The Folly of Self-Admiration

So that’s the strategy, eh? When  cornered, jump to a different topic. Well… ok, if that’s what you want – way of the losers!

Today, we shall talk about WORDS. Adjectives, to be specific. Some people like to pepper their sentences with them, some say, in a pathetic attempt to sound witty.

True or not, this article is dedicated to someone who has an affinity for such style, someone who likes to project himself onto others (the clinical term for it is “psychological projection”), who uses words which, alas, actually describe himself better than the object of his invectives.

Shall we begin?


The first word is: ARROGANT.

Ouch! You frequently use this word to describe others when it fits you to a tee! Why, we are fairly certain that somewhere in the etymology of that word, and the word LIAR, we can find your name!

Speaking of ARROGANCE… we have been forgetting to share a little story that has come to us through the judicial grapevine. Remember your Amparo case? The one that was in progress at the Court of Appeals during the time of your grand flight from justice? Well, it appears you would have lost the case anyway even if you had stayed. And you would have had only yourself to blame! (By your own words, the Justices treated you fairly so you can’t recant now and pull the same old tiresome excuse that they were “influenced”.)

So why will you have lost? According to a court insider, it was because of the WEAKNESS OF YOUR OWN TESTIMONY the last day you graced the court with your magnificent presence! After all the media hype you created — that you were arrested on your way to court because INC wanted to stop you from testifying – all you delivered, when you had your chance for a fireworks display, was a FIZZLE! Out of your own mouth, you testified on cross that there was no direct threat on your life or your family’s! Well so much for your infamous “UNDER DURESS” excuse, eh? You made everyone believe that a gun was pointed at your head when you sold your own bosses and close allies down the river, clearly a lie, when everyone could see how RELAXED and OVERFED you were in the video.

Did you know that even the media was crestfallen over your “performance” in court? They were salivating to report a bombshell at the evening news but were so disappointed that all they got for their effort was a sputter!  You didn’t see that though, did you? Nope. Because you were far too dazzled by your own brilliance. Tsk.. Tsk..

And apparently, you didn’t fool the Justices with your courtroom drama, either. In fact, the water cooler talk is that the Justices couldn’t stand your ARROGANCE inside and outside the courtroom! Whoa! There’s that word again! But yes, that was the word they used – ARROGANCE!

In your smugness, you challenged the Administration to file LIBEL cases against the “defenders”. Don’t be so impatient, your turn will come…when you least expect it, so stay on your toes! Forget your useless taunts at the  Executive Minister. Have you not learned anything yet, our not-so-little grasshopper? Novice tactlessness does not work, never did, never will.

And not that we can read tea leaves but though the Church Administration has every right to seek legal relief from your unbelievably stupid attacks in social media (why not complain in INTERNATIONAL COURT, eh?), it would be far smarter to focus on criminal offenses since they carry much more severe penalties, don’t you think? We’re sure you know what we’re talking about, no need to be coy. The truth will all come out in the end anyway. Isn’t that the mantra of the “defenders”? That the truth will prevail? Well, we are confident it shall. When God’s hand moves again, another person, or people, will end up in JAIL but it won’t be the Executive Minister! And no one will bother to visit him, or them, not after the criminal acts they have done are exposed! 

Moving on to the next word: HOLY!

Did you not even cringe when you used this word? And who do you consider “holy”? Surely you don’t mean yourself.  Did we not discuss this already? Let’s refresh your memory then, perhaps you’ve forgotten. But watch out, isn’t it a tad early for Alzheimer’s to be knocking at your door? Or is memory lapse a consequence of having told too many lies to too  many people for too long? Here’s the article we wrote about your “holiness”. Feel free to read again. Based on the number of views, this was a favorite, ranking next to the Fruto exposé.

Let’s take the next word: CORRUPT.

Hmmm… such a serious word. We won’t regale our readers today with stories involving politicians and political favors in exchange for money and other benefits. For now, let us just mention that at the center of these stories is a minister’s son. The minister used to be a member of the Church Council. In fact, he was formerly the Administrative Secretary of the Church. He was faithful to two administrations – Bro. Erano’s and Bro. Eduardo’s – and enjoyed the trust and friendship of both leaders.

During his tenure, his son was a BEM student and then became a regular worker. A lover of money, inherently deceitful and CORRUPT, the son took advantage of his father’s position in the Church and Bro. Erano Manalo’s trust to manipulate his own father and the Church system using knowledge gained from working the inner sanctum of his father’s offices…

That’s all we can share for now. Suspense!  Wait for the hair-raising details in a future article. Just don’t forget this word: CORRUPT.

Next word: COWARD.

Excuse our language but who exactly is it who didn’t have the balls to face his accusers in court? Who fled the country to escape the criminal charges of adultery and libel, filed by individuals who only wanted to see justice done? For all your talk about principle and fighting for the truth, your escape seemed like the easy way out. For a COWARD. And the GUILTY.  

How about the word: PERSECUTOR?

Do you actually read your articles before you click on the “Publish” button? Not only are they full of CONTRADICTIONS, they are  overflowing with HATE. Uncontrollable RAGE might be a more appropriate term, actually. All directed at the Executive Minister. Why? Is it because he doesn’t respond to you? Do you feel ignored? Does it hurt your pride that he doesn’t pay attention to your tirades? With all those hateful words spewing out of your mouth, you’re the one who comes out looking like an aggressor, a gangster, and a PERSECUTOR! And Bro. Eduardo, the persecuted! Watch out. All that rage can’t be good for the heart, especially one enveloped with FAT!  

Lastly, let’s tackle these three words – LOVE OF PARENTS.

Every time you uplift yourself to the role of a “model son”   is a chance you use to take a swipe at the Executive Minister. Why is that? Afraid you won’t rise without putting someone else down? But what kind of a son are you, really?

If your father were living today, we would have loved to hear his thoughts. How devastating it must be for a father to see his own son seeking to destroy the very thing he held most dear (the Church) — one he esteemed even greater than his own family! In this sentiment, he is admirably One with EVM and the rest of the ministers! Yay for the father!!

Now that he is dead, not only do you continue to DISRESPECT his memory — with people wondering if your parents have somehow been negligent, or what loose upbringing you had growing up that you turned out this way! The biggest slap though was when you took away his wife’s chance at salvation! You took advantage of her infirm condition to bend her to your will! And as if that weren’t enough, SHAMELESSLY, you use her at every opportunity to gain sympathy from others and score points for yourself. What’s next, we wonder? Do you also plan to use her to raise funds? Make her raise her palm for alms? H2O not enough??  

What you have really done is send your own mother to hell. So while your father is just waiting to receive God’s final reward to live with Him in His Holy kingdom, thanks to his son, his wife will be facing eternal condemnation! Whenever we recall how you egg the Administration on to expel her during your GPM’s, we grimace at the heartlessness of your actions. You were almost begging for a death sentence for that wheelchair-bound woman!  That is the MOST HATEFUL, CRUELEST, and MOST ABOMINABLE thing any son can do to his mother! And you call it LOVE??! We don’t know how our readers feel, but the word MURDERER is what comes to mind!

While we’re on the subject, remember that DOUBLE STANDARD you’ve bandied around? Once again, YOU’RE DEAD WRONG! Brethren, this is a classic example of what happens after the Holy Spirit has abandoned a person – he spews garbage, makes baseless allegations, and MISJUDGES – because there is no light in him anymore!

For your information, there is no double standard! Fredisminda Robosa Menorca has been EXPELLED for quite sometime now. Her name was not read in a circular to spare her from embarrassment in respect of her old age. To the end, the Executive Minister has shown her much consideration – take that as his last act of compassion towards the wife of the late Bro. Lowell Casis Menorca, former Church Council member, respected elder, and friend.


To former “defenders” who have turned away from the path of  destruction and who are now on their way back to the only Church that belongs to God, and to the silent ones who have turned around quietly, let us be grateful for the chance we have been given to return to Him. Let us be joyful for God’s loving and HUMBLING mercy. How we’ve come to this re-enlightenment is not important. What is important is that we can now sleep peacefully at night confident that no matter what happens to us and our families, we can count on God’s promise of eternal life. From hereon, let us walk FIRMLY, CONSISTENTLY and FAITHFULLY on God’s side and on the side of His Administration.

God bless us all! Till next time!

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Suspicion does not a Crime Make

(Note: This section was added after the original posting.)

Come on, come on, come on… people!  Especially those who consider themselves superior thinkers.   Can you not expand your horizon a teeny-weeny bit more? Your tunnel vision is truly amazing! Is that the best that you can do?

Come on… really… Everything bad that happens in the world, you blame on the Church?! Even natural catastrophes, you take out on the Administration?! Before you know it, even world hunger and pestilence will also be the fault of the Executive Minister!  We just laugh and shake our heads at your silliness sometimes. How can people who like to think they are the smartest people in the world come to the conclusions you come to, as if there is only one possible explanation for everything?! No wonder, save for Rappler, which not many pay attention to, major broadsheets and media network have chosen to ignore your so-called press release, even though it was sent twice! We believe the term the media people used was “media fatigue” – this tiresome, constant drumbeat for sympathy, recycled news and made-up controversy. Oh, but what were we thinking?? The lack of news coverage is due to the influence of the Church, too! Gosh… you know, there are meds available now for your condition. Go seek help, please… Truly, we are concerned. 

All jesting aside, (clearing our throats…) our message is – let’s not be too quick with the finger pointing, especially absent direct, beyond-reasonable-doubt proof. We’ve already said this before. There are subjects that are appropriate to discuss in social media; there are those that are better left for the courts. Allegations of criminal behavior, even implied, against a person, natural or juridical, are a serious matter. One reason why a person would prefer to do that in social media is if the charges are mere suspicions made to appear as facts. (Or Heaven forbid, if the circumstances are deliberately contrived!) So why these FB posters gasp a feigned surprise when the inevitable lawsuit comes is really beyond us. Then sure enough, here come the opportunists ready to trumpet the overused and abused sympathy card, even calling out to various international agencies and this time, even to the United States Embassy in the Philippines!  Incidentally, what happened to the cases that were supposedly going to be filed in “international courts”?! Or was that just another huffing and puffing bluster from the group-which-must-not-be-named? 

The case of missing “defenders” and the “defender” who died a violent death

We never rejoice over someone’s misfortune, least of all, someone’s death. We feel sorry for the family members who are oftentimes, the innocent victims of a tragic or otherwise unfortunate event. At such time, it is normal for the family to only think about the victim’s positive qualities. It is also normal for them to be angry. That is quite expected. However, what is NOT acceptable is for the victim’s loved ones, or more so, for those simply riding on the situation, to presume culpability for the crime on anyone, absent facts and publish the same in social media. It is not only unfair for the person or people being openly accused of the crime, whether directly or by insinuation. Such behavior is reckless and unfortunately for the accusers, criminal!

Actions meant to take advantage of someone’s death or unfortunate circumstance to stir up “defender” sentiment against the Executive Minister, perhaps to – uplift the sagging morale of the “defenders”; or wave the worn-out flag of unity to bring together the various camps; or use it as an instrument of deceit to recruit more supporters who will contribute to H2O’s shrinking coffers; or worse, to milk the situation for selfish gains – are not only reprehensible, they are immoral!

*** Beware, brethren! Not everything you read in social media is true! Be more discerning! ***

Getting down to specifics – Lito Fruto’s case

The first thing an objective investigator looking into this case would do is build a profile of the victim – what was he like when he was living? Understanding the man that he was is crucial in determining who would want to harm him and why. And why his life ended so violently.

Profiling Mr. Fruto 

Far be it from us to speak ill of the dead, but with a personality profile needing to be built, we’ve let his co-“defenders” do the deed. After all, they don’t strike us as the bashful type. Screenshots of their numerous posts and comments are provided at the end of this article but here are the links if you want to follow them:

The Elias Arkangkel camp, which Mr. Fruto has likewise offended, has also chimed in:

The following posts have been deleted so we can’t provide the links anymore but thank you for the blog follower who sent me these:

To summarize, the overriding theme to all these posts is love of money and deceitful conduct by a man who seemed to be despised by his own comrades – a man who was prone to foul language, unrestrained tirades, and general ill-temperedness.

Fraud case in the U.S. against Mr. Fruto

While some may discount the above posts as unfounded accusations made by a small group of “defenders”, that argument quickly loses force in light of a criminal case involving fraud filed by the United States Department of Justice (“US DOJ”) against Mr. Fruto.

The case, which was tried in the Guam District Court, resulted in a Warrant of Removal issued against Mr. Fruto, remanding him to the custody of the US Marshall for removal to the Central District of California. The charge was for fraud committed against the United States government!

This is the legal definition of fraud:

Details about Mr. Fruto’s case in the US, filed in 1999 and completed in 2005, follow:


References to US Codes contained in the above court record:

8 U.S. Code § 1324 – Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

18 U.S. Code § 1546 – Fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents

18 U.S. Code § 1341 – Frauds and swindles

18 U.S. Code Chapter 19 – CONSPIRACY

This charge ties in to what Dean Torres alluded to in his post dated October 2016:


Mr. Fruto appealed his Conviction

For completeness, we’d like to state that in October 2002, Mr. Fruto did appeal his case to the United States Court of Appeals after the District Court for the Central District of California ruled in favor of the plaintiff, the US DOJ.

Previously, the District Court has convicted Mr. Fruto of “procuring Immigration and Naturalization Service documents by fraud, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1546, on charges arising from his participation in a massive immigration fraud scheme.

In November 2002, without requiring oral arguments, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel in Pasadena, California unanimously AFFIRMED the decision of the District Court on all counts. Mr. Fruto’s conviction was upheld. Ref. File  #99-50763.

The pattern continued

Back in his home country, it seemed Mr. Fruto did not turn a new leaf. In addition to the ongoing  criminal charges of rape, attempted rape, and libel which made the news, there were lesser known charges of sexual assault filed by another individual against Mr. Fruto as well as indirect contempt filed by an attorney. See attached excerpts obtained from public records.


It would appear, this is not the extent of Mr. Fruto’s financial and legal worries. The word on the street which is also whispered among “defender” circles is that Mr. Fruto was a known “estafa-dor”. Estafa… again, a crime involving money and deceit.

The legal definition of estafa is as follows:

Unfortunately, because we wanted to get this article out as soon as possible, we were not able to do an exhaustive search for all estafa cases filed against Mr. Fruto. Nonetheless, we found this ongoing case filed from back in 2013, two years BEFORE the Defender movement was born. The complainant, a certain Elena Roque Pascual, a heart patient, had filed a case against Mr. Fruto for practicing medicine without a license and for collecting money from her with intent to defraud. Based on the papers we’ve obtained, as of 8/23/2013 or a week after the case was filed, Mr. Fruto was arrested and taken into custody at the Quezon City Jail and NBI in Manila.

With all these ongoing cases, it is no wonder Mr. Fruto seemed to be running out of money all the time. Legal fees are no joke in the Philippines that at one point, he clamored H2O to dish out P150,000/month for his legal and other needs!

“Defenders” used to complain that Mr. Fruto would solicit funds directly from them for one reason or another, but the money didn’t actually reach the intended beneficiary. Sometimes, the beneficiary he would campaign for was 36TS!

Alternate Theories to Mr. Fruto’s Tragic End

Given Mr. Fruto’s sustained pattern involving money and deceit:

Is it possible that Mr. Fruto, with his money-making schemes, might have crossed paths with some seriously bad elements which then led to his violent demise? Or might it also be that the perpetrator is an otherwise decent person who was pushed to the edge and was desperate to get even with him for the wrong done to him or his family?

Admittedly, both are speculations but certainly within the realm of reason.  What we are postulating is this: All told, isn’t it more likely that Mr. Fruto’s death is money-related, NOT principle-related, as deceitful “defender leaders” with ulterior motives would have us believe? But let’s leave the final determination up to the law enforcement and courts of justice, shall we?

Scattered to the wind

Whether this tragic ending is a fitting denouement for someone with Mr. Fruto’s profile is not for us to say. The purpose of this article is not to malign the dead but to prove the ridiculousness of recent noise made by detractors in social media.

In response to the wild allegations and accusations of the desperate cyber town criers against the Church and the Executive Minister, we have this to say:

While this may be difficult, especially for Mr. Fruto’s family to hear, the truth is: whether he lived or died is immaterial to the Church. The same goes for the rest of the detractors. The Church has and will continue to assert its rights under the law and will seek legal redress where it deems appropriate but in the bigger scheme of things, these detractors are INSIGNIFICANT. Their efforts will come to NOTHING. As the Bible foretold, like the rebellious souls who have come before them, they, too, will scatter and disappear, in God’s own way and in God’s own time. (Acts 5:34-39 MSG)

Our Almighty God’s promise to protect and guide His Church reigns supreme. (Isaiah 41:13-14 NKJV) Her enemies notwithstanding, the Church’s many successes under the leadership of the current Executive Minister are a testament to the fulfillment of God’s enduring promise to His nation in these last days. God’s work cannot be hindered.  Let His will prevail!

P.S.  A special note to Lowell: Thank you for reading, rather, perusing our articles. We are glad to be able to improve your lexicon. Feel free to look up any word and add it to your vocabulary. Our writing style is also not copyrighted so carry on and imitate away! Truly, we don’t mind. On the contrary, we are flattered. 





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Q&A with Readers – Part 1

Dear Brother/Sister Anonymous,

Thank you for reaching out and continuing to engage in dialogue with us.

To honor our promise to respect your privacy, we are not going to publish your letters or mention your name, civil status, or gender and will make no reference to your particular situation.  However, with your permission, we’d like to share with our readers some of the questions you have raised, hoping that our answers to them will benefit other followers of this blog as well.

You wanted to know how our group decided to break away from the “defender” movement — was it a sudden epiphany or was it a gradual process? You also asked how we went about our reinstatement. Did we write to the Executive Minister right away or did we seek counseling from a minister first? How did we acquire the courage and humility to return after what we have done?

On the question of whether our decision to break away was sudden or gradual, it was a combination of both. As we have said in previous articles, we were pioneer “defenders”. We had a different mentality compared to the ones who joined later. None of us anticipated those at the helm to steer the movement toward rebellion against the Church Administration; that was something we didn’t sign up for.

Back in the early days, the “defenders” used to pray for the Executive Minister every night. We loved and respected Bro. Eduardo. We never had any expectation of perfection. After all, INC does not have a doctrine on the infallibility of our leaders. What we recognized, without a doubt, was his divine authority, that he was placed there by God to lead His nation. That he, and no one else, least of all, us, was chosen for that divine role.

The original “defender” group was founded not to question the decisions made by the Executive Minister but to make him aware of certain elements in the Church that required his attention. We thought we’d serve as his eyes and ears but where we went wrong was in exposing our findings and our conclusions (valid or not) based on those findings, in social media. At that time, we were convinced there was no other way to reach the Executive Minister. We know better now. But that was the spirit of the movement before – to help the Executive Minister.

The character and the objectives of the movement underwent a major  shift. We are now convinced that the real motive of the early leaders was to bring down the administration of Bro. Eduardo Manalo. The other early recruits were of the same mind as our cunning “defender” leaders. Evil lurked in their rebellious hearts even then.

The undisclosed purpose of the group, which was to replace Bro. Eduardo with one of his younger brothers, was camouflaged at first in order to attract target members who were mostly faithful Church officers. But to the everlasting chagrin of the expelled leaders, their plan met with an unexpected twist – neither brother wanted to come out and openly challenge their older brother!

In the meantime, the “defenders” were left in a state of quandary. Without a 2-9 or a 3-0 to openly lead them, they became further divided as new leaders sprang forth and formed new groups. But they were just as flawed and egotistic as those who were there from the start. We know because some of us tried to switch groups. Each one thought he was better and smarter than the others. There are those who wanted to be left on their own. Some wanted to be part of a larger group but still maintain their own independence. Some craved the limelight. To this day, there are those who are so desperate to be noticed that they bring every little noise they make to the, by and large, disinterested media.

Naturally, there was the money angle, the root of all evil! Money was pouring in especially during the early days. Uncontrolled. Unaudited, as it is now. Several top-of-the-line gadgets, either needed for the cause or just personal whims, were bought on demand, unchecked and without question. Dishonest “defender” leaders saw an opportunity to divert funds from generous and trusting financiers, into their own pockets. They started to attack each other to protect their own self-interest. Truly, the old adage “There is no honor among thieves” was fulfilled in these expelled preachers.

They all enjoy mocking INC ministers who may, or may not, have erred in judgment but these false preachers are much, much worse than those they attack. They excel in DECEIT. They fool the very people they lead! Saints these “defender” preachers are not. They are liars! Corrupt! Immoral! Arrogant! Shameless! The only difference is that whereas some go about their normal activities unobtrusively, the thicker-faced ones prefer to strut.

We saw all these but we kept our mouths shut. Our hearts were loyal to the leader of our respective camps. But our minds took a mental note of everything that was going on. Until one day, one by one, our intellect started to question our heart. With objective eyes, we took a stock of everything that had transpired before and what continued to happen, even to this day. And we wondered if what we were doing still made sense. It was a process we each went through individually, without communicating with each other or anyone else but God. We started to hold our own personal devotional prayer, separate from the daily/nightly prayer of the “defender” groups.

These are among the questions that made us restless. If this “defender” organization were truly of God, then why did it feel more like a dysfunctional family? Why are the leaders not united? In the entire history of this movement, unity was no more than an elusive dream. There have been numerous calls to come together but they all fell into deaf ears. Even Angel, aka 2-9, aka “John McClane”, the recognized leader of all “defenders”, couldn’t bring the different camps under a unified platform. To this day, “defenders” are not of one mind, or faith, or belief, or worship, or  practice. They will never be united. There are too many irreconcilable differences in basic beliefs and personalities, so much so that, at one point, they even resorted to expelling each other! Others have even labeled themselves as the “true defenders”, thereby making all others fake!  Some even took pains, using disclaimers in both Tagalog and English, to distance themselves from the shameless and corruption-laden fundraising activities of other groups!

It might appear to some that the “defender” preachers under Louie Cayabyab are together. Don’t be fooled… it’s mostly for political reasons that they appear to be in “one camp”. Underneath, these preachers and their respective constituencies do not think alike; they vary in their beliefs, at the doctrinal level as well as in the more practical aspects. But in one thing, these leaders are in agreement – that Louie, their supposed leader, preaches more like a Protestant pastor than a former INC minister! Oh my… What is it they say as they snicker about with their close buddies, behind Louie’s back? That he’s “feeling intellectual”??  That they have to force themselves to stay awake whenever he preaches?? By golly, what backstabbers! But as someone once said, what can one expect when one keeps snakes in their backyard – that they will only bite their neighbors?!  

Personalities and lack of unity aside, the most potent game-changer for us was that we cared about our personal salvation and that of our family. At the end of the day and beyond all rhetoric, that is what counts. Deep inside, we knew the doctrine. (As do the former-but-now-expelled-ministers who lead this revolt, whatever they may say in public.) If salvation can only be attained inside the Church, then what were we doing outside?? For those of us who left the movement, though we did not leave together, we all left for the same reason — we all wanted to be saved!

Others joined us later on; some were even outspoken critics of the Church Administration before as well as big contributors to the funds that supported former 36TS residents. When we asked them what made them seek reinstatement, the reason they gave was the same – where else would they go to be saved? Why would they continue to risk their own and their family’s salvation for a flawed cause led by unscrupulous leaders who cry out corruption when they are the ones who are corrupt! Or waste their money on people who never showed any concern for them but only wanted to continue the luxuries they think they are entitled to because they are “angkan ng sugo”? Or join another group led by those who claim to “stand up for the truth” when they are the biggest liars of all?

As to how we specifically requested to be reinstated, some of us wrote to Bro. Eduardo right after the conclusion of our personal devotional prayer. Others sought counselling from a trusted minister before writing. We were all sincere, humble and repentant, as we surrendered ourselves and confessed our sins to him. In all cases, either Bro. Eduardo met with us directly or if he’s not available, he sent a minister to speak with us and counsel us, on his behalf.

In the Executive Minister (or his delegate), we found a compassionate and loving audience. We erred so badly against the Church and against him. In spite of that, we were shown respect as we were counseled patiently yet firmly.

Some of us were accepted right away, others were made to wait for a period of time while others were put on hold to test their sincerity and perseverance in wanting to return.

Returning to the Church was the best decision we ever made in our life. Although we are currently in various stages of reinstatement, in our hearts, we are confident we are going to reach our goal. With God’s continuing mercy and guidance, someday, we shall all be where He had intended us to be all along — inside the Church! Praise be to our Lord God!


In a continuation article, we shall answer your other questions, brother/sister. In the meantime, we urge you to persist with your devotional prayer. You are already on the right track. Do not lose hope. Pray earnestly for the Lord to once again incline His ears in your direction that you and your loved ones may find the courage to keep on walking in the way He wants you to go.  As promised, for as long as you need, we’ll be at your side, holding your hand.



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Dimmed… doomed… damned!

AE’s last hurrah?

Poor washed up Lowell… desperate to recapture the old glory that was AE…furiously writing article after article to make his supporters feel better about the “extra” H2O funds that wind up in his pockets even as his fellow expelled preachers shake their heads in disgust…

Lies you suspected, we hereby confirm

So this is what happens WHEN ONE’S LIGHT HAS COMPLETELY DIMMED. We didn’t think it was possible for the dark to go even darker but the recent articles in Lowell’s blog have proven just that.

On how Lowell tries to explain the change in his attitude towards the Administration… He keeps forgetting that WE KNOW HIM. Does he really expect us to buy this load of, for lack of a better word, crap? He convinced the early recruits that he respected and recognized the divine authority of Bro. Eduardo Manalo as Executive Minister and that the sole purpose of his AE blog was to make the Executive Minister aware of some of the irregularities in the Church. But underneath all that pretense, he had always nurtured the idea that he would start a rebellion if his plans did not materialize. After his relationship with Angel and Marc soured (seriously, did he expect it to be business as usual after he squealed their names as the men behind the rebellion?), he was left dangling. He craved the fame of the early days and the attention of the media. He needed to survive, he was jobless. Politically, it would be difficult to justify the continuing support from H2O without jumping on the oppression and persecution bandwagon. That required open rebellion. This did not require much effort though because he had a helper – Satan! So he comes up with another lie explaining the change in the tone of his articles.  People who don’t really know the whole story might buy that. But not us, we’re smarter than that.

How many times have we witnessed how lies so easily rolled off his tongue? Or his remarkable ability to lie without batting an eye?

Or how he would manipulate a situation, even use “defenders” who were more than willing to do his bidding, to his personal and political advantage?

Or how natural it was for him to create a situation that would make his former “competition” (you know, like Joy “Kelly Ong” Yuson), look bad in a failed attempt to regain his position as Angel’s “go to” person?

And… get this. How many times did Lowell connive with his “partner” (guess who?  ) to compose and send a letter to his blog, or sometimes, write the letter himself? He would then publish this fictitious letter under “Voice of the Brethren” AND would reply to it as “AE”. Can you imagine how many readers, mostly “defenders”, he is able to fool with this gimmick? And with no qualms, no hesitation! Example:

Oh… and remember when Rovic Canono aka “Sher Lock” was in custody and Lowell and the same partner (guess who again?  ) took control of Sher Lock’s FB account? One of them would send a fake letter they themselves had written and then post it in Sher Lock’s FB! Example: And then Lowell acts all innocent when he shares this post in his own personal FB account. Example: These people are so full of themselves they actually think no one would notice their ruse!

And how about this? For no apparent reason, Lowell would post an outright lie in his personal FB account and unconscionably reply to comments/questions from “defenders” and relatives, with even more lies! Examples: And to support the deception, his “partner” would comment or post something on her own account! Example:

Notice the badly Photoshop’d pictures they posted in a slipshod attempt to fool readers that Lowell actually went to LA! [shaking our heads…] How dumb they must think their co-“defenders” are!  Now imagine how he and his “comrades in lies” must have been rolling on the floor laughing at those who fell for their “ingenious” deception! Rather than be amused, we actually felt sorry for those they fooled because we knew some of those people from back in our “defender” days. They were loyal to Lowell. And this is how he treats them!

Should we go on?? Okay, maybe just a few more… the rest we’ll cover at another time. There are too many lies to mention in one article.

Hidden truth comes to light

Just in case it didn’t sink in on first mention, let us say this one more time — We. Know. Him.  From as far back as his BEM days. So well, in fact, that we knew about his addiction to women even back then – how he would juggle several simultaneous girlfriends… each one believing she was the only one!  Why, he even had two girlfriends who lived in different units but the same building along Katipunan in QC. Both married. One separated, the other not!  Have we mentioned that he’s good at deception??!! And yes, from his BEM days, this “vice” continued on to his regular worker days!! Such a ladies’ man this one. Through and through and oh so proud! So were we surprised when years later, he was charged with adultery?  Or that to this day, he can’t shake off the scandal that continues to follow him around, this time, with the H2O funds keeper?? No! And no!

Early on, when we still didn’t know AE’s real identity, Lowell represented himself to us as a principled ORDAINED MINISTER who works at the Central Office! Well, we already know from past exposes that he was never ordained and that he was a regular worker assigned in Sorsogon at the time. So let’s focus on the “principled” part.

Before Sorsogon, Lowell was assigned in other Locales. One of them was the Central Locale where he was assigned to oversee a “Purok” (Area). There, the young evangelical worker would “doctor” the info he reported on Church forms to bump up his indoctrinees! Who did he think he was fooling?? God who sees everything, or Bro. Eraño Manalo, the Executive Minister at that time, who was guided by the Holy Spirit?! With this as a foundation, the natural progression to the future grandmaster deceiver role was almost inevitable.

And then, when Lowell was assigned in Pangasinan, instead of focusing on ministering to the flock, Lowell, the entrepreneur, ran a lucrative business of buying and selling electric meter devices which artificially lowered electric bills. In other words, he sold devices that were designed to cheat the electric company! Got that? He was engaged in illegal business! The price? Not sure now but others remember he sold them for P45 thousand a piece!

Years later, in Sorsogon, while Lowell was busy in his newfound AE blog, he continued his enterprising career, now with his young wife. Together, they operated a mini-business (food, Herbalife products, and buying and selling of various merchandise). Needless to say, this is not only against the ministerial code of ethics which he was expected to abide by, but imagine him making money out of his poverty-stricken congregants as well!

If it’s not obvious to you by now, this supposedly principled man of God has two major weaknesses – women and money! NOW FAST FORWARD TO THE PRESENT. AND NOTICE HOW THE PAST CONNECTS TO THE PRESENT! Is that what the Defender movement is to him? A new enterprise??!! H2O donors, beware!!

Some might say, he might have reformed. As you can see, evidence speaks to the contrary. Not only did the spots on this leopard not change; they got bigger!  So we ask you, readers, is this the person you want to believe? The one who had the nerve to call himself “True Member of the Iglesia ni Cristo”? Why, if Lowell had a penny for every lie he’s ever told, he’d be a billionaire!!

To those who may think this is character assassination, we’d like to remind you that from the get go, we promised to reveal THE TRUTH. We’ve been true to that. We don’t fabricate — that’s Lowell’s domain! We actually prefer not to talk about personalities in this blog. That’s not what we had set out to do. But when they start to malign our Executive Minister with the down and dirty fierceness that has become their mode, like the other faithful members of the Church, we won’t hesitate to go down to their level and meet them punch for punch, and more!

When we read articles authored by this hypocritipotamus (Hypocrite + Hippopotamus) which attack the character and integrity of the Executive Minister, knowing what we know, we can’t help but experience an uncontrollable urge to gag! At the same time, we feel sorry for those who are quick to believe the Devil’s lies. As for us, we refuse to be deceived again. As a saying goes: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!”

In one of the FB comments we’ve read, a “defender” said “LIARS BELONG IN HELL!” We couldn’t agree more. That’s exactly where your leader is headed! It is your choice whether or not you want to follow him there.

Destroyers, not Lovers, of the Church

Lowell and his followers have made it their mission in life to destroy the Church. They are not “defenders of true faith” as they like to call themselves. What true faith??!! The “remnant” garbage? The Leave-the-Church, Big-Bang-gone-bust campaign? Or their favorite counterfeit doctrine that even those who are expelled will be saved? Don’t make us laugh… We’ve had enough of your kind. Just form a new church. Don’t covet the Iglesia ni Cristo! Your doctrines have nothing in common with the Church our Lord Jesus Christ established!

Food for “Thinkers”

  • On the numerous occasions the rebels have mentioned the Acuzar-Atienza nuptial where Bro. Eduardo and Sis. Lynn were supposedly sponsors, did you ever wonder why NOT ONCE did they provide PROOF of their actual attendance and participation during the wedding ceremony? Well, you see, THEY CAN’T! Bro. Eduardo and Sis. Lynn may have been sponsors, but it was ON PAPER ONLY! And this wedding sponsorship which they frequently tout to anyone they can fool was supposed to be the LINCHPIN that establishes the supposedly airtight connection between the Manalo’s and the Acuzar’s??!! Hah! Do they have any idea how many weddings to date Bro. Eduardo and Sis. Lynn have been nominal sponsors in? Of course they do! The answer is: Countless! But do they tell you this? Of course not! Why would they? Their fragile house-of-cards “connection theory” would come crashing down — that’s why not! DECEIVERS to the end!
  • On the accusation that INC is somehow responsible for the alleged disappearances of certain “defender” personalities? One Villocino who, immediately before this, was the object of scorn by his fellow “defenders” and a certain Patungan who was a virtual unknown… Such an accusation is irresponsible, careless, baseless, and dangerous!  If you suspect the INC of any wrongdoing, file a case in court! Just be sure you have solid beyond-reasonable-doubt proof because accusations such as this can easily backfire. So do your due diligence first. Make sure other interest groups, both religious and political, bent on ruining the Church, as well as those within your own disjointed camps with personal vendetta, are not behind these unexplained disappearances.But you continue this diatribe in social media and you might just find yourselves in even deeper trouble than you are already in. Where will you flee then??!

Back to basics – be guided by true doctrines

As cunning as the Devil may be, God IS GREATER. HE IS ALMIGHTY. These tricksters may cite verses in the Bible but remember that the Devil himself did that, too, and then modified them to snare unsuspecting victims. Beware! The same thing is happening now. Experts in deception, these false preachers deliberately misapply the Scriptures so much so that, as hard as one looks, one cannot find the slightest trace of their having been in the ministry at all.

Brethren in the true Christian faith as well as silent and open “defenders” who still believe in the salvation meant only for those redeemed by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, remove all doubt from your minds. Let the Christian doctrines, pure and unchanging, preserved and taught to us over the generations by the Last Messenger, Bro. Felix Manalo, our previous Executive Minister Bro. Eraño Manalo, and the current Church Administration led by Bro. Eduardo Manalo, guide us in all the decisions we make in this life. If we stick to the doctrines, we’d be safe. What are some of the basic doctrines? Remain in the Church until the end. Respect the leader God has appointed to lead us. Safeguard your election. Lastly, stay away from false preachers! Nothing good will result from your association with them. Destruction awaits these irreverent traitors. If you stay with them, that is exactly where they will lead you to!

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Take our hand, let us pull you up

We could have kept quiet. Let the others swim safely to shore on their own, or  drown to their death if that is their fate.

We could have worried about our own selves only. We could have simply written to the Administration to confess our sin (our past affiliation with what turned out to be the forces of evil, that is), solemnly ask for forgiveness, vow to remain faithful, request to be reinstated and move on from there while forgetting the nightmare of the past and those who are still trapped in it.

Or, for some of us who never really rose to the surface but remained silent sympathizers, hidden underneath a mask of made-up names and dummy accounts — we could have just dropped out of the movement and mended our ways quietly while we find our way back to the duties we have left behind, with none the wiser.

But, alas, though the easier and smoother path was the one we actually preferred at first, conscience crept in. As we have said before, we weren’t your run-of-the-mill “Defenders”. We were among the pioneer members of a supposedly noble movement that has gone awry, the one which the sheep-on-the-outside-wolf-on-the-inside leaders have steered toward rebellion. While we were deceived ourselves, we feel some responsibility toward the others because our past efforts have indirectly helped the charlatans work their spell over unsuspecting brethren.

After a weeklong devotional prayer, the die was cast. From that point on, the Holy Spirit has been our guide — in our return to the true Church as well as in maintaining this blog. It’s been an arduous journey but we intend to stay for the sake of those who need help in putting into perspective events, both past and present, in order to arrive at an irrefragable truth – that the Defender movement WAS NOT, IS NOT and WILL NEVER BE of God!  See

The collective role we performed in our former life as “Defenders” has given us a unique insight into the movement we have now abandoned. When one is part of the inner circle or “core group”, one sees things and gains knowledge others on the periphery are not privy to.

We have started to expose what we know, first, to establish our credibility — that we are who we say we. We then traced the history of the movement, from its originally stated goal, to its transition to multiple rebellious and often warring camps, each with its own leader, with differing doctrines and beliefs and styles of worship. We have also revealed Angel’s involvement as the quiet and ineffective overall leader of the Defender preachers. By exposing what we know, here in social media where it all started, we hope to bring hidden truth to light. There is much more left to be revealed. Should a fitting circumstance present itself, we assure you we won’t hide what we know. As always, we’ll let the Lord guide us when and what else to disclose. As for where, we’ll let God decide that, too — if not in social media, then in a more appropriate setting.

We promised ourselves that we won’t be driven by any emotion other than: regret for having been drawn to the lies of those who later on proved to be modern-day anti-Christs; and love and compassion for those who are still  mired in the falsehood. Admittedly, there have been times when we have used sarcasm and pointed language in response to the despicable behavior of people we wish we never knew but regrettably, know only too well. Note, however, that while we have both the vocabulary and the wit to match, a thousand times over, the insulting, mocking and offending language the supercilious and hypocrite Defender leaders have flung against the Executive Minister, we’ve tried our darndest to exercise a measure of restraint, if only to preserve the character of the blog and remind ourselves that we are still Christians, albeit engaged in a war against the Devil.

To those who support our mission by liking and sharing our  articles or sending us encouraging private messages, please accept our sincerest thanks. We do need your help in reaching more of the silent, and even open, lay “Defenders” who continue to be deceived by mostly recycled lies. These “Defenders” are not inherently bad, unlike those who took advantage of their weakness and confusion. It is to them that we reach out our helping hand of compassion. Help us rescue them. Pray with us for them to take the hand that we offer. If you would, offer your hand as well so that together, we can pull them back up and into the waiting arms of the Lord.

Please visit our About page if you have time, for a glimpse of how this initiative started. Likewise, please read our past articles located in “Recent Posts” and “Archives” ( dropdown in right margin).


We vacillated whether or not to comment on AE’s latest, predictably nonsensical article. We finally decided to talk about it briefly in this section.

Written for Lowell by his alleged girlfriend, it is another desperate attempt, most likely to draw attention to revive the group’s slumping membership, not to mention the alarmingly droughty level of H20 funds. (The latter, BTW, cannot seem to come out from under layers of suspicion. Still unable to provide transparency, it is now plagued with rumors of, to put it mildly, fund misdirection to sustain the needs of a certain “favored recipient” as opposed to “the family”, the advertised target beneficiary of collected funds.)

The article we refer to is a malicious attack on the person of our Executive Minister, Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo. (Didn’t the pretentious AE just noted in the article before this and in an older one, that his fight is not with the Executive Minister? What rubbish! No wonder no one believes this liar anymore…)

There’s nothing new in their latest article, it’s just a compilation of old and rehashed vicious and unproven accusations which have already been answered several times by INC ministers and brethren using their personal FB accounts, or in official INC blogs, and during worship services. It would be an utter waste of time to repeat everything that’s been said before. That they play it over and over like a broken record bespeaks of a stubborn heart which refuses to listen. ALREADY GIVEN TO DARKNESS – that’s what Bro. Erano calls them in (credits to Shield of Faith)

Bitter about the many accomplishments and successes the Church has made under the leadership of the current Executive Minister, envious of the affection showered upon Bro. Eduardo by the faithful members of the Church and spiteful of the continuing abidance in him of the Holy Spirit, the same one which has deserted them long ago, the followers of darkness are doing everything they can to discredit the leader God has chosen. This is not surprising for as we know, their time is short (Rev 12:22 NLT). Their fight is with God, not with the Executive Minister! So let us be patient, stand on the sidelines and watch as the Lord inflicts the unimaginably horrific punishment He’s got in store for them!

Lowell — you pompous, insufferable, ungrateful jerk! Have you forgotten how Bro. Eduardo has treated you and your family with kindness and generosity? Who took care of your mother’s financial needs, medical care, housing, domestic help and other accommodations after your father passed away?? Who was always solicitous of her well being? Made sure she had everything she needed? Surely, your mother told you all these. And let’s not forget how Bro. Eduardo replaced her personal savings upon learning that your brother had squandered her finances and broke her heart in the process. How can anyone forget this gentle act of kindness by the Executive Minister? Of course, you remember… Was the money not deposited jointly in her name and yours? You know, the money you never thought to return even as you sued the generous giver in court!

How about when Bro. Eduardo provided personal protection for her after your identity as AE was revealed?? Do you know how many people wanted to harm you at that time??!! The Executive Minister took you under his wing to ensure your own and your family’s security so that nothing untoward will happen to any one of you!!  And this is how you repay him???!!!

Do you think your own father – by all accounts, a faithful minister to the end of his life, who faithfully served under the administrations of both Bro. Erano and Bro. Eduardo who were both fond of him and treated him with affection —  would have approved of your actions had he lived? Or would he have disowned you, namesake notwithstanding?!

Your poor excuse of “standing up for the truth”, he would have called “rebellion” plain and simple, wouldn’t he? Because as a minister and a former member of the Church Council at one point, obedience, loyalty, gratitude and love for the Executive Minister are Christian values he deeply believed in, treasured and practiced to the end. Not only did you not inherit these traits, his meekness and humility are also lacking in you. Clearly, you did not take after him. And you did not take after your mother, either. Which then begs the question – whose son are you???  (Hint: John 8:44 ESB)

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You can’t have your cake and eat it, too

To this day, Defender leaders have relied on beguiling words to keep their supporters at bay and to attract new recruits. From the start, that’s been their M.O.

While they may use biblical passages, these false preachers deliberately misuse them in order to support their defective arguments. They often mention Bro. Eraño Manalo in very respectful terms but they disrespect every admonition and instruction he’s ever given. They recognize the Iglesia ni Cristo as the true Church and Bro. Felix Manalo, as the fulfilment of the prophecy of God’s messenger in these last days, yet they insist on self-made doctrines that contradict teachings they have received and even taught when they were still in the ministry.

No matter how sincere some of them may appear, especially the older, more seasoned former ministers, and no matter how much we’ve respected them in the past, the fact is, the Lord has dimmed their light and has taken away from them the authority to preach the true gospel. As for evangelical workers who were expelled before being ordained, God has made plain and clear through the events of the past two years why they never reached that stature — they didn’t deserve it. Their wicked deeds were exposed beforehand.

As we’ve already learned previously, what is happening to them is hardly surprising for these expelled ministers and workers, according to Bro. Erano’s preaching, have already been given to darkness – (credits to Shield of Faith).

But why can’t they move on?

As disunited as these expelled defenders of false doctrines are though, they all can’t move on from the fact that they are no longer a part of the Church our Lord Jesus Christ will save. All of them insist that those who were expelled “unjustly” are also entitled to salvation – a fake doctrine they’ve invented to encourage their expelled members to stay outside the Church. When did either Bro. Felix Manalo or Bro. Eraño Manalo preach this??? False doctrine meant to give false hope is really what it is. That these expelled members, instead of being repentant became more openly defiant and combative only showed all the more how JUST their expulsion was, contrary to their claim. As for the Church, it is simply a normal course of cleansing the Church has to undergo every so often to rid itself of what the Bible calls “wicked people among you” (1 Cor 5:13 NIV).

What’s ridiculous is that even former preachers and leaders who were expelled or suspended for reasons of immorality, criminal behavior, or generally living an unchristian way of life, preach or promote this false doctrine on salvation. It’s tantamount to declaring to expelled lay Defenders: “You may be saved for being expelled due to being exposed as a ‘Defender’, but I WON’T BE regardless what I say or do because I was expelled or suspended for an offense unrelated to this defender stuff, something I know I am guilty of.” Isn’t that right, Rydean Daniel, Ferdinand Aspiras, Romer Diomangay and others too many to mention? How absurd eh?

One camp, more daring than others, made an outrageous, if not laughable, claim that they are the “True Members of the Iglesia ni Cristo” and “True disciples of Christ”! Hahahaha! Do forgive us but this was a great source of amusement for us when we saw those posts. As expected, lacking in biblical foundation, such claim did not flourish. Bro. Eraño’s pronouncements quickly brought it to its knees.

That same group also introduced and supported the so-called “remnant prophecy” which was quickly quashed by more seasoned expelled ministers who are better versed with the Bible. Likewise, the deliberately incorrect interpretation of the verses in Isaiah 1:8-9 was invalidated by INC ministers. ( Even Angel and Marc, the quiet leaders of the Defenders did not fancy this fallacy and told other Defenders to stay away from its promoters. Like the other gimmicks (hallucinations?) they’ve started, nothing came of this, either. In fact, it is no longer mentioned anymore.

The takeaway from all of these is that these false preachers are desperate to sell any idea that would justify their farcical claim to salvation. They want what everybody else wants which is salvation but they also want to pick and choose which commandments to follow. This is, of course, an oxymoron (James 2:10 GNT). With their made-up doctrines and prophecies, they might as well establish their own religion! So why don’t they? Because they are caught in a dilemma of their own making. They want the redemption promised exclusively to those inside the Church but they don’t want to comply with God’s conditions. They broke their covenant with the Lord but they still expect Him to keep His promises. This is what the Lord says to them:

Jer 11:8 NET  – “But they did not listen to me or pay any attention to me! Each one of them followed the stubborn inclinations of his own wicked heart. So I brought on them all the punishments threatened in the covenant because they did not carry out its terms as I commanded them to do. ”

Jer 30:23-24 NLT – 23 Look! The LORD’s anger bursts out like a storm, a driving wind that swirls down on the heads of the wicked. 24 The fierce anger of the LORD will not diminish until it has finished all He has planned. In the days to come you will understand all this.

Forgiveness no more

To those people who proudly say they will never turn back, we say “Good riddance!” The Church does not need you. Let us repeat that: THE CHURCH DOES NOT NEED YOU! It is not your souls the Administration is interested in rescuing  because you are beyond salvation. That you think, speak and act the way you do only proves all the more what Bro. Eraño has said before – that you’ve been given to darkness. The light that used to shine within you, God has already dimmed. The Administration did not wish that for you; it wanted to bring you back if it could. But God has said “No!”. Now, the spirit of the Beast reigns in your proud and wicked hearts. There is nothing more than can be done for you.

Many times, God gave you a chance to reform but each time, you threw the opportunity away and instead found yet another reason to subject to ridicule the Church and the leader God has chosen to lead His nation. Your hypocrisy and disrespect know no bounds. You may be fearless now but on the day of the Lord’s reckoning, your laughter will turn to wails. But God will turn a deaf ear to your anguish. Try as you might to uplift your boastful selves, God will cut you down. His patience gone, He will send you affliction when you least expect it and His curse will be fulfilled in you, your family and your followers. Because while men will be men, God will be God. (Col 3:6 NET)

Redemption for the repentant

Thankfully, not all Defenders are like you. The majority, especially the silent ones — those whom you’ve been asking to leave the Church but have held on to their election instead… those whom you’ve been calling to openly rebel but have kept their silence instead… There’s hope for them still as well as those who have been expelled but who still have a flicker of Christian faith in them. They are the reason this blog exists. They are the souls we labor for. For as long as they are there, we shall be here to hold their hand and lead them back to light. Otherwise, what would be the point?

Thank you, God!

Revelations such as these make us feel even more grateful to God that we are no longer part of that insanity. We no longer have to fool ourselves by believing the lies these people have spread and continue to spread.

There are times when we ask ourselves why God had allowed us to fall so low as to be blinded by these deceitful people. And we realize that we had to see what we have seen and go through what we have gone through because that experience has made us stronger in the faith than we have ever been.

Thank you, God, for answering our prayers, for accepting us back despite what we have done. Thank you for giving us an Executive Minister who is as compassionate as he is forgiving. Thank you, Lord, for second chances!

We continue to pray for the others who were likewise overwhelmed by the  falsehood preached by the deceivers. Please make them see the truth also so that together, we shall await the coming of the Savior… with confidence and genuine hope!

Irrelevant, ignored and accursed

Notice how these expelled rebels have become irrelevant and largely ignored while the Church continues to prosper in the eyes of man and of the Lord. The Church may not be in a glorious state yet (if it were, Judgment Day would have already been upon us) but every day that passes brings Her closer to that end goal. This is indeed the fulfillment of God’s promises. God’s hand will protect His Church and strike down those who dare stand in His way, as we have seen and as we shall continue to see!!



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Trust not in thine own heart

We don’t think it is by happenstance that in the human anatomy, the brain is positioned above the heart. Rather, we strongly believe that in creating man, God had intended it so that the brain, which is a metaphor for rational thought, would rule over the heart, a metaphor for emotion.

Emotion can lead God’s servants astray

Indeed, the Holy Scripture has warned us of the pitfalls of trusting our emotions too much. “The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?” it says in Jeremiah 17:9  NKJV.

This danger marker was given for a reason. Emotion, if not founded on spiritual wisdom, can and will lead to some very bad and costly mistakes.

Emotion overwhelmed reason

In our former life as Defenders, we became living proof of how bad it can be when we allow emotion to get the better of us. We let loose our heart with carefree abandon, fueled by what we were led to believe was the right thing to do at that time. And what happened? We ended up exchanging our election for a so-called “cause”!

We were supposed to be warriors, protectors and Defenders of true faith, followers of those who introduced themselves to us as leaders who would help the Administration fix what is broken in the Church. Well some leaders they turned out to be! Leaders of rebellion, teachers of falsehood, hypocrites, adulterers, fornicators, drug addicts, deceivers, users, liars, thieves, and criminals!

As chosen servants, God gave us a gift of discernment so that we may know to distinguish truth from lie. (Romans 12:2 ESB) But at some point, emotion overwhelmed our cognitive reasoning so that instead of rejecting falsehood (1 John 4:6 NIV), we embraced the lies we were fed by former preachers whose authority to teach, God took away when He severed His relationship with them. To their passionate but biblically unsupported rhetoric, we responded with equal ardor.

Until one day, God made us see these expelled preachers for what they are – fakes! Just read their writing, listen to their video recording. There is no holiness there. Abandoned and unmasked by God, what was left was pomposity, arrogance, conceit, self-promotion, exaggeration, hallucination, flawed reasoning and rage.

While some appear more polished compared to their crude comrades-in-arms, the message is the same. They all appeal to the reader’s emotion – pity and sympathy for “victims” of so-called “injustice” and anger and derision toward the Church Administration.

Call to rebellion

Not only are we not fooled by their “Call to action” message, we also see why Rolando Dizon was tapped to deliver the message, as opposed to  Lowell Menorca II, the author of the article the video was embedded in. Naturally, one would go with the person perceived to have integrity, better credibility, more refined speech and video appeal to move the Silent Defenders to rise up against the Administration, which is the “real” action being called for beneath the layers of pretense.

(Note though that unlike the owner of the blog which hosted his recording, Jon does not believe brethren should leave the Church. Why he made a point of saying this, we are not sure, but clearly, disunity among expelled ministers shows through even at a time when one would think they have to, at least on the surface, appear to be united.)

It is quite easy to test how effective this latest combination of AE tirade and Jon’s video is though – call another vigil. Have Defenders march in front of Camp Bagong Diwa where Angel is incarcerated. See if more than the usual 20-30 pitiful souls show up. Maybe the fictitious minister Jon mentions, who claims Angel has the support of many brothers and sisters will show up, too, unless this is another one of those made-up stories conjured by the ever-imaginative Lowell and bought by the easily swayed Jon?

To add to the number of supporters, maybe those outspoken Defenders and expelled former preachers from the US, Canada, Vietnam and Malaysia should go to the Philippines, prove their mettle, and commiserate with the handful in their daily vigil. Unless this “call for action” is all for show??!! Hah!

The fallen Angel

Jon, we won’t ask who fed you the info about Angel not being involved in the Defender movement. Presumably, you “trust” that person, as fleeting a concept as that may be among Defenders. A word of advise though — verify your facts before repeating them in public to avoid looking like a stooge.

The thing with you, Jon, is you joined the movement late. Even after you defected, you were ambivalent in joining the Defenders group. Only after you were cajoled by Louie Cayabyab did you decide to make April 30, 2016, that lackluster “Big Bang” event your official “coming out” date. So essentially, you missed the first year of the movement when all the interesting things happened. That is why you don’t have first-hand knowledge of what transpired prior. So do allow us to fill you in.

Until June 2016, Angel (aka “29” and “John McClane”) had direct communications with Lowell aka AE. Why Angel stopped responding to Lowell and even gave instructions later on (through his favored and trusted intermediary, Joy Yuson) for other Defenders to stay away from both Lowell and Liezl after the darling duo began demanding Silent Defenders to leave the Church and advancing the “remnant prophecy” concept (both moves Angel disagreed with), is for Angel alone to explain.

But make no mistake – Angel was involved from the beginning. Where do you suppose those stolen videos came from that were published in AE’s blog early on?  Even during the time when Lowell was living in the Central compound after it was revealed that he was AE, who do you think called the shots on behalf of Defenders? Who do you suppose welcomed Junsam with open arms after he escaped from Central? Who was it who recruited Junsam to write for the blog in Lowell’s absence? Much later, who was it who appointed Junsam to lead what became a failed initiative to unify all Defender camps? And just recently, who asked Ernie Pineda to brainstorm with expelled preachers regarding their plight after the first shooting incident at 36TS? You know who… you were already there when some of these took place. It was Angel.

Some of his instructions may have been unintentionally vague, or his choice of intermediary not popular with most of you. Still, instructions did flow from Angel to expelled former preachers, including yourself. Even though he never communicated with you or with the others directly, you all received his instructions just the same. In fact, you were among those who were frustrated by his leadership style, or what some of you criticized as his disappointing “lack of leadership”.  You and the others, especially Lowell, did not like the fact that neither brother wanted to “come out” in the open to lead the Defenders.

So what did you do? You explicitly went against instructions when Angel sent word not to hold live worship service (LWS) and instead prescribed a simple format for prayer meetings. You went and did as you pleased, exercised what you thought was better judgment and continued with your live worship service using your own program, in complete defiance of Angel’s instructions. Even back then when we were still Defenders, we saw a glimpse of the recalcitrant streak in your character, one which you manifested not only toward the Executive Minister but even toward the person who “led” the expelled Defender preachers in his own quiet way. So to now hear you speak with reverence and admiration about Angel, the man whom you disrespected, and continued to disrespect right up to the shooting incident at 36TS, just rings a discordant tune and puts you in the same band as Lowell in his crowning act of hypocrisy.

O yes, Lowell… the High and Mighty, a-legend-in-his-own-eyes, pompous as ever, Lowell. If I were him, I wouldn’t soar too high. The higher he flies, the greater his fall shall be. Look how God dealt with his superior. Angel might have been generally quiet, meek and soft-spoken, especially in stark contrast to Lowell, but he inflicted harm on the Church, too. Now look how he’s fallen…

A point of no return for some

While one can charge poor judgment to “one of life’s lessons”, it is not always the case that one can rise back from a mistake. Some sins are so grave there is no turning back.

Listen to this chilling pronouncement by Bro. Erano on this very subject. (credits to Shield of Faith)

See English transcript by Bro. Marlex Cantor in


The Bible is rife with examples of sins that were unforgiven.

When God poured out His wrath by opening the earth which swallowed whole Korah, Dathan and Abiram, their families and their followers, no opportunity was given for them to turn around. The sin that brought forth this level of rage was their rebellion against Moses, the leader God has chosen to lead His servants. (Numbers 16:1-3, 31-35 ESB)

King David’s own son, Absalom, died a gruesome death in battle when he sought to kill his own father, King David, whose army was outnumbered (2 Samuel 18:9, 14-15 ESB). This was after he traitorously turned the King’s people against him so he can steal his father’s throne. Before that, Ahithophel, a wise man and King David’s counselor who “lifted his heel against David” (Psalm 41:9 ESB) to side with Absalom in plotting against King David ended up hanging himself (2 Samuel 17:23 CEV).

Even during the time of our Lord Jesus Christ, when Judas Iscariot silently betrayed Him, there was no forgiveness extended to Judas even though he owned up to his sin and was remorseful enough to try and return the 30 pieces of silver. Judas hanged himself. (Matthew 27:3-5)

If you are familiar with the history of the Church in these last days, then you’d know the fate that befell those who rebelled against the Church Administration. In the time of the Last Messenger, Bro. Felix Y. Manalo and his successor, Bro. Erano G. Manalo, ministers and officers (some pioneers), along with their entire households and their followers were expelled for rising up against God’s appointed leaders. None of these former ministers or their strong supporters made it back, except for one but he did not remain long because God took him down again. Some of these expelled ministers are dead now; they died cursed and unforgiven.

In the current administration of Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo, we see history repeating itself. These modern-day rebels, their families and followers will meet the same fate as the ones who came before them. In fact, we see it happening now.

When God’s hand moved though and caused a sequence of unexpected events to transpire, these Defenders failed to see it for what it was – Divine justice. They cry oppression, injustice, persecution and the like. They think what is happening can only happen in the Philippines.

“Shall not the judge of all the earth deal justly?” (Genesis 18:25).

Perhaps when their turn comes to receive the Lord’s judgment, then they’ll know that where they live is inconsequential. They can be in the Philippines, Canada, the US, Vietnam, Malaysia, or the moon. God’s wrath will still find them. One by one, they will fall until finally, it will be just another closed chapter in the history of the Church. And the Church will go on — because it is God’s, protected by His almighty hand.

Forgiveness for those deceived

To Defenders like us who bought into these expelled preachers’ rhetoric sans divine wisdom, change your course now. Abandon your past transgressions. Regret and repair the breach in your relationship with the Lord. Express remorse in your prayers and pleadings to God.

Use your head. Why must you sacrifice your salvation for any cause, least of all one that will bring curse upon you and your household? Move forward with the Lord. Surrender yourself to Him. Respect the authority of the leader He has placed before us. Prove your fidelity to God. Reject those deceivers who are playing with your emotions for they will surely drag you down with them.

Dear Defenders, we leave these parting words with you from Isaiah 55:6-7, NKJV:

“6 Seek the Lord while He may be found,
Call upon Him while He is near.
Let the wicked forsake his way,
And the unrighteous man his thoughts;
Let him return to the Lord,
And He will have mercy on him;
And to our God,
For He will abundantly pardon.”




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36TS: When God’s Hand Moves

Updated on March 11, 2017

What a whirlwind it’s been! No one anticipated what happened. It started as a simple job of demolishing a structure close to Angel’s residence (Note: “Angel’s residence” not “Angel’s house”) but ended up being much, much more when trigger-happy ex-Marines who were hired as Angel’s security, started shooting, injuring 2 INC Security Group personnel Later, they also shot at PNP officers who were serving and executing a search warrant, injuring 2 SWAT personnel, one critically.

The unveiling of 36TS’ many secrets

In one fell swoop, all 32 residents of 36TS were rounded up and brought to a PNP facility for investigation. A search operation by police officers unveiled one big secret Angel and company did not want revealed – they are storing high-powered weapons at his residence including “a shotgun, an M16 rifle, a rifle grenade and over a hundred rounds of ammunition”.

From Angel’s residence-turned-armory, the PNP seized over 70 firearms and 17,000 live ammunitions and explosives.

LOOK: PNP presents firearms, ammo seized from Angel Manalo house

Quashing Myths Regarding Recent Events

Planted Evidence – Really??

Scurrying about like ants in a disturbed anthill, Defenders had to quickly come up with a credible-sounding story to explain the weapons found by authorities. Once again, the craftiness of the deceivers has come to the fore. “Deceivers” are those who know the evidence to be factual but nevertheless, have chosen to come up with an “alternate truth” that is easier for generous and unwitting supporters to swallow. Why? Because the poster boy for oppression has to maintain a blameless image. It is vital to the continued inflow of funds from the wallets of unsuspecting Defenders into the pockets of unscrupulous fund collectors and conduits! At the end of the day, in spite of all the drama, for some, it is not about principle but money. (Note: If you want to know who ratted you out, look no farther because, in the strange dog-eat-dog world of the Defenders, the rat is either the person you once thought of as a “friend, or it is the person you count among your current circle of friends!! Hmmm…)

The “Alternate Truth”

The word being spread around by deceivers in social media, and unfortunately believed by unwitting lay Defenders, is that the weapons were planted. They ask… how could they have been brought in when supplies go through rigorous inspection by INC guards at the gate?

The gun enthusiast and firearm collector

To these “thinkers”, we ask in turn… Did you actually know Angel before he appeared in YouTube?? The deceivers did, especially the founding fathers of the rebellious INC “Defender” movement. They know (as we do who have known him long before all these started) that Angel is a gun enthusiast. An aficionado of firearms, he is known to have an extensive personal collection of firearms in his residence.

Thanks to Sis. Jane Mendoza for supplying these photos of Angel holding high-powered rifles:

The high-powered weapons? Some of them were there even before — acquired way before Angel’s YouTube video hit the air waves. Some parts and ammunition might have been brought in after the coming out video and before the security tightening was implemented but certainly, some of the big items were there even before, sort of an “open secret” whispered about by those who live in the area or work at the Central Office. However, it is likely that some of the high-powered firearms were snuck in to 36TS by masked men carrying large boxes, as far back as September 2015. Picked up by security cameras, these men turned out to be AWOL Marines/mercenaries.  This was what led to the installation of security checkpoints and INC filing a petition for injunction to ban entry of unknown and unauthorized individuals from 36TS.  (This update is courtesy of Bro. Joel V. San Pedro who provided this additional information.)

Mystery solved

The presence of these weapons, possessed (and acquired?) illegally, must be the reason why back in July 2015, Angel did not allow CHR and NBI personnel access to his residence when they attempted, multiple times, to enter the property, to investigate allegations of abduction of ministers in response to the call for help from the window. (This was later explained, lamely, by Angel himself as a prank by some kids living there! Hahaha, sorry, but who can ever forget that?!)

Several other attempts by CHR and NBI to enter Angel’s residence to investigate harassment and hostage claims were refused. Now we know why… – Manalo siblings refuse to cooperate with CHR–doj-orders-probe-of-inc-detentions-abductions-but-angel-manalo-snubs-nbi-team

It’s always been a mystery even to Defenders why 36TS residents were adamant at staying put.  Observers now conclude that the weapons and ammunitions inside the residence must be the reason. The occupants knew that if they tried to bring the weapons out of the house, there was no way to avoid detection. Once detected, then it becomes a police matter. PNP will take over, and the ending will be the same – a charge of illegal possession of firearms against the occupants of the property.

Another bombshell – “ex-Marines” residing at 36TS

We’ve always said that the truth has a way of coming out. In His own time and in His own way, God’s justice will prevail in the end. In this case, when God’s hand moved, everyone was left in a daze. Sort of… what just happened?? It is interesting that who God used to expose the truth behind 36TS are men who were non-members, men who were never members of the Church.

Ordinary Defenders are probably not aware that Angel, through his former lawyer, Trixie Angeles, has hired ex-Marines to secure 36TS residents. Recall an incident in January 2016, when the same hotheaded, quick-to-draw ex-Marine/ex-Navy deserter, Jonathan Ledesma, was seen escorting Lottie on her way back from a disappointing press interview ( and pulling a gun at INC SG personnel at the gate. Had the situation not been subdued, it could have resulted in a deadly encounter.

The news account states further:

“Taking advantage of the ocular inspection last December 15, a source said that one of the lawyers of the Hemedez camp, Atty. Trixie Angeles, went inside the Tandang Sora compound at the time accompanied by Ledesma and another man.

But when she left the property, the other two men she brought in were not with her anymore, the source said.

It is believed that the two men are, since then, among the unauthorized occupants of said INC property.

The other man referred to in that article must be Joseph Sabbacula. It appears it was Jonathan Ledesma who shot and injured 2 SWAT officers during a search operation. Ledesma is charged with frustrated murder and direct assault.

Now we know that ex-Marines are not just hired on an ad hoc basis. They actually reside at 36TS, these men who appear to be in “battle mode” all the time and whose instinct and training is to kill.

To make matters worse, just today, it was revealed that both Ledesma and Sabbacula have confessed to being part of the Magdalo group which tried to overthrow the government of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

These ex-Marines were contracted from a security agency co-owned by former army Capt. Nick Faeldon, also of the Magdalo group that participated in the notorious Oakwood mutiny in 2003.  There were also reports of suspicious men walking around wearing bonnets and masks as well as hostilities started by Angel’s security against INC SG personnel.

And let us not forget the listening devices and other parts used for drones and other espionage equipment that were caught being smuggled inside 36TS in early 2016!

Given all these background, can you imagine being neighbors with these residents? If that were you, how would you feel, especially if you have little kids or grand kids living with you? When viewed in this light, can you blame the extra security measures that were put in place to protect nearby residents???

Truth or fiction: Was Angel’s residence demolished?

If you’re a Defender and you hear “news” in FB that Angel’s “house” was being demolished, complete with video of a backhoe tearing down some structure, would your inclination be to immediately accept the report as fact? Or are you the more analytical type who would pause to think about what it was that he just viewed (or are viewing) and then use deductive reasoning to determine if it is consistent with what’s being reported — not in the news mind you, but only in social media? Would you question the credibility of the report because the FB poster is not only known to exaggerate but, most times, blatantly and unabashedly lie? Take these posts, for instance:

Some Defenders have commented that it was Beth’s former residence which was demolished. Others claim it was some other structure owned by INC which was next to Angel’s residence that was torn down. Angel himself has released an official statement, posted in the INC Human Rights Violations page, saying two bedrooms in “his house” were demolished

Regardless of these conflicting claims, post-analysis revealed that Angel’s residence was left intact. Nearby residents, some of whom are Defenders, have also confirmed that his residence is “still standing” and that no damage was done to it. A quick “before” and “after” Google Earth research should confirm this but the burden of proof is on the accuser, correct? So let them produce evidence worthy of your time and intelligence. We’ll leave it up to you, readers, then to trace back which FB accounts posted lies and/or exaggerations. Make a note of it so that next time you know not to trust them. Or better yet, stop reading their posts at all!

Truth or fiction: Angel’s claim of property ownership based on gift or inheritance by the late Executive Minister, Bro. Erano G. Manalo

Angel alleges that he owns the house where he lives because his father had given it to him.

There is a very basic problem with this claim. Property acquired through inheritance presupposes that the dead individual owned the property which he is passing on to his inheritor. Likewise, a gift-giver has to have title to the property being donated. That is not, was not, and was never the case for 36 Tandang Sora. None of the properties acquired by the Church was ever titled to the Last Messenger, Bro. Felix Y. Manalo, the late Executive Minister Bro. Erano G. Manalo, or the current Executive Minister, Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo, or their respective family members. This has been the practice ever since to prevent any appearance of impropriety by those entrusted to lead the Church who are empowered to disburse Church funds. How then can the late Executive Minister transfer by virtue of either inheritance or gift, property he never owned???

Being allowed to stay and live in an INC-owned housing is a privilege granted to Church ministers, workers and their families. In practice, that privilege is taken away when a minister or worker is suspended (WK or “walang karapatan”) as part the discipline. It is also removed when a minister or worker is expelled, as was the case with Angel. (Expulsion severs all ties between the Church and the former member.) Nonetheless, Angel had maintained his stance and had chosen to stay and fight INC in court, claiming they had nowhere else to go, a statement he had already mentioned back in July 2015 after their expulsion. See and

Now taking everyone by surprise, God has intervened. And this is the outcome.

Defenders: Re-calibrate your mindset

If you did not know these things before now, you probably believed the tales the storytellers have been spreading. And why not? They are experts at this game. Some lie and deceive out of habit, some have ulterior motives, some just do it because they can get away with it whereas others have actually been charged with crimes of deceit.

But dear Defenders, now you know better. Don’t let them use your prior ignorance to manipulate you. Stay away from those who capitalize on recent developments to get you to loosen your purse strings. There is nothing wrong with contributing to a good cause but don’t fall again for their lies. Value your hard-earned money. Thank God for His material blessings and your kind heart but ask Him also to grant you the wisdom to use His blessings well.

Let God’s will be done

Know that we do not rejoice over these recent developments in the lives of the expelled former occupants of 36TS. We take no pleasure in seeing them charged with very serious offenses, some non-bailable, and the very real threat of jail time. Do not think for a minute that this makes Bro. Eduardo happy either. Angel and Lottie are, after all, still respectively, his brother and sister in the flesh. However, we also believe that this is God’s will. It is His way of teaching all of us a lesson. How this unfolds in the coming days, months or years, is up to Him, alone.

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News or Exaggeration?

Incident and commotion at 36TS on Feb 27 2017

If you’re a “Defender”, you’re probably glued to the latest updates on what is happening at 36TS. As would any human being worthy of a modicum of respect, you’d probably want… no, expectobjective news reporting – not exaggerations, not hype, and not flimflam stories they feed every gullible creature who reads their posts and comments.

Typically, one would look to third party news reporting agencies for objective news. But, in this case, traditional media, despite pleas by various camps to cover what is happening, isn’t interested. Why would they be? They’ve dealt with these Defender ministers before and have made up their minds about them. Besides, there are more interesting topics to cover which the general public whom they serve, would find more appealing. So that leaves social media, the platform of choice of the Defenders — for providing updates, various commentaries and more drama designed to further stoke the anger of the Defenders against the Church Administration

We thought we’d stay away and let them do their thing. No one’s paying attention to their drama anyway but their own little crowd. So let them have their two minute of fame and watch the blip in the radar go by. That is, until Ahmedy Paglinawan, lawyer of Angel and Lottie Manalo, jumped into the foray.

In his posts and comments, Ahmed has made disparaging statements against the INC, the police, barangay officials, and even a major telecommunications company. Serious accusations ranging from INC’s control over law enforcement, to monitoring and intercepting telecomm traffic, to sending him and his family, as well as his law partner, Trixie Angeles, death threats by text messages, were hurled by the said lawyer. To those who follow Ahmed’s FB, you’d know that his posts reflect Ahmed’s own brand of wit, unique and refreshing, natural not forced, even elegant in its own way. But in his latest posts and comments involving the INC, clearly, he went overboard. He’s either deliberately testing the limits of libel or he’s just made a careless blunder. Unlike Trixie, former lawyer of record of the Manalo siblings, who was calm under fire (at least while in front of a camera or when talking to reporters), Ahmed should probably learn to exercise some measure of restraint while working harder on the actual legal cases rather than spending too much time in FB. After all, that’s what his clients’ supporters pay him for, correct?

To those like us who were part of the Defender group, we are not moved at all by the drama we’ve seen so far from the usual set of characters. It’s like watching a rerun, the threat to the lives of those inside TS being replayed all over again but made to appear to be more imminent each time. Consistent with their previous approach though, the target of these stories is the Defenders’ emotion, not reason. That is where their whole charade is built up on anyway. The rebellion that started almost two years ago was founded on emotion – the appeal by Angel and his mother, because their lives were supposedly in danger and before that, FB posts by Lottie that there are men following them, again, implying they were in danger. For two years now, they’ve been playing the same tune. And some Defenders continue to buy it. Can you put your emotion on hold for a second and let the brains digest what is really going on? THINK. If the Executive Minister and his wife are the monsters Defender leaders portray them to be, 36TS residents would have all been gone a long time ago. And the deed would have been done quietly. Not heralded by the sounds of a giant and noisy equipment!

As for demolishing houses and other structures within INC’s property boundaries, that is the sole and exclusive prerogative of the owner which, in this case, is INC. Is INC so stupid that it would destroy properties that are the subject of an ongoing legal dispute? Again, THINK. So, if that’s not the case, no notification to the hostile, disrespectful and ingrate neighbors is required prior to the commencement of the work.

Defenders in circles large and small have been asking 36TS residents why they don’t just leave and continue the battle from the outside. They explain this by saying they have to go through this ordeal and endure everything in silence in order to fulfill what was forewarned by Bro. Eraño Manalo. But even granting there was such warning AND that they have interpreted it correctly, then explain please the incongruence because anyone aspiring to become a martyr will not run to social media every time there’s food or other supplies that aren’t delivered on time. Or appeal using a voice recording of Angel’s wife, Jenny, seeming to be tearful and fearful for the plight of the women and children occupants of the house. If they are in such dire straits, then perhaps all the more reason they should leave the place?

Angel, in an interview with the media back in 2015, explained the reason when asked by a reporter — they have no other place to go. This is a more practical answer and probably the more truthful one because it was given spontaneously. But since then, offers have been made by generous Defenders to relocate them. They still refused. Makes one wonder what else is keeping them from moving out…

As for accounts of shots fired at the scene and who fired at whom first, or if there was any injury and if so, on whose side, that is something we’ll leave up to the proper authorities to investigate and disclose. Those whom we’ve seen give their own account on FB were not only absent from the scene; those characters are known to be unreliable and more interested in drama and intrigue not to mention the influx of funds incidents such as this would generate.

Before we end this, let us just say that the keen observers that we are, we didn’t fail to notice that some people are milking this incident by inserting themselves back into the good graces of the expelled siblings. It would be interesting to see if they succeed. But in this world where people use each other shamelessly, that’s hardly surprising. The timing is what made it too obvious. Of course, now that Kelly Ong is busy with his personal legal battles to play his usual role of intercessor for Angel, and his second-in-command is not exactly the savvy type, the window of opportunity was left open.

Anyway, let’s all stay tuned… Till next time… Oink.. oink!  

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A time for repentance, not belligerence

Apparently, we hit a nerve with our last article, Treason against God. We were sent a link to what was described as an “apoplectic” reaction by expelled minister Isaias T. Samson, Jr. (“Junsam”) in his blog As courtesy, please indulge us as we spend part of this article to discuss his concerns.

First of all, please forgive our oversight, if one might call it that. It was never our intent to hide or obscure the last part of your sentence where you quoted the scripture in Eph. 5:27, NKJV. Indeed, why would we? Did we not include an image of the entire paragraph that included the sentence in question? But nonetheless, thank you for pointing out how in October, 2014, when you were still enlightened and guided by the Holy Spirit, you acknowledged in very strong terms the Church Administration’s “UNCEASING EFFORT [caps is ours] to present the whole Church to our Lord Jesus Christ ‘a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish, at His second coming’ (Eph. 5:27, NKJV)”.

But so as not to be accused further of deliberately leaving anything else out, and in the spirit of information transparency and completeness, we’ve included the entire article here. This way, all the readers can see how much your position has changed from then to the present, as they read your own declarations.

Yes, the present Executive Minister is “tireless” and “sincere” in the discharge of what you acknowledge as his “God-given duty as Administrator of the Church”, as he “labors night and day” to impart to the brethren the gospel of God, how he is “more than willing to sacrifice even his own life because of his pure love and concern for them”.  As you mentioned, the Executive Minister is indeed “extremely busy” attending to the many pressing needs and challenges of a steadily growing global organization, placing his responsibilities “above his physical well-being”. Furthermore, you noted how the brethren are living witnesses to how he labors in “guiding and leading them all to their spiritual maturity and ultimately to their salvation on the day of Judgment”.

(You’ve actually written many more articles expressing the same sentiment. We can cite them all here but we’re afraid our readers might find it a bore so we’ll stick with this one for now and deal with the other articles later on, as time permits.)

As Editor-in-Chief of God’s Message and as a senior-level minister of the gospel, you should have been there to support Bro. Eduardo with his enormous responsibilities. Wasn’t that the “solemn vow” you made so openly to him when you greeted him on his birthday in October 2014? Not even a year later though, you broke that vow. At that time, you were being investigated for either being the blogger who was attacking the Church, or someone who was helping him. You were reported to the Administration because your actions were suspect. But instead of trusting in the outcome of the investigation and in the fairness and wisdom of the Executive Minister, you escaped, went to the media, aligned yourself with his expelled siblings, and filed a case against Church Council members, thereby causing a major scandal and creating division among the brethren.

We are not going to speculate on possible personal motives for why you turned, which we hear whispered about by people who were once close to you and know you first-hand. After all, that is not what this blog is about. We do not character assassinate. In the exercise of our right to free speech, we stick to our stated mission as can be read in our About page.

Nothing personal

Many times, while writing this article and the others before it, we were tempted to address you as “Brother”. This is indicative of the deep respect we once had for you. O how we admired and looked up to you, followed you, even rose to your defense during the EDSA rally when you filed your illegal detention case with the DOJ. And some of us took your side when the infighting began to brew shortly after Lowell Menorca II (aka “AE”) re-entered the picture.

So understand that this is not personal. What we are interested in is not you but how to heal the souls of the once-faithful which were injured by your actions. As for damage to the Church itself, it was, at best, ephemeral. If anything, the Church is actually stronger now than it has ever been, once again proving that no power on earth can hinder God’s work. For unlike man whose promises are easily broken, God’s covenant with His nation and its leader is firm and enduring. In Isaiah 41:11, 13, NIV, here is God’s promise to his Last Messenger and those whom He has appointed to carry on His work in these last days:

11 “All who rage against you will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish.

13 For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

The Church does not need us

What is made clear by events of the past couple of years is that the Church does not need us. WE NEED THE CHURCH. The Church will go on and continue to flourish, with or without us, which is what has actually happened long after we were expelled. (See Access the Truth FB page for worldwide news and events about the Church.)

We can either continue to be bitter about Bro. Eduardo’s accomplishments and the progress that was made under his leadership, or wholeheartedly admit that we were wrong and recognize the unmistakable hand of God guiding the Executive Minister in leading His Church. Some chose to do the former.  We, on the other hand, after having awakened to the truth, chose the latter. Regardless what choice we make though, the Church will continue to march forward because it is the one nation God will never, ever forsake.

Bringing doom unto one’s self

The so-called “defenders” of the Church are wont to make sweeping statements on a lot of things they think they have full knowledge of. (We used to be among them, actually.) They have convinced themselves that the things they see point to corrupt and oppressive Church officials, perceiving this to be a result of an “incompetent” and “ineffective” leadership. They amplify these in social media and put all the blame on the Executive Minister. This impression has caused them to reject and even question the authority of the Executive Minister to lead the Church.

They think they know everything even though they don’t. It is their excessively lofty attitude, their belligerence, impatience, their misplaced trust in their own flawed and defective judgment rather than in the Lord God’s, as well as their disobedience to and disrespect of the Administration He has placed to lead us, that has brought them to their doom. Now their own ignorance is being revealed.

Let us listen to Bro. Eraño Manalo’s chilling pronouncement regarding some expelled members (credits to Shield of Faith):

For an English translation of the transcript of Bro. Eraño’s recording, please see Bro. Marlex Cantor’s article “IS IT SURPRISING…” in

Do not lead God’s lost sheep farther astray

What is really sad is not that there are ministers who have betrayed their calling, resulting in their JUST EXPULSION. That’s just part of weeding out the “wicked persons”, a purification and cleansing process the Church has to undergo. (1 Cor. 5:13, NIV).

What’s worrying is the infection, the gangrene these expelled preachers continue to spread to unwitting lay Defenders. While they may appear to be attending to their spiritual welfare, these expelled preachers are actually leading them farther away from God. These lay Defenders are the poor, misguided souls we are hoping to reach…because we were them once.

The dilemma confronting expelled preachers

The perplexing problem faced by these expelled preachers is this: How can they fuse together two conflicting convictions and still attain salvation?

  1. They all believe that the Iglesia ni Cristo, from where they have been removed, is required for salvation. That it is the only true Church and the one our Lord Jesus Christ will save on His second coming.
  2. They want to return to this true Church but not now because they cannot accept Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo, the current Executive Minister, as the leader God has appointed to lead His nation, even though they all did before.

The only way out of this conundrum was to be “creative”. How? By twisting a pure doctrine to accommodate their own beliefs and personal circumstance (expelled) and preaching as genuine this newly minted mock-up — that one can reject the Administration and still be saved.

Can one reject God’s appointed leader and still be saved?

To trusting Defenders who are thirsty for God’s words, this counterfeit doctrine is extremely attractive. Imagine being told that you will be saved without having to change anything in your life?

To settle this once and for all, why don’t we consult the authority on salvation? In Luke 10:16, NKJV, our Lord Jesus Christ, in talking to his apostles, proclaimed:

16 He who hears you hears Me, he who rejects you rejects Me, and he who rejects Me rejects Him who sent Me.”

When we despise the Executive Minister, it is God whom we ultimately reject. How can the Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, be expected then to save anyone who despises His Father who sent Him??

Let us review the instruction from Apostle Paul. In Hebrews 13:17, NLT, he said:

“17 Obey your spiritual leaders, and do what they say. Their work is to watch over your souls, and they are accountable to God. Give them reason to do this with joy and not with sorrow. That would certainly not be for your benefit.”

We don’t think any further explanation is required. The instruction is crystal clear. And, if we violate this command, we violate all others (James 2:10, NLT).

The Danger with Illusion

This doctrine which is being taught by these false preachers to Defenders — that salvation awaits them even though they are: expelled; or they reject the Executive Minister — is as deceptive as it is dangerous.  In their confused state, Defenders may find it reassuring. But what makes it extremely dangerous is that it creates an illusion; it makes them hope for something that will never happen (salvation). Such Illusion will not lead to edification but to eternal perdition.

If Bro. Eraño can rise from the grave, he would have shunned these former ministers, most of whom, he ordained himself. STOP NOW. Do not lead the Lord’s flock farther astray. The Lord is looking for every single one of His “lost sheep” and will make you account for every one you turn away from the true faith.

Who authorized you to preach anyway?

Some of you may have made it your personal mission to edify and look after the souls of expelled members. Some may even be sincere but answer this please: Who authorized you to preach? You’ve lost your divine authority to teach when you were expelled. Bro. Eraño said so himself, in no uncertain terms, that those who are not in the Church Registry will not be saved.  (credits to Shield of Faith)

How can one then who is expelled, who himself will not be saved, lead people to salvation? How can one provide spiritual nourishment to others when one is spiritually starved himself? And how can anyone preach unless he is sent? (Romans 10:15, NIV)

Rebellion among the early servants of God

Some of you continue to bring up allegations of corruption and oppression which, in your eyes, are major shortcomings and offenses of the current Administration. In that, you remind us of Miriam and Aaron. They are, respectively, Moses’ sister and brother in the flesh and prophets in their own right, who resented their brother’s role as leader. They spoke disparagingly against Moses for marrying a Cushite or Ethiopian woman. (Numbers 12:1-2 NLT)

In this case, Moses had no defense; he did marry a non-Israelite, a violation of the prohibition against intermarriages (Genesis 1:1-6, AMP). But did God side with Miriam and Aaron? No. Did God condemn Moses for his action? No. Did God even bring it up? No. Why? Because God was so enraged at the grave offense committed by the siblings against Moises (Numbers 12:8-9, NASB) that despite Moses’ intercession (Numbers 1:13-14, NASB), God still punished them severely (Numbers 12:10, NASB).

In the verses we cited, Moses’ sin was clear. And yet God only addressed the sin of rebellion by Moses’ siblings. In the cases cited by Defenders, there was even no sin but allegations of wrongdoings yet to be proven. Even in a court of law, those so-called “evidence” they brandish about in social media will not stand.

Nevertheless, if from one’s point of view, instead of being investigated, a case brought through proper channels was swept under the rug, that is a matter God will correct and address with the erring individuals, assuming a mistake was made. But to air this in social media and, in the process, subject the Church to scandal, achieves nothing other than grieve the Holy Spirit and rouse God’s wrath on the rebellious. See Numbers 16:32, NLT on the punishment God dealt those who rebelled against Moses. Korah, Dathan and Abiram, including their households and followers, were swallowed up by the earth! (**Emphasis is for those asking why, in some cases, entire households are expelled. This is not new. This example is from the time of Moses, carried forward to the Christian era, and practiced even during the time of Bro. Eraño Manalo.)

Now is the time for repentance

Defenders, please open your eyes and ask yourself if God is pleased with what you have done and what you continue to do. We have gone through this exercise ourselves and came away deeply ashamed that we were ever part of such abomination.

We were a major part of the Defender movement before. Most of us were pioneers. We did more than post on FB or attend prayer meetings. Indeed, we made grievous errors against God. If we are where we are now (that is, either reinstated or in various stages of reinstatement), it is only because God has made us realize that if we had continued on the path that we were on, nothing but misery and punishment awaited us. Though we fell, we reached out to God for strength to rise and try again.

One thing is clear: God is NOT with the Defenders. There are numerous signs which God has made plain for anyone to see, if we’d only open our eyes. Please read Is the Defender group of God?

Do not harden your heart. God will deal with matters that are for Him to deal with. Be thankful for the intellect He has given you but do not use it to question His judgment.

Our dear Defenders, save yourselves. Nothing is more important than the salvation which begins and ends with the Iglesia ni Cristo.  If you are expelled, get yourself reinstated back in the Church. Make sure your name remains in the Registry until the end, as admonished by Bro. Eraño G. Manalo. Hear his voice in (credits to Shield of Faith).

Listen to Bro. Eraño, not to what the expelled ministers are preaching. No one appointed any of them to look after your spiritual well-being. That task was given only to the Church Administration.

Attend worship services. We feel God’s divine presence there every time. If we didn’t before, it was because our own sins have separated us from the Lord.

Return God’s embrace. He is waiting to welcome you back. The Church Administration is extending its invitation for you to return with sincerity. Grab the chance.

To Defenders who have been reinstated, or are in the process of being reinstated, may God continue to bless you and your loved ones. Help us pray for the others that they may also be enlightened and be snatched out of the fire.

***Note:  We were halfway through with responding to Jun Samson’s article when we realized that all his claims and accusations have been answered before by Bro. Joe Ventilacion, in Tagalog. Please read this exhaustive article; it is well worth your time: “Sagot sa paratang ni Jun Samson na nasira na raw ang Iglesia ngayon” by Bro. Joe Ventilacion –

We shall work with him to offer the article in English.

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