYM at EGM. Linawin mo ang iyong paninindigan. Sa paraang ito, muling matatantiya ng mga Defenders ang kasalukuyan nilang kalagayan at nawa ay makagawa sila ng wastong pagpapasiya para sa kanilang kinabukasan.Hanggang sa ngayon, ang tangi mo lang nagawa ay lituhin ang mga Defenders. Nagsimula ka sa pagpapahayag na: “Hindi ko hihikayatin ang sinuman na huwag sumamba, o huwag magbigay ng abuloy o tanging handugan, handugan para sa Lingap sa mamamayan” sa pagkampanya sa mga Defenders na humiwalay sa Iglesia!Kahit na lumiit na nang husto ang iyong kampo, nararapat pa ring malaman ng mga tao mo ang katotohanan. Sa ngayon, bukas na bukas ang kanilang hindi pagkakasundo at kahit na sa simula ay tila magkakapareho ang kanilang pananaw, mayroon pa ring ilang mga pagkakaiba ang kanilang mga bersiyon.  At ito sa sa maliit mo lang na grupo! Paano pa kaya ang mga Defenders sa mga mas malaking pangkat?
  • Tungkol naman sa, “Huwag tayong labis na mabahala sa mga nakikita sa social media sa halip, gawin natin kung ano ang ating itinuturo, ayon sa mga doktrinang ating tinanggap.” at “Maging mapagpigil tayo at makita ang espirituwal na kahinugan sa lahat ng ating ginagawa”, ang sagot namin, “Amen”. At sinasabi namin ito na puno ng pangungutya. Gawin natin kung ano ang ipinangangaral natin, puwede ba? Walang pagtatangi. Huwag tayong maging paimbabaw!

“Huwag Tayong Pumayag na Maligaw” – Isang artikulo ni Junsam

Ang kahusayan ni Junsam sa pagsulat ay muling nahayag sa artikulong ito. Pinupuri namin siya sa pagdadala ng isyung ito sa social media dahil marami ang nadaya ng mga FB at blog posts na ginawa ng ilang kampo ng mga Defenders lalo na yaong pinangungunahan ni Lowell at ng mga tagasunod niya.

(Siyanga pala, may mga nagsasabi na si Liezl na ang nangunguna sa grupo, at si Lowell/AE ay naging isang tau-tauhan na lamang. Totoo man ito o hindi, sa ngayon, patuloy namin itong tatawagin na grupo o kampo ni Lowell. Tutal, siya naman ang nagsimula nito. Kung hindi na ganito ang tunay na kalagayan, maaari naman namin itong baguhin sa mga susunod na artikulo.)

Bagaman pabagsak ang suporta sa lider ng grupo, ang maliit na kampo ni Lowell ang patuloy na pinakamaingay at pinaka-aktibo sa social media. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit pinag-uukulan namin ng malaking panahon ang pagtalakay tungkol kay AE/Lowell sa blog na ito upang mabigyan ng pagkakataon ang mga nadaya niya na makapag isip-isip at makabalik.

Pagsang-ayon sa mga Pangunahing Puntos

Sa malaking bahagi, kami ay sumasang-ayon sa mga puntong isinaad ni Junsam sa kaniyang artikulo, lalo na:

  • “Ang paghikayat na ginagawa ng grupong ito sa mga kapatid na paghiwalay sa Iglesia ay pagtuturo ng pagtalikod. Samakatuwid, ang dati nilang ipinangangalandakan na restoration ay naging separation.”
  • “Ang batayan para pangatuwiranan nila ang kanilang aksiyon ay maling-mali, hindi maka-Biblia at mapanganib. Mali, dahil ang pagkasuklam sa mga ministrong OWE at sa mga kaanib ay hindi nangangahulugan na ang nag-iisang tunay na Iglesia ay mali na.” (Isinalin mula sa English)
  • “Totoong maraming mga ministro at mga kaanib na OWE ang “untrue” at ang kanilang mga gawain ay “abominable” o kasuklam-suklam, subalit ang Iglesiang katawan ni Cristo ay namamalaging “true” o tunay at hindi kasuklam-suklam sa Diyos sapagkat ito ay nilinis ng dugo ni Cristo.”
  • “Ang itinuturo ng grupong ito na ang buong Iglesia ay naitalikod na ay “unscriptural,” sapagkat ito ay tahasang paglabag sa doktrinang itinuro ng Sugo, ang Kapatid na Felix Y. Manalo, at ng Kapatid na Eraño G. Manalo.”
  • “Nakasulat sa mga hula ng Biblia na ang Iglesia Ni Cristo ang huling grupo o bahagi ng Iglesia, (wala nang ika-apat), na aabutan na ng Araw ng Paghuhukom kaya hindi na ito matatalikod (Zech. 13:7-9; Gawa 2:39; Apoc. 14:12-15).”
  • “Sa lahat ng mga “silent defenders,” hindi po namin kayo hinihikayat na kusang humiwalay sa Iglesia. Hinihikayat namin kayong ipagsanggalang ang Iglesia sa paraang manindigan kayo sa tama at huwag sumunod sa maling itinuturo ng mga naligaw na ministro.”
  • “… huwag tayong pumayag na ito ay mauwi sa paghiwalay o pagtatatag ng panibagong Iglesia.”

Ang katunayan, ang ating Panginoong Jesucristo mismo ang nagpahayag na yaong lamang mga nagtiis hanggang sa wakas ang maliligtas. (Mat. 24:13) Dahil dito, walang kapagurang hinikayat ng Ka Eraño G. Manalo ang mga kapatid na MANATILI SA IGLESIA. Pakinggan ang kaniyang pangangasiwa (mula sa Shield of Faith). Pansinin ang kanyang tagubilin: Anuman ang mangyari, manatili kayo sa Iglesia.” “Anuman” anya, sa madaling sabi… walang eksepyon! Bakit? Sapagkat maliwanag ang aral: Sa mga huling araw na ito, iisa lamang (iisa, hindi marami) ang susi sa kaligtasan, ang Iglesia ni Cristo. Saan pa tayo paroroon gayong walang kaligtasan sa labas ng Kaniyang katawan (Efe. 2:12; I Cor. 5:12-13)?

Ang Malaki Naming Kaibhan sa Isinaad ni Junsam

Kung saan kami mariing tumututol sa artikulo ni Junsam ay nang lumihis siya sa Kasulatan sa pagsasabing: “Sampalatayanan ninyong iyon ay itinulot na ng Diyos gayunpaman, hindi Siya ang nagtiwalag sa inyo sapagkat labag sa Kaniyang aral na ang itiwalag sa Iglesia o alisin sa talaan ay ang naninindigan sa tama at sumasalungat sa masama I Cor. 5:13”.

Mula sa Diyos ang Kahalalan ng Tagapamahala na Maglinis sa Iglesia

Walang pagtatalo na ang Diyos ay naglalagay ng lider na mangunguna sa Kaniyang bayan. Sa mga huling araw na ito, ang bayan ng Diyos ay ang Iglesia Ni Cristo. Inilagay niya ang tungkuling Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan upang pangasiwaan ang Iglesiang ito. Ang kasalukuyang naghahawak ng tungkuling ito ay ang Ka Eduardo V. Manalo. Bagaman kinukuwestiyon ng iba ang pagiging lehitimo ng pagkakalagay niya sa tungkulin, nananatili ang katotohanan na ipinahintulot ng Diyos na maitalaga siya sa posisyong iyon. Ang tungkuling Deputy Executive Minister ay ginawa upang gawing opisyal ang pagiging Pangalawa sa Namamahala at ang Ka Eduardo V. Manalo ay nahalal sa posisyong iyon sa pamamagitan ng buong pagkakaisang pagboto ng Sanggunian.

Karagdagan pa sa pagkakahalal bilang Deputy Executive Minister noong Mayo 6, 1994, ang Ka Eduardo ay itinalagang kahalili (“successor”) ng Ka Eraño upang matiyak ang pagpapatuloy ng pamamalakad ng Iglesia kung sakaling pagpahingahin na ang nakaupong Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan. Ito ay pinagtibay ng buong pagkakaisa ng mga liderato at mga tagapangasiwa ng distrito ng buong Iglesia. Ang Ka Eraño mismo ang nagsanay at naghanda sa Ka Eduardo para sa higit na malaking pananagutan na pangunahan niya ang buong Iglesia kung siya (Ka Eraño) ay namayapa na.

Binabalak naming talakayin ang paksa ukol sa “legitimacy” nang higit na detalyado sa isang artikulo sa hinaharap subalit, sa ngayon, sapat nang sabihin na hindi nagpahayag ang Ka Eraño ng kasalungat na hangarin sa mga miembro ng Sanggunian. Bagkos, ang Ka Eraño mismo ang pumili sa bawat miembro ng Sanggunian upang tumulong sa pagsasanay sa kaniyang panganay na anak at patuloy na tulungan siya kapag siya na ang nangunguna sa Iglesia.

Sino ba ang “masama” ayon sa Biblia?

Ang pagkakalagay sa tungkuling Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan ng kapatid na Eduardo ay kinilala at iginalang ni Lowell at Junsam nang sila ay nasa karapatan pa. Sila mismo ang nagturo at nagpahayag sa Iglesia na bilang Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan, ang Ka Eduardo lamang ang binigyan ng Diyos ng natatanging karunungam at kahalalan na kilalanin at itiwalag ang “masama” sa mga kaanib upang hindi mahawahan ang kabuuan ng Iglesia. Ipinangaral ito, kapuwa ni Lowell at Junsam, nang sila’y pareho pang nasa ministeryo! Ngunit ang katotohanang ito ay hindi nakapigil sa kanila para dalhin sa publiko ang kanilang mga personal na sama ng loob sa Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan at sa Sanggunian. Sinampaham pa ni Lowell ng kaso sa hukuman ang kapatid na Eduardo! Sa halip na magtiwala sa Diyos, kapuwa sila nasilaw sa katanyagan at nagtungo pa sa media at isiniwalat sa publiko ang dapat sana’y pribadong mga bagay ng Iglesia. Kapuwa sila pumanig sa mga itiniwalag na kapatid at ina ng Ka Eduardo at lumikha ng pagkakabaha-bahagi at eskandalo sa Iglesia!

Paano nilang sasabihin ngayon na ang kanilang pagkatiwalag (at ng kanilang mga tagasunod at iba pang mga defenders na nakagawa rin ng katulad na pagkakamali) ay hindi makatuwiran sa paningin ng Diyos? Ang kasamaan ng kanilang mga gawa ang dahilan kaya sila natiwalag. Sagana ang mga halimbawa mula sa Biblia kung ano ang nangyari sa mga lumaban sa lider na inilagay ng Diyos sa Kaniyang bayan. (Blg. 12:1-12; 16:1-35).

Kahit pagbigyan lamang, alang-alang sa argumento, sabihin nating may nagawang mali sa ilang pagkakataon, iyon ay isang bagay na ang Diyos ang magtutuwid at hindi ang tao. Hindi ito nagbibigay ng karapatan sa kaninoman para sumuway, hiyain o kuwestiyunin ang Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan. Alam ito ni Lowell dahil buong giting niyang sinabi:

“Sapagkat iisa po tayo ng pananampalataya na ang Kapatid na Eduardo V. Manalo ay siyang itinalaga ng Panginoong Diyos na lider ng Kaniyang Bayan at kinakailangan tayong pasakop sa kaniya. Walang sinomang maaaring makapagsulit sa namamahala sa Iglesia kundi ang Panginoong Diyos lamang. At iyan ang aking paninindigan noon hanggang ngayon… Kungpinayagan ng Panginoong Diyos na matganap ang lahat ng mga ito para sa paglilinis na nagaganap sa Iglesia, ang Panginoong Diyos din ang gagawa ng paraan upang kilusin ang tagapamahalang pangkalahatan upang isagawa ang kalooban ng Panginoong Diyos sa tamang panahon at sa paraan na loloobin ng Panginoong Diyos.” #8.

Kitang-kita na ang mga sinalitang ito ni Lowell, na pinaniwalaan ng mga Defenders na katulad namin, ay kinalimutan niyang lahat nang makalasap at nahibang siya ng katanyagan sa media at nakapanghiyakat ng mga tagasunod na susustento sa kanya. Ang kanyang mga pinagsasasabi at ikinikilos sa ngayon ay puno ng kahambugan, pagmamagaling at pagpapaimbabaw habang inaalipusta at iniinsulto niya ang Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan na sa pakiwari niya ay nahihigitan niya! Maaari rin naman na sa simula pa lang ay binalak na niyang linlangin ang mga kaanib sa Iglesia ni Cristo subali’t ikinubli niya ang kanyang tunay na saloobin sa diumano ay pagmamalasakit sa Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan upang makapanghikayat ng mga kaanib na maniniwala sa kanya!

Payo sa mga Nalinlang

Sa mga Defenders na natiwalag dahil sa ginawang pakikiisa sa mga mapandayang tagapanguna, mayroon tayong pagkakataon ngayon para makabalik at magsisi. Ang Diyos natin ay Diyos na mapagpatawad. Kung tayo’y buong ningas na mananalangin sa Diyos, buong kababang kikilalanin ang ating mga kasalanan, hihingi ng isa pang pagkakataon, at taglay ang nagsisising puso, humiling sa Pamamahala ng Iglesia na mabalik na may taimtim na pangako na hinding hindi na natin pawawalang kabuluhan ang ating kahalalan kailanman, kung gayon ay may pag-asa pa tayo. Kung hindi man maipagkaloob agad ang ating kahilingan dahil sa bigat ng ating nagawang kasalanan, kailangang lang tayong patuloy na manalangin habang buong tiyagang hinihintay natin ang araw na makababalik tayo sa kawan at maging karapat-dapat na muli sa biyaya ng Diyos. Salamat sa patuloy na patnubay ng Diyos lalo na po sa mga nagsimula na sa proseso ng pagbabalik-loob.

Sana po magsilbi ring pampalakas ang blog na ito sa mga nakatala pa upang hindi na kahit kailanman madayang muli mga mapanlinlang. Magtumibay po tayong lahat at laging ilagak ang sarili sa Panginoong Diyos at pasakop sa Pamamahala.

Sa pagtatapos, narito po ang recording ng Ka Eraño na puno ng pagmamahal at pagmamalasakit lalo na sa tulad nating naligaw ng landas. Pagpalain po tayo ng Ama!

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Introduction – English

*** Go to Tagalog original

Who we are individually is not important. What we represent collectively is what we hope you’d give your attention to.

The following is a brief history of how our journey started and where we are at this point in time. The in-between phases of how we evolved to the present, we shall reveal to you in our next series of articles.

”INC Defender” No More: The Story of Us

“INC Defenders” was how we called ourselves before, a term that evolved over time but started as a reference to members of the Iglesia ni Cristo who started questioning and exposing what looked like irregularities and corruption within the ranks of the Church Council or Sanggunian.

The Blog that Started it All

Even though we weren’t known during those times as “Defenders”, we were all fascinated by a blog called “Iglesia ni Cristo Silent No More” which was created by someone who introduced himself as a minister with a name of Antonio Ebanghelista or AE. Bro. AE was hailed as the daring leader of all “Defenders”, who loves and values the Church, and whose objective is pure and clean.

The Lure

The following are some of the statements and promises of Bro. AE who many thought was a man of principle and a trustworthy leader by his followers, including us. In future articles, we will examine these and other declarations he made to see how his actions up to the present measure up to his written and spoken statements.


Translated from original Tagalog article:

I will never advocate any action that is against Doctrine just to advance changes that will lead to the purifying of the Church. I will not encourage anyone not to worship, or not give regular or special offering, or Aid to Humanity contributions. Because these are sacred teachings we received and never can a mistake be corrected by another mistake … I will never encourage participation in a strike or boycott or rally. I will not recommend anything that will lead to violence or going against the teachings we received. I will also not recommend any doctrine or faith or book that teaches faith founded on human wisdom and not based on the wisdom of God’s teachings .

Notice Bro. AE’s perspective when his blog was just starting out. It was his high regard and respect for Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo, not the contempt and ridicule we find in Bro. AE’s later articles, that won us and early supporters over to stand by him.

Translated from original Tagalog article:

I will never advocate going against the Executive Minister or replacing the Executive Minister, NEVER. Even our life, we are prepared to give to our beloved Executive Minister. For anything concerning the administration of the Church, the Executive Minister will be directly answerable to the Lord God. I have no right and neither does anyone among us, to judge the Executive Minister.


Translated from original Tagalog article:

“8. Why do you criticize the Executive Minister, do you not know that it was God who appointed him to lead the Church?

Never did I go against, criticized, or pre-empted the Executive Minister. If you would only please read everything that I have written, you will see no trace of opposition to the Executive Minister. Why? Because we are of one faith that Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo is who our Lord God appointed to lead His Nation and we need to subject ourselves to him. No one has the right to question the Church administrator other than our Lord God to whom he is directly accountable. And that is my firm stand, back then until the present time.

Led by Bro. AE, we used social media as a tool to express our concerns, believing that was the only way available to us to get the attention of our Executive Minister who we were told was being blindsided by the members of the Council.

Some of us were with Bro. AE from the beginning, before we found out he was Bro. Lowell Menorca II. Some of us joined his group later. And some of us joined him initially but later switched to, or directly joined, another group of defenders, such as those led by other ministers like Bros. Jun Samson, Kelly Ong (Joy Yuson). Farley de Castro, Louie Caybyab, Rolando Dizon, Nhel Dela Uso and Allan Montederamos.


We remember how we eagerly waited for Bro. AE to publish his next revelation. Every article he published further opened our eyes and magnified our negative sentiments and deep resentment toward the Council. We were quite convinced that we were on the right and the Council is the enemy that needed to be exposed so the Executive Minister can take appropriate action. This way, Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo will be able to “RESTORE THE CHURCH TO ITS FORMER PRISTINE CONDITION, FREE FROM ALL FORMS OF CORRUPTION”. From

Through Bro. AE, we learned various allegations of corrupt practices of the ministers of the Church in high positions, assets of the Church that were secretly sold or mortgaged, the extravagant lifestyle of members of the Council that are not compatible with what should have been simple existence based on assistance or “tulong” they receive, and Church expenditures that seem excessive or extravagant, measured by any standard. We believed the stories Bro. AE wrote as they matched our observations based on what we heard or our own experiences in our respective locals and districts.

We also heard the accounts of officers from other places that matched the same stories. Despite all this, Bro. AE, at least in the beginning, did not suggest rebelling against the Church or leaving the Church. In clarifying his stance, he vehemently declared “WE HAVE NEVER GONE AGAINST, OR SPOKEN AGAINST, THE CHURCH ADMINISTRATION. WE HAVE NO DESIRE TO REPLACE THE CURRENT EXECUTIVE MINISTER WHOM WE HAVE VOWED TO LOVE, OBEY, AND RESPECT. WE REMAIN FAITHFUL TO THE DOCTRINES OF THE IGLESIA NI CRISTO. IT IS OUT OF LOVE FOR THE CHURCH THAT WE DO WHAT WE DO. DO NOT EVER FORGET THAT. ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU OTHERWISE IS A LIAR.” From This is the premise that we believed in and what we did in the past, was consistent with that belief.

The Composition of “INC Defender” No More group

  • Those who were expelled

Like Bro. AE, we hid ourselves in ‘dummy’ social media accounts or accounts that use fictitious names. In addition, those among us who joined in delivering food and other necessities in Tandang Sora and participated in vigils in various places also needed to hide our faces for fear that we might be targeted by the powerful Council. However, in the end, our true identities were revealed. For openly expressing our disappointment and frustration because we were convinced by allegations of improper use of Church funds as well as other activities that are not based on Christian doctrine (as received from the Messenger of God in these last days and from Bro. Eraño G. Manalo), we were expelled. In some cases, entire families were expelled. Whether these expulsions make sense or are “unjust”, as some claim is debatable. We shall reserve that topic in our future articles.

  • Those who Voluntarily Left the Church


The more “courageous” among us did not wait to be discovered and instead decided to leave the Church, brainwashed by promoters of the so-called “Big Bang”, Bros. Lowell Menorca II and Louie Cayabyab. On April 30, 2016 (May 1 in the Philippines), some of us simultaneously signed a letter called “Declaration of Loyalty to God”. What that is, in essence, is a letter of voluntary resignation from the Church, which is tantamount to signing our own death warrants.

Lamentably, some of us did pay a very high price for our reckless decisions.

  • Those who Stayed Inside the Church

The majority of us chose to remain in the Church even though they shared similar sentiments as other Defenders. Although they are not blind to the problems which beset the Church and its leadership, they leave it up to God to rectify whatever needs correction rather than take matters into their own hands.

This last category of defenders is also known as “Silent Defenders”. They are the target of derision among some of their expelled and more vocal counterparts, with the latter sometimes assailing the former’s credibility and conviction as “Defenders”. As it turns out though, for choosing to remain in the Church, these quiet defenders are the wisest of the bunch. We didn’t know it then, but now we do.

The Dawn of Awakening

In whichever category we may belong, we now have a common and stronger bond than before – the realization that even though we started with good intentions, we have allowed ourselves to be deceived by Defender ministers who: 1) now promote doctrines different from what we received from God’s Last Messenger; 2) have become corrupt like the Council members they attack; 3) betrayed their once lofty principles in pursuit of fame and ambition and in some cases, material gain; and 4) are more interested in advancing their personal agenda rather than safeguarding the spiritual welfare of the Defenders.

Although our disenchantment with the Defender ministers was a major reason for changing our minds, more than this, it is our renewed conviction in the fundamental doctrine that provoked the change, THAT OUTSIDE OF THE CHURCH OF CHRIST, THERE IS NO SALVATION.

This realization gives us hope that God has not forsaken us. We still have a chance to turn back from the wrong path we took. Although we are outside of the Church now, someday, the Father will forgive our past transgressions and guide us back to the path of salvation. With a contrite and meek heart, we beg God to save us from certain death and accept us again into the Iglesia ni Cristo, the one true Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ and the only Church He would save on His return. We pray it is not too late for us and that the Church Administration will see through our repentant hearts, and restore our membership in the Church, one we have so rashly and foolishly thrown away. May God show us mercy by giving us an opportunity to reform ourselves, make amends for our past mistakes by exposing what the Defender movement has become and WHY THIS MOVEMENT CANNOT POSSIBLY BELONG TO GOD.

Some Questions that Baffle the Minds of Defenders

These are some of the common questions raised by Defenders today. We shall answer them in the next series of articles:

  1. What are the Defenders really fighting for?
  2. In which part of the Bible is it stated that there is salvation outside the Church as portrayed by the leadership of the Defenders?
  3. Should we follow the call of some faction of defenders that brethren should leave the Church?
  4. Are Defenders justified in calling themselves the “True Members” of the Church? If not, why not?
  5. Is there any doctrinal basis for the establishment of Worship Services by Defenders?
  6. Does God find the EGM, GPM and Committee Prayer currently being done by Defenders acceptable?
  7. Where did the belief of some Defenders come from that Ka EVM is not the true Executive Minister of the Church?
  8. What is the proof that one of Bro. Marc or Angel was appointed by Bro. Erano G. Manalo to become his successor?
    1. If one of them is the real Executive Minister, then how come neither one has come out in the open to lead the Defenders?
    2. Why do they let chaos and division reign among the Defenders?
  9. Why is it that up to now, despite clamor for transparency in the handling of H2O funds, the concerned individuals have been mum?
  10. Until when are the brethren inside 36TS going to rely on assistance from the Defenders?

Our Mission

Through this blog, we hope that other Defenders, who were likewise deceived, will also be enlightened. With what we intend to reveal in this blog, we hope that they will have enough courage to break away from false leaders whose goal is lead them to a path that leads to certain death.

If they were expelled due to their participation in the Defender movement, we encourage them to join us in our desire to return to the true Church, the Iglesia ni Cristo. As for Defenders who are still members of the Church, we hope that this blog will inspire you to better appreciate your election and protect it no matter the cost. Together, may we all serve God in peace inside His Holy Church!

Please do not miss our next article. We hope that you will continue to join us in this spiritual journey. May God continue to bless His people, His Administration and the supporters of this blog!

Praise the Father, we are now “INC Defenders” No More!

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