Dimmed… doomed… damned!

AE’s last hurrah?

Poor washed up Lowell… desperate to recapture the old glory that was AE…furiously writing article after article to make his supporters feel better about the “extra” H2O funds that wind up in his pockets even as his fellow expelled preachers shake their heads in disgust…

Lies you suspected, we hereby confirm

So this is what happens WHEN ONE’S LIGHT HAS COMPLETELY DIMMED. We didn’t think it was possible for the dark to go even darker but the recent articles in Lowell’s blog have proven just that.

On how Lowell tries to explain the change in his attitude towards the Administration… He keeps forgetting that WE KNOW HIM. Does he really expect us to buy this load of, for lack of a better word, crap? He convinced the early recruits that he respected and recognized the divine authority of Bro. Eduardo Manalo as Executive Minister and that the sole purpose of his AE blog was to make the Executive Minister aware of some of the irregularities in the Church. But underneath all that pretense, he had always nurtured the idea that he would start a rebellion if his plans did not materialize. After his relationship with Angel and Marc soured (seriously, did he expect it to be business as usual after he squealed their names as the men behind the rebellion?), he was left dangling. He craved the fame of the early days and the attention of the media. He needed to survive, he was jobless. Politically, it would be difficult to justify the continuing support from H2O without jumping on the oppression and persecution bandwagon. That required open rebellion. This did not require much effort though because he had a helper – Satan! So he comes up with another lie explaining the change in the tone of his articles.  People who don’t really know the whole story might buy that. But not us, we’re smarter than that.

How many times have we witnessed how lies so easily rolled off his tongue? Or his remarkable ability to lie without batting an eye?

Or how he would manipulate a situation, even use “defenders” who were more than willing to do his bidding, to his personal and political advantage?

Or how natural it was for him to create a situation that would make his former “competition” (you know, like Joy “Kelly Ong” Yuson), look bad in a failed attempt to regain his position as Angel’s “go to” person?

And… get this. How many times did Lowell connive with his “partner” (guess who?  ) to compose and send a letter to his blog, or sometimes, write the letter himself? He would then publish this fictitious letter under “Voice of the Brethren” AND would reply to it as “AE”. Can you imagine how many readers, mostly “defenders”, he is able to fool with this gimmick? And with no qualms, no hesitation! Example: https://incsilentnomore.com/2016/09/17/she-who-must-not-be-named/

Oh… and remember when Rovic Canono aka “Sher Lock” was in custody and Lowell and the same partner (guess who again?  ) took control of Sher Lock’s FB account? One of them would send a fake letter they themselves had written and then post it in Sher Lock’s FB! Example: https://web.facebook.com/sher.lock.77770/posts/365698243766193 And then Lowell acts all innocent when he shares this post in his own personal FB account. Example: https://web.facebook.com/lowell.menorcaii.3/posts/341504849540132 These people are so full of themselves they actually think no one would notice their ruse!

And how about this? For no apparent reason, Lowell would post an outright lie in his personal FB account and unconscionably reply to comments/questions from “defenders” and relatives, with even more lies! Examples: https://web.facebook.com/lowell.menorcaii.3/posts/353086618381955https://web.facebook.com/lowell.menorcaii.3/posts/354411158249501. And to support the deception, his “partner” would comment or post something on her own account! Example: https://web.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10210920678597792&set=a.3853732906639.2162529.1377794215&type=3

Notice the badly Photoshop’d pictures they posted in a slipshod attempt to fool readers that Lowell actually went to LA! [shaking our heads…] How dumb they must think their co-“defenders” are!  Now imagine how he and his “comrades in lies” must have been rolling on the floor laughing at those who fell for their “ingenious” deception! Rather than be amused, we actually felt sorry for those they fooled because we knew some of those people from back in our “defender” days. They were loyal to Lowell. And this is how he treats them!

Should we go on?? Okay, maybe just a few more… the rest we’ll cover at another time. There are too many lies to mention in one article.

Hidden truth comes to light

Just in case it didn’t sink in on first mention, let us say this one more time — We. Know. Him.  From as far back as his BEM days. So well, in fact, that we knew about his addiction to women even back then – how he would juggle several simultaneous girlfriends… each one believing she was the only one!  Why, he even had two girlfriends who lived in different units but the same building along Katipunan in QC. Both married. One separated, the other not!  Have we mentioned that he’s good at deception??!! And yes, from his BEM days, this “vice” continued on to his regular worker days!! Such a ladies’ man this one. Through and through and oh so proud! So were we surprised when years later, he was charged with adultery?  Or that to this day, he can’t shake off the scandal that continues to follow him around, this time, with the H2O funds keeper?? No! And no!

Early on, when we still didn’t know AE’s real identity, Lowell represented himself to us as a principled ORDAINED MINISTER who works at the Central Office! Well, we already know from past exposes that he was never ordained and that he was a regular worker assigned in Sorsogon at the time. So let’s focus on the “principled” part.

Before Sorsogon, Lowell was assigned in other Locales. One of them was the Central Locale where he was assigned to oversee a “Purok” (Area). There, the young evangelical worker would “doctor” the info he reported on Church forms to bump up his indoctrinees! Who did he think he was fooling?? God who sees everything, or Bro. Eraño Manalo, the Executive Minister at that time, who was guided by the Holy Spirit?! With this as a foundation, the natural progression to the future grandmaster deceiver role was almost inevitable.

And then, when Lowell was assigned in Pangasinan, instead of focusing on ministering to the flock, Lowell, the entrepreneur, ran a lucrative business of buying and selling electric meter devices which artificially lowered electric bills. In other words, he sold devices that were designed to cheat the electric company! Got that? He was engaged in illegal business! The price? Not sure now but others remember he sold them for P45 thousand a piece!

Years later, in Sorsogon, while Lowell was busy in his newfound AE blog, he continued his enterprising career, now with his young wife. Together, they operated a mini-business (food, Herbalife products, and buying and selling of various merchandise). Needless to say, this is not only against the ministerial code of ethics which he was expected to abide by, but imagine him making money out of his poverty-stricken congregants as well!

If it’s not obvious to you by now, this supposedly principled man of God has two major weaknesses – women and money! NOW FAST FORWARD TO THE PRESENT. AND NOTICE HOW THE PAST CONNECTS TO THE PRESENT! Is that what the Defender movement is to him? A new enterprise??!! H2O donors, beware!!

Some might say, he might have reformed. As you can see, evidence speaks to the contrary. Not only did the spots on this leopard not change; they got bigger!  So we ask you, readers, is this the person you want to believe? The one who had the nerve to call himself “True Member of the Iglesia ni Cristo”? Why, if Lowell had a penny for every lie he’s ever told, he’d be a billionaire!!

To those who may think this is character assassination, we’d like to remind you that from the get go, we promised to reveal THE TRUTH. We’ve been true to that. We don’t fabricate — that’s Lowell’s domain! We actually prefer not to talk about personalities in this blog. That’s not what we had set out to do. But when they start to malign our Executive Minister with the down and dirty fierceness that has become their mode, like the other faithful members of the Church, we won’t hesitate to go down to their level and meet them punch for punch, and more!

When we read articles authored by this hypocritipotamus (Hypocrite + Hippopotamus) which attack the character and integrity of the Executive Minister, knowing what we know, we can’t help but experience an uncontrollable urge to gag! At the same time, we feel sorry for those who are quick to believe the Devil’s lies. As for us, we refuse to be deceived again. As a saying goes: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!”

In one of the FB comments we’ve read, a “defender” said “LIARS BELONG IN HELL!” We couldn’t agree more. That’s exactly where your leader is headed! It is your choice whether or not you want to follow him there.

Destroyers, not Lovers, of the Church

Lowell and his followers have made it their mission in life to destroy the Church. They are not “defenders of true faith” as they like to call themselves. What true faith??!! The “remnant” garbage? The Leave-the-Church, Big-Bang-gone-bust campaign? Or their favorite counterfeit doctrine that even those who are expelled will be saved? Don’t make us laugh… We’ve had enough of your kind. Just form a new church. Don’t covet the Iglesia ni Cristo! Your doctrines have nothing in common with the Church our Lord Jesus Christ established!

Food for “Thinkers”

  • On the numerous occasions the rebels have mentioned the Acuzar-Atienza nuptial where Bro. Eduardo and Sis. Lynn were supposedly sponsors, did you ever wonder why NOT ONCE did they provide PROOF of their actual attendance and participation during the wedding ceremony? Well, you see, THEY CAN’T! Bro. Eduardo and Sis. Lynn may have been sponsors, but it was ON PAPER ONLY! And this wedding sponsorship which they frequently tout to anyone they can fool was supposed to be the LINCHPIN that establishes the supposedly airtight connection between the Manalo’s and the Acuzar’s??!! Hah! Do they have any idea how many weddings to date Bro. Eduardo and Sis. Lynn have been nominal sponsors in? Of course they do! The answer is: Countless! But do they tell you this? Of course not! Why would they? Their fragile house-of-cards “connection theory” would come crashing down — that’s why not! DECEIVERS to the end!
  • On the accusation that INC is somehow responsible for the alleged disappearances of certain “defender” personalities? One Villocino who, immediately before this, was the object of scorn by his fellow “defenders” https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1644738872209515&id=100000202539035 and a certain Patungan who was a virtual unknown… Such an accusation is irresponsible, careless, baseless, and dangerous!  If you suspect the INC of any wrongdoing, file a case in court! Just be sure you have solid beyond-reasonable-doubt proof because accusations such as this can easily backfire. So do your due diligence first. Make sure other interest groups, both religious and political, bent on ruining the Church, as well as those within your own disjointed camps with personal vendetta, are not behind these unexplained disappearances.But you continue this diatribe in social media and you might just find yourselves in even deeper trouble than you are already in. Where will you flee then??!

Back to basics – be guided by true doctrines

As cunning as the Devil may be, God IS GREATER. HE IS ALMIGHTY. These tricksters may cite verses in the Bible but remember that the Devil himself did that, too, and then modified them to snare unsuspecting victims. Beware! The same thing is happening now. Experts in deception, these false preachers deliberately misapply the Scriptures so much so that, as hard as one looks, one cannot find the slightest trace of their having been in the ministry at all.

Brethren in the true Christian faith as well as silent and open “defenders” who still believe in the salvation meant only for those redeemed by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, remove all doubt from your minds. Let the Christian doctrines, pure and unchanging, preserved and taught to us over the generations by the Last Messenger, Bro. Felix Manalo, our previous Executive Minister Bro. Eraño Manalo, and the current Church Administration led by Bro. Eduardo Manalo, guide us in all the decisions we make in this life. If we stick to the doctrines, we’d be safe. What are some of the basic doctrines? Remain in the Church until the end. Respect the leader God has appointed to lead us. Safeguard your election. Lastly, stay away from false preachers! Nothing good will result from your association with them. Destruction awaits these irreverent traitors. If you stay with them, that is exactly where they will lead you to!

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