God still loves me!

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The following is an account of a former pioneer Defender who played a critical role in the ”INC Defenders” movement.

She joined when the movement was just starting. Leaders at that time had a different style of attracting members to join the group. Like most of us who became a part of it early on, she was enticed by words as alluring as they are beautiful based on the mistaken belief that this movement was meant to assist, not rebel, against the Executive Minister.

To those who have expressed doubt about the legitimacy of this blog and have speculated that it is maintained by the same people behind Access the Truth, or by those they refer to as “Pretenders”, as you will see, the following testimony proves that this blog is run by former Defenders. Being once on the inside, they tend to know a lot of “insider information” or things known only to true Defenders. Watch out for more revelations. We’ve only just begun…

As we’ve mentioned before, we created this blog at the behest of the Holy Spirit, not man. There is no salvation outside the Church. That is the teaching we received regardless what the expelled ministers and workers who now lead the revolt against the Church Administration say. God wants us to abandon the wrong doctrine being preached by false teachers before the earth opens again and swallows all of us. We pray for other Defenders to come to their senses as well so that together, we may all return to God’s waiting embrace!



So they’re not through hurling hurtful words at each other, these different Defender camps led by Lowell “Boyet” Menorca aka “Antonio Ebangelista” or AE, Bernie Garcia aka “Bob Caleb” and the TS group. In “THE TRUTH BEHIND THEIR LIES Parts 1 & 2 (Mga Sagot Kay Benito)” published by Bob’s camp, he detailed and replied point-by-point to Benito’s tirade. (Note: Benito is currently aligned with Boyet but also meddles in other groups.)

For those reading this, know that as a pioneer Defender, I had the opportunity to become a part of Boyet and Bob’s camps. I was in the group of Defenders who assisted AE at the height of the exposés regarding alleged corruption in the Church.

When AE dropped off the Defender circle, a certain Bob rose to the fore to organize the Defenders, supposedly based on instructions of our “overseers”. (As far as I know, Bob is responsible for the creation of the INC Defenders website. He was recommended by Julie Sales, another Defender and wife of a former minister in Socal.) I became part of Bob’s group and among those given a critical role.

Actually, even from the start, division was evident among Defenders. Even then, before the true identities of those leading the groups have become known, there were stark differences between our leaders. Bob Caleb wasn’t in the picture at that time. It was just AE and Kelly Kong (KO).

AE was gentle and discreet and, at least in the beginning, respectful of the Executive Minister. In fact, during those times, despite his revelations on alleged corruption, he didn’t forget to remind the Defenders and blog followers to respect and not profane Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo. Later on, when AE showed the world his true color, we realized it was all a sham.

On the other hand, KO, from the get go, was seen as rash, bold, rebellious and as someone who fabricated stories. As a pioneer Defender, I had a chance to exchange private messages with them on Facebook. I contacted AE first. Like his manner of writing, the AE I chatted with was gentle. He was consistent in his stance that we mustn’t disrespect the Executive Minister. I had a different experience with KO. He was bold, aggressive and rash in his manner. From the beginning, he was displeased with AE’s style. On occasions, he’s called AE a coward because AE remained hidden. This was strange because he himself had not come out at the time.

As days went by, there were more development. Boyet was captured by the authorities and was jailed in Dasmarinas, Cavite. This was when it became known that he was Antonio Ebangelista.

In AE’s absence, KO was able to energize what came to be called “Ground Defenders”. They personally deliver assistance to those inside 36 Tandang Sora. After some time, KO’s identity was revealed as Eliodoro “Joy” Yuson. This was the time when division among Defenders took a turn for the worse. Two factions emerged. One group was loyal to KO. The other one was referred to as the “elite group” led by Bob Caleb, or “Ka Bob” to “trusted” Defenders.

Eventually, it was found out that Bernie Garcia was who was behind “Bob Caleb”. During some of my conversations with Bob, I noticed hat he would often mention “Ka Marc’s’ name. A number of times, while he and I were talking, he would tell me that “Ka Marc” was texting him. Whereas in KO’s group, it is “Ka Angel” who got named dropped frequently.

Upon Boyet’s return, the deepening division among the Defenders further worsened. He tried to breathe life back into the social media frenzy he had started. But this wasn’t easy. Because those who used to believe in him, particularly Benito Affleck, didn’t have the same regard for him. Benito and other AE followers now worshipped a different god – “Ka Bob” who labored to organize trusted Defenders as per instructions coming from those who were watching over us. Obviously, he was referring to the Marc and Angel Manalo brothers.

Bob led the establishment of Group Prayer Meetings which were attended by Defenders from different parts of the world. He said this was part of putting things in order which, again, were done at the behest of those who were leading us.

What other Defenders and I were wondering about though was why these so-called leaders of ours never once attended our prayer meetings or why we never even heard their voices. But every time there’s an instruction relayed by Boyet, KO and Bob Caleb, they tell us it came from “the brothers”. Nonetheless, I’ve set aside this observation and instead focused on our “cause”.

In a short time, Ka Bob was able to fire up the movement. He was able to get other ministers who were expelled for rising against the Administration, to participate. Among them were Jun Samson, Louie Cayabyab, Farley de Castro, Ernie Pineda and others who have begun to officiate devotional prayers. There was always special mention about corruption of the Church Council and the Executive Minister. Bob derived power from this and saw opportunity to manipulate the movement. Aside from prayer meetings, there were weekly meetings where trusted Defenders reported to Ka Bob. Defender ministers were also in attendance. And, of course, Nina Aguiluz was always present because she was responsible for RTC funds. Nina was later discovered to be Liezl Deocampo.

As expected, first and foremost among topics discussed during meetings was the welfare of those at 36 Tandang Sora. Delivery of food, onions, garlic, medicine, shampoo, water, tissue (later, even generator and diesel because by then, power has been cutoff), even legal matters from the cases they filrdy which were later on trashed by the court.

Unbeknownst to Bob, Defenders from respective camps have started to share their observations with one another. Most of those I spoke with were feeling a combination of irritation, disgust, weary and impatience because despite risking their lives to help Angel and Lottie’s families, they has been no word from them.

In the meantime, for his demonstrated skill and his contribution to Boyet’s rescue, Bob had fully expected Boyet to submit to him in the same manner as those of other ministers like Jun Samson. Yes, Bob told me over several conversations, that he and Benito worked hard forBoyet’s rescue. And I believed him. That’s why he was extremely disappointed that he was not able to make Boyet join the meetings he (Bob) led via zoom. I felt Bob panic when he heard that Lowell had started to talk one by one to those who were once loyal to him. That Bob was nervous was obvious because for consecutive days, he would call me several times over the phone. It was then that he had started to talk about Boyet’s failings. He also asked who among the Defenders I was close to hoping that I would share with them what Bob had said so that they wouldn’t be lured back to Boyet. During those times, negative posts had started to come out in social media and I learned that some of those had Bob’s blessings.

On the other hand, Boyet was doing the same thing. He would instruct his loyal following to give it to Bob as well. There was no way he would allow the leadership of the Defenders to pass to Bob. Especially since Boyet is AE! So Boyet asked his former supporters to return to him and form another group. In this, he was not disappointed. He was able to bring some of his old people back including Liezl, the most valuable of the Defenders because of her involvement with Defender funds.

Bob did not like this at all. In his great desire to keep his “throne”, he covertly instructed his trusted Defenders to spread word to ruin Boyet. Despite his efforts, Bob failed to remain in the top spot. Eventually, his real identity was revealed and he needed to pass the leadership of group prayer meetings to one of the expelled ministers like Jun Samson.

Over the next several months, instability, infighting and schism deepened among the Defenders There have been many times when expelled ministers have tried to patch things up between the warring camps to bring about unity but because they have no God in them, all of these efforts failed.

Even though Bob was no longer around at that time, he continued with the smear campaign against Boyet and his group. In fact, one by one, he began to expose the identities of Defenders who betrayed him who were using dummy accounts. Some of the Defenders stood by Bob during this time, including Benito. Next thing I knew, Benito was arrested due to her pending cases in court, including one of estafa. Opportunistic as they come, in this situation, Boyet and Liezl saw this as an means to get Benito back into their group. They helped with Benito’s release from jail and eventual escape. I got this information from those in Boyet’s camp. Later, I read in Bob’s blog that it was people from his camp who actually helped Benito. I don’t know which of them is telling the truth. All I know is that not long after her escape, she started being friendly with Boyet and Liezl again. In no time, she’s rejoined their group. And the world turned upside down. Now, Benito’s attacking Bob’s camp in social media. This was actually an interesting development. When Boyet and Benito had their tiff, Benito labeled Boyet an “ingrate”. (AE/Boyet then expelled Benito and Bob from the Defenders group, earning a retaliation from Junsam who also expelled Lowell and Liezl from the “true” and “legitimate” Defenders group! Hahaha) Anyway, after Benito turned and left Bob’s group, Bob’s camp called her an “ingrate” as well. Bottom line, these two “ingrates” have joined forces. Mark my words, it is only a matter of time before these two start going at each other’s throat again.

By the way, one of the big disagreements, which up now has not been resolved, was about money. Then and now, be it RTC or H2O, Liezl is not able to provide transparency to the funds of the Defenders. How much funds are collected? How are they used? Who are the conduits? Who are the beneficiaries of the funds? Who’s actually doing the auditing? Since this is still an ongoing issue, let’s just wait for further development on this topic.

Several other things happened afterwards which I will not detail here since they are an open book in social media. Bottom line, the Defenders are even more in a state of unrest now than before. Alliances among Defenders are, at best, temporary. Those who used to be in cahoots are now hurling hurtful words against each other. Confusion worsened with the rise of the multiple factions. Even ministers contradict each other; there is no unity. Their disagreements reached its peak when Boyet’s group called for Silent Defenders who are still on the Church roster to separate from the Church. This was quickly rebuffed by Jun Samson and other ministers. (I forgot to mention that Jun Samson didn’t like Boyet even early on. In fact, on a few occasions, he’s blurted out his distaste for the Boyet and blamed him for creating such a scandal in the Church. There is truth to this charge, actually. Because of the many cases that were brought against him, especially the adultery case, Boyet has brought shame and disgrace to the Church, when as a ministerial worker, he had a sexual affair with a woman who was actually another minister’s wife! That he couldn’t outright deny it in the news media was very telling, probably from the weighty evidence against him. And now, he is once more embroiled in another scandal, again, involving a woman.)

Even before, in the midst of all the turmoil, I’ve started to ask myself: How can the Church restoration and cleansing which the Defender ministers and workers wish for happen when they themselves are in disarray? Are these the kinds of leaders who are going to clean up the Church? How can they when they’re all the same. They all have a hidden agenda. They all have a personal vested interest they are trying to protect. No one wants to be the underling. Everyone wants to be boss. As for the brothers who are supposedly looking out for the Defenders, all they know how to do is “take”. They keep pulling funds from RTC/H2O, funds contributed by Defenders, but they only care about themselves. Not once did they show any sympathy for the Defenders whose generosity they live off of. Many of us lost our livelihood, saw our families torn apart, lost our friends, and risked our lives. I almost lost my job out of neglect, my family, too. Even my life was put in jeopardy for helping them. Did they so much as lift a finger? No. So I figure, why would I exchange my election for these kinds of people? Why would I sacrifice my life for them? All they want is to reap from the labors of others! I was not the only one who thought this way. Even the other Defenders think this way now. It would have been easier to take if they were fighting for the what’s right. But when Lottie appeared on a TV interview, what did she say? That they are entitled because they are “angkan ng sugo” (“descendants of the Last Messenger” in English)!!! I lost all respect for them; I just wanted to scream. Are they planning to depend on the Defenders for sustenance all their lives?

And still, Boyet’s group wasn’t content? Now, they’re asking Silent Defenders to leave the Church? These people have gone insane! Abandoned by the Holy Spirit! How dare these people go against Brother EGM’s instructions? They’re crystal clear. How are you going to defend your position against what’s clearly stated in the Bible? By using your usual pathetic moves? Coward! You want to kill yourself, do it alone. Don’t take the others with you?

As for me and my family, we’re done being deceived. I’m also done letting these Defender leaders use me. The time when I’ve allowed them to walk all over me has passed. I’m DONE!

I’m just thankful God still loves me. I’m glad He’s opened our eyes. He’s rescued us from sure destruction. Thank you, God!

On bent knees, we approach God, begging for forgiveness for our transgressions. We’re praying He gives us wisdom coming from Him as well as strong faith so that we’ll never be deceived again!

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