Take our hand, let us pull you up

We could have kept quiet. Let the others swim safely to shore on their own, or  drown to their death if that is their fate.

We could have worried about our own selves only. We could have simply written to the Administration to confess our sin (our past affiliation with what turned out to be the forces of evil, that is), solemnly ask for forgiveness, vow to remain faithful, request to be reinstated and move on from there while forgetting the nightmare of the past and those who are still trapped in it.

Or, for some of us who never really rose to the surface but remained silent sympathizers, hidden underneath a mask of made-up names and dummy accounts — we could have just dropped out of the movement and mended our ways quietly while we find our way back to the duties we have left behind, with none the wiser.

But, alas, though the easier and smoother path was the one we actually preferred at first, conscience crept in. As we have said before, we weren’t your run-of-the-mill “Defenders”. We were among the pioneer members of a supposedly noble movement that has gone awry, the one which the sheep-on-the-outside-wolf-on-the-inside leaders have steered toward rebellion. While we were deceived ourselves, we feel some responsibility toward the others because our past efforts have indirectly helped the charlatans work their spell over unsuspecting brethren.

After a weeklong devotional prayer, the die was cast. From that point on, the Holy Spirit has been our guide — in our return to the true Church as well as in maintaining this blog. It’s been an arduous journey but we intend to stay for the sake of those who need help in putting into perspective events, both past and present, in order to arrive at an irrefragable truth – that the Defender movement WAS NOT, IS NOT and WILL NEVER BE of God!  See http://incdefendernomore.org/2017/01/06/is-the-defender-group-of-god/

The collective role we performed in our former life as “Defenders” has given us a unique insight into the movement we have now abandoned. When one is part of the inner circle or “core group”, one sees things and gains knowledge others on the periphery are not privy to.

We have started to expose what we know, first, to establish our credibility — that we are who we say we. We then traced the history of the movement, from its originally stated goal, to its transition to multiple rebellious and often warring camps, each with its own leader, with differing doctrines and beliefs and styles of worship. We have also revealed Angel’s involvement as the quiet and ineffective overall leader of the Defender preachers. By exposing what we know, here in social media where it all started, we hope to bring hidden truth to light. There is much more left to be revealed. Should a fitting circumstance present itself, we assure you we won’t hide what we know. As always, we’ll let the Lord guide us when and what else to disclose. As for where, we’ll let God decide that, too — if not in social media, then in a more appropriate setting.

We promised ourselves that we won’t be driven by any emotion other than: regret for having been drawn to the lies of those who later on proved to be modern-day anti-Christs; and love and compassion for those who are still  mired in the falsehood. Admittedly, there have been times when we have used sarcasm and pointed language in response to the despicable behavior of people we wish we never knew but regrettably, know only too well. Note, however, that while we have both the vocabulary and the wit to match, a thousand times over, the insulting, mocking and offending language the supercilious and hypocrite Defender leaders have flung against the Executive Minister, we’ve tried our darndest to exercise a measure of restraint, if only to preserve the character of the blog and remind ourselves that we are still Christians, albeit engaged in a war against the Devil.

To those who support our mission by liking and sharing our  articles or sending us encouraging private messages, please accept our sincerest thanks. We do need your help in reaching more of the silent, and even open, lay “Defenders” who continue to be deceived by mostly recycled lies. These “Defenders” are not inherently bad, unlike those who took advantage of their weakness and confusion. It is to them that we reach out our helping hand of compassion. Help us rescue them. Pray with us for them to take the hand that we offer. If you would, offer your hand as well so that together, we can pull them back up and into the waiting arms of the Lord.

Please visit our About page if you have time, for a glimpse of how this initiative started. Likewise, please read our past articles located in “Recent Posts” and “Archives” ( dropdown in right margin).


We vacillated whether or not to comment on AE’s latest, predictably nonsensical article. We finally decided to talk about it briefly in this section.

Written for Lowell by his alleged girlfriend, it is another desperate attempt, most likely to draw attention to revive the group’s slumping membership, not to mention the alarmingly droughty level of H20 funds. (The latter, BTW, cannot seem to come out from under layers of suspicion. Still unable to provide transparency, it is now plagued with rumors of, to put it mildly, fund misdirection to sustain the needs of a certain “favored recipient” as opposed to “the family”, the advertised target beneficiary of collected funds.)

The article we refer to is a malicious attack on the person of our Executive Minister, Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo. (Didn’t the pretentious AE just noted in the article before this and in an older one, that his fight is not with the Executive Minister? What rubbish! No wonder no one believes this liar anymore…)

There’s nothing new in their latest article, it’s just a compilation of old and rehashed vicious and unproven accusations which have already been answered several times by INC ministers and brethren using their personal FB accounts, or in official INC blogs, and during worship services. It would be an utter waste of time to repeat everything that’s been said before. That they play it over and over like a broken record bespeaks of a stubborn heart which refuses to listen. ALREADY GIVEN TO DARKNESS – that’s what Bro. Erano calls them in https://www.facebook.com/493193814224105/videos/567191746824311/ (credits to Shield of Faith)

Bitter about the many accomplishments and successes the Church has made under the leadership of the current Executive Minister, envious of the affection showered upon Bro. Eduardo by the faithful members of the Church and spiteful of the continuing abidance in him of the Holy Spirit, the same one which has deserted them long ago, the followers of darkness are doing everything they can to discredit the leader God has chosen. This is not surprising for as we know, their time is short (Rev 12:22 NLT). Their fight is with God, not with the Executive Minister! So let us be patient, stand on the sidelines and watch as the Lord inflicts the unimaginably horrific punishment He’s got in store for them!

Lowell — you pompous, insufferable, ungrateful jerk! Have you forgotten how Bro. Eduardo has treated you and your family with kindness and generosity? Who took care of your mother’s financial needs, medical care, housing, domestic help and other accommodations after your father passed away?? Who was always solicitous of her well being? Made sure she had everything she needed? Surely, your mother told you all these. And let’s not forget how Bro. Eduardo replaced her personal savings upon learning that your brother had squandered her finances and broke her heart in the process. How can anyone forget this gentle act of kindness by the Executive Minister? Of course, you remember… Was the money not deposited jointly in her name and yours? You know, the money you never thought to return even as you sued the generous giver in court!

How about when Bro. Eduardo provided personal protection for her after your identity as AE was revealed?? Do you know how many people wanted to harm you at that time??!! The Executive Minister took you under his wing to ensure your own and your family’s security so that nothing untoward will happen to any one of you!!  And this is how you repay him???!!!

Do you think your own father – by all accounts, a faithful minister to the end of his life, who faithfully served under the administrations of both Bro. Erano and Bro. Eduardo who were both fond of him and treated him with affection —  would have approved of your actions had he lived? Or would he have disowned you, namesake notwithstanding?!

Your poor excuse of “standing up for the truth”, he would have called “rebellion” plain and simple, wouldn’t he? Because as a minister and a former member of the Church Council at one point, obedience, loyalty, gratitude and love for the Executive Minister are Christian values he deeply believed in, treasured and practiced to the end. Not only did you not inherit these traits, his meekness and humility are also lacking in you. Clearly, you did not take after him. And you did not take after your mother, either. Which then begs the question – whose son are you???  (Hint: John 8:44 ESB)

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